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'The Tide Has Shifted': New Poll Shows Nearly 60% of Americans Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry

So … where are the tens of thousands of citizens protesting on the streets, blocking traffic everywhere possible, in front of The White House, in the Rotunda, at Wall St…??

“nearly” 60% of Americans thought Trump was a Russian agent. “nearly” 60% of Americans feel the Democrats have nothing to offer. “nearly” 60% of Americans see the Democratic candidates as President Trump’s weak sister. Democrats or Republicans-100% that my life is going to get more difficult.

Only 60%?? Wake up people, especially you Trump chumps still clinging to the sinking ship! We have lifeboats waiting for you out here but please don’t hesitate to join us 'cuz it’s cold and inhospitable down there. :roll_eyes:

You are being played “AGAIN”.