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'The Tide Has Shifted': New Poll Shows Nearly 60% of Americans Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/tide-has-shifted-new-poll-shows-nearly-60-americans-support-trump-impeachment

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The important number is the percentage of Independents who favor impeachment.

Someone have access beyond the WashPo paywall? What’s that number? Thanks.

On a side note: anti-Dem incumbent RNC ads and Trump re-election campaign ads running here in MI are definitely focused on the unfairness of the impeachment inquiry – obviously aimed at Trump’s base, but looking riskier as more facts trickle out. Not that his base gives a damn about facts, but when even FoxNews and Lindsey Graham are attacking his Syria policy, Trump’s getting piled on.

And watch who comes to Trump’s rescue: Vladdie Putin with protection from mean old Erdogan for the Syrian Kurds. One more side note: Why are the Democrats constantly being exposed as warmongers? They want to station troops across MidEast hotspots on a forever basis…I don’t.


I can’t help but think…how are the democrats going to fuck this up?


How can anyone deny Trump’s spoken words in the redacted telephone call transcript. Ofcourse we all can wonder “what” was redacted. As a greek friend of mine once said …“you Americans aren’t as free as you think” … we never get the “whole” truth.


Partly agree with Skeptic Tank, and more or less fully agree with you.

Chomsky was right about the unpredictableness. Trump talked no quagmires, and then appointed hawks. I must march to a different drum though. If for once he did something quasi-sane and asked for regime-change-dirt on Biden, how is that worse than the NSA taking information on foreign presidents via phone taps? [which is not sane at all] People don’t even realize that Ukraine’s supposed to be on our side against Russia. Face it, they’re lumping Ukraine and Russia together in all this! [when I say our side, I don’t mean my side…I simply say stand in Russia’s moccasins, or try to…and stand in Ukraine’s as well] Which demonstrates the level of awareness out there.

Trump’s unpredictableness has educated many, but should have educated many more. Nuke war is a spectre that’s crept up on us ever since Obama’s drones [like we need another one]; for what might happen if, say, the leadership in Pakistan were to change (switch)? Or, if the Houthis shut down SA, wouldn’t that lead to an instability out of which all kinds of permutations could develop? This 60/40 split IMO does not reflect awareness of said situations.

TI shared this on fb with the title Impeach Away, But Let’s Not Pretend Trump’s Plot Against Biden is his Worst Crime https://theintercept.com/2019/10/02/trump-impeachment-civilian-casualties-war/


I’d like everyone here at Common Dreams to know that I proudly acknowledge that I am in that 60%.



My wife and I are both Independents, and we both favor execution, I mean impeachment.


One of Trump’s worst crimes, has been the inhuman treatment of immigrants, in some cases, leading to deaths.

His crimes are many, too many for someone to remain in our White House.


A pretty small sample size, there, Pony.

But don’t worry, you and your missus will always be more than data points to me.


Yup, I have an uneasy feeling about any outcomes. We need a dozen democrats ranting and raving every single day.

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Yup, the terms, “Lawless Human,” and, “Criminally Inclined Individual,” must become common descriptions of Trump on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s a fascistic horror.

The fundamental thing about politics is that it claims to be concerned about security. But how can congresspersons know anything about real threats if they’re driven by some DC paradigm that has them “dialing for dollars” half the morning? Somehow, despite this grovelling, they’re strangely puffed up to the point where they think they do know the real threats better than the voters. They know it because they won the meritocratic race, right? But what if we know better? What if we know because of outfits like Common Dreams? [I seem to remember a Michael Klare article about nuclear weapons] Are they there to represent us, or are they there to lord the intransigent party line (wisdom) over us? I do trust that the 58% know in their gut that he merits impeachment…for some thing.

Politics is concerned with security, supposedly for the whole nation. And it’s also a maxim that we little people are given the option to choose the lesser evil. But what if, at the same time, some little people do become aware of the greatest evil? I mean, in a selfish sense, in terms of blowback, for blowback diminishes security…at least like nothing else I can think of. If you’re such a “little person” you nevertheless have to say somethin. So, I’m saying somethin. I’m too little and too exhausted to say much more, like I guess a lot of folks. By the pols’ standards it might be out of place for me to do this, and by some friends standards a waste of time…because I’m little in terms of power. But we gain power when we agree on the somethin, and send the message in solidarity.

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Yes indeed, what this country has been subjected to for going on three years, is a Fantastic Horror.

Removal from office alone, can not be the end of this for him. He must pay for the crimes he has committed.

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…Nowwhere Man, In My Life If I Needed Someone, Drive My Car Girl. You Won’t See Me. Nowhere Man, Think For Yourself. Wait, The Word, Run For Your Life Michelle. I’m Looking Through You, This Bird Has Flown…

If I needed someone…

I don’t agree. I think the fundamental thing about politics is identifying and meeting the needs of the people. Assuming a peaceful world, there shouldn’t be any security concerns to drain our tax resources. I believe that’s the world we need to strive to achieve. I would call that progress.

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Assuming a peaceful world is ideal, and it is, with the two corporate political parties in power, and an electorate addicted to supporting them, they will continually drive our nation towards maintenance of their vision of Empire.

It’s extremely sad that in a country full of supposed intelligent people, we find ourselves supporting these self centered, corporate leaches, than politicians like you describe that are more dedicated to identifying and meeting the needs of the masses.

60% my @ss! Just like the polls said Hillary was going to win the Presidency by with 75% of the vote! More fake poles by the fake news media! Trump is going win in a landslide! HaHaHa

Your comments are ludicrous, President Trump has not committed any crimes! You should seek help for your Trump Derangement Syndrome!

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