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The Tide of History Flows Left

One keen observation there mossonrock- And here I stated above that “nobody reads books anymore”- I read “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and “Black Elk Speaks” among others and here I have skipped over that savagery by the white European descendants-
In retrospect, I blame this Country’s school curriculum for not have covered this shameful part of our history more thoroughly- You are correct, and I stand corrected!

Your grasp on history never ceases to amaze me George III, and that poem reply to A poem was nothing short of brilliant, and with your words of “liberation” by the Brits of 1812, I believe that I am finally catching on to this clever British satire/humor that you so graciously send our way-
But, out of curiosity, why no acknowledgment or accolades for Jeremy Bernard Corbyn’s Victory?

Why no acknowledgment of Jeremy Corbyn? Simply because he is proposing what the Conservative Party supported between 1950 and 1964; nationalised efficient affordable railways, free university tuition fees and cost of living grants to students and a properly funded National Health Service (among many other socially valuable public-good features of the former British-way-of-life destroyed by Maggot Thatcher) .

Would you have me support Conservative Party policy…?

It shows just how far to the extreme right the world has crept since 1979, Reagan and Thatcher when someone like Corbyn is labelled left-wing or extreme left-wing. Jeremy Corbin, and I believe your Bernie Sanders, are two very important voices in the modern wilderness of greed-is-good politics. I hope that Corbyn ends up as Prime Minister and that Bernie Sanders is not shot by some “deranged” person, for which there is precedent in the USA.


Indeed. The meme used is that the Natives succumbed to disease and it was through no doing (at least deliberate) of those White Settlers. This simply not accurate. They were hunted down like animals from the get go and those settlers deliberately destroyed the Native peoples food supplies so as to make them more susceptible to disease. It was genocide and when counting numbers dwarfed all of those other genocides that people more aware of.

The school history books were full of stories of how the Buffalo were standing in the way of Railway progress and so they had to be eliminated-The truth was that the real intention was to deprive the American Indian of their age old, survival food source, which indeed was the Buffalo- They made their homes (teepees) from the hides, used them as blankets, clothing and the sinew from tendons made their bow strings-They even used the bones and horn for their rugged existence- The true intention was to starve the Indians off of their lands and out of existence-When the buffalo were decimated the Army was all too happy to supply them with blankets, blankets laden with disease and small pox…
No book that I ever read turned my stomach about the treatment of the American Indian and this Government’s history more than “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”-By Dee Brown
Even today, when I read about the treatment of the American Indian on those postage stamp sized reservations, with all of the poverty, drug and alcohol abuse it absolutely enrages me- I always swore that if I ever was lucky enough to win that lotto, and things like that do happen for me, that I would go to Pine Ridge and help those people out (after helping Leonard Peltier of course)- They all don’t have the luxury of A Casino on their lands and this FKN Government won’t allow Pine Ridge to grow industrial hemp, which is totally crazy…