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The Tide of History Flows Left

The Tide of History Flows Left

James A. Haught

One of my history-minded friends has a long-range political view summed up in three words: Liberals always win. Complex social struggles may take centuries or decades, he says, but they eventually bring victory for human rights, more democratic liberties and other progressive goals.

Look how long it took to end slavery. Generations of agitation and the horrible Civil War finally brought triumph for liberal abolitionists and defeat for conservative slavery supporters.


“International warfare has virtually vanished???” I beg your pardon—have you looked at what’s happening in the Middle East? Our war with Iraq (assault on Iraq is more to the point), Afghanistan, Yemen. Our meddling/involvement in eastern Europe. And all the U.S. wars and occupations before. Did anyone vet this article? Just liked the optimism, maybe…

Kathryn H.


Yeah, I picked up on that “international war has vanished,” too. But, I will say, that I read an article on CD years ago now, maybe 5 -6 in which there was a “list” of all the progressive things that have been accomplished, that would not have happened if it weren’t for “Liberals” …it was really great and it was a long list, including unions, getting rid of child labor… I mention all this to people who use the “Liberal” as a negative. They are usually people I know who do not even take part in politics and never have… may not have ever even voted. But, they seem to lean or support conservative thinking… it’s weird.

Access to higher education in the US has steadily diminished in the last three decades, or even longer. More generally, income and wealth inequality have increased during the same period. Accordingly, I find it very hard to see a “left flow” lately, at least in the time frame that encompasses most of my adult life. The thesis of this article is highly debatable, to put it mildly.


JFK would be called a right wing nut job now days…

yeah, this one left my job dropped a bit, too. More misconceptions and bad history than you can shake a stick at. There is literally nothing of value to take from this mess. Nothing.

Strange editorial choice.

“International warfare has virtually vanished”.

Warfare between western European nations has vanished. But the as for the ROTW. The USA has been bombing or assassinating some poor bastard somewhere since I was in short trousers.

And it wasn’t the USAian civil war that ended slavery; it was made illegal in the UK in 1807 and the Royal Navy hunted and prosecuted the participants in the trans-Atlantic slave trade thereafter.

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Well I guess it not considered war when brown people are being killed.

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Thank you James Haught. Liberals always win. And though most liberals lean left, Stalin was no liberal.

That may be from the fact that there were two major, major Wars fought within 30 years of each other, not to mention the countless wars that proceeded these- Millions upon millions were slaughtered-
The USA has not had any significant war fought on it’s soil since the Civil War- (other than the skirmish of 1812 with yours truly)
Europeans are or should be sick of War, American’s watch them in movies and on their TV sets- Capitalism also plays into the scheme of things since armaments manufacturers, energy companies and media monopolies have grown so powerful- This has literally shredded our presumed and once well intended system of checks and balances- The 4th Estate is in absolute monopolistic ruin and has turned the American mind into an impressionable and non critical thinking zombie lab- Our shools and Universities have been hijacked by the neoliberal scavengers of society- Shame on US as A people and country for falling prey to these vultures of industry and banking, who seduce us into blind obedience and became the people’s puppet master…No one reads books any more-

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Well, as bad as this may sound, the War in South East Asia was far more bloody and brutal. And that is little solace when one looks at what has happened to the cradle of civilization- What this Government did to Iraq is unspeakable- The radioactive waste alone, that will now contaminate their soil for millions of years is beyond forgiveness and without redemption-

I find it a fascinating that Napoleon invaded Russia and burnt Moscow in 1812 and we attempted to liberate our former colonials from bloody USAian oppression by burning Washington in the same year. Is it not ironic that in the same year two deadly imperial enemies burnt the capitals of two future deadly imperial enemies?

As for the use of depleted uranium in weapons-I would hope that one day it is declared a crime against humanity and that the suppliers and users of these munitions spend a long time in jail. That dust will be blowing throughout the Middle East.


I seriously doubt the Brits were trying to liberate anyone when they burned Washington, more like revenge for Americans burning York (Toronto). Their columns did manage to get hit by a freak tornado while leaving though…

Native Americans would take issue with that statement.

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haha…maybe. But he would still be attacked by 9/10s of people on this site…I have no doubt.

What? Revenge? You just hate us for our freedoms!

This liberal guy’s column is a mess- full of typical snobbish liberal stereotypes of ordinary people - and not a clue about what being a leftist really means. I don’t even know where to start with it. And it appeared in a West Virginia newspaper for crying out loud!

There is nothing “progressive” about gambling and lotteries - they dupe and exploit the poor. Any socialist government would be to outlaw them.

Kennedy was just another warmongering, socialism-hating imperialist.

Just because a person is no longer a churchgoer does not make them an ally of the left. Ayn Rand and all her billionaire followers in silicon valley are all atheists and not humanists in the least. Meanwhile, among churchgoers there is liberation theology, Pax Christi, the libertarian socialist Catholic Workers, Quakers, Bruderhof Mennonites, and other left-Christian sects that do fight against war and imperialism and for the working class.

And it is all couched in a pollyannism that is ridiculous.

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Many of those things - notably labor organizing, were NOT accomplished by liberals, they were accomplished by leftists and even anarchists. Liberalism is not leftism. Only in the USA where genuine leftism faces continuous brutal attack are the two things confused.

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No, JFK, as mainstream a pro-war red-baiter as he was, would be considered unelectably left. But then again, even Richard Nixon would be considered unelectably left - just look at some of the sweeping environmental legislation he signed. Barry Goldwater would even be too far to the left to get the Republican nomination.

So, yes, I have read and do understand that much of what I said was done by Leftists… but, I guess that I thought in those earlier times, Liberals, were the same as “leftists”… and that they only became different over the last say few decades. Sorry… this is why my name is “theinitiate”…cause, I am still learning.