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'The Tides Are Turning': Portland Passes Landmark Resolution Against Fossil Fuel Infrastructure


'The Tides Are Turning': Portland Passes Landmark Resolution Against Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In what climate activists are celebrating as a "landmark" win, the Portland City Council on Thursday unanimously voted to pass a resolution opposing the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the city and its adjacent waterways.



Will the Seattle City Council be next?


Oh...I thought that this dealt with getting rid of fossil-fuel powered infrastructure....


Best Portland climate moment since the St. John's Bridge protest.


All politics are local. Time to divest States of the power to deny resident's Constitutional rights.


Sounds like letter to the editor time!


Find out who owns the Oregonian and you might be on the track to why


Waterhouse, you are absolutely correct. Hopefully Democrats in Colorado will end any further political aspirations of our senator, Bennet-D, and our Governor, Hickenlooper-D, both of whom were responsible for 5 Colorado communities whose citizens voted to put restrictions on fracking in their respective towns-counties being denied that right. Get with it citizens everywhere and show these and like-minded, self serving politicians everywhere who put their own political power in front of the health of their constituents. Show these politicians the door for now and ever more! Republicans, your health is also at stake. Don't forget it.


As an ex-Portlander, I also celebrate this decision. I currently llive about 20 miles west of Portland - which is still too close to a potential oil train explosion. Keeping it in the ground is the sanest action we can take.


Yes, Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA will overrule this action taken by Portland and any similar action that Seattle may take.

Although the Seattle City Council did unanimously approve a resolution against fast tracking TPP earlier this year, Senators Murray and Cantwell were two of Obama's front gunners in pushing fast track through and most of Washington State Congressional delegation also approved fast track.

If the Portland City Council has not passed a resolution against TPP they need to do so post haste seeing how Obama is handing out goodies to state and local governments to get their electeds to promote TPP (most recently the mayor of Tacoma).


I agree!


The Willamette Week (online) has it, in the News section.


To be seen. Seattle's Mayor Mike McGinn failed to stop the hwy 99 tunnel, and Seattle voters voted him out of office after one term. (But Mother Nature Gaia and mechanical breakdown has stopped work on the tunnel. Efforts to repair it haven't (yet) gotten it going again...)


It's not nice t fool with Mother Nature!