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'The Time for Excuses Is Over': Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down European Cities


'The Time for Excuses Is Over': Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down European Cities

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Activists across Europe blocked off major streets and public areas Monday as they called for immediate action from world leaders to deal with the climate crisis.

The movement, Extinction Rebellion (XR), is holding protests across the world from April 15 to 22 for an "International Rebellion" against a climate crisis that is escalating rapidly.

Importantly, XR stresses that it "doesn't rely on false positivity or hope."

A London protester bemoaned the fact that she found it unlikely she'd have children due to the climate crisis.



Just asking. What will it take before our government addresses the coming climate emergency?



This is great, but let’s be serious here. Those in power cannot be reasoned with. In fact, many of those in power that acknowledge that science and offer up pathetic responses that aren’t up to the task are just as bad as those that deny the science. If you are aware of an injustice or something wrong, you are morally responsible then to do something. The “leaders” of the capitalist West that acknowledge what is coming for us but then hold on to the capitalist system know full well the consequences of what they are doing. They seem to prefer capitalism and collapse to a post-capitalist system that is sustainable, democratic and equitable.

In fact, the entirety of the international economic system they have created in recent decades has been constructed in such a way as to undermine democracy, the environment, the commons, labor and financial regulations, public enterprises, etc. Maybe politicians in Europe are different, in some ways they are, but not enough to be open to a radically different economic system.

If we are facing an extinction event, then the left has to get serious about taking power and implementing radical changes very quickly. Revolution, in other words, social revolution in particular. A political revolution isn’t enough. In Greece, there was a political revolution when Syriza was elected, but because of its particular situation, because of the actions of the EC, the IMF and the ECB, and because of the structure of the EU and the EMU, and because of Syriza’s unwillingness to leave the EU, it never had a social revolution. I fail to see how the EU can ever possibly deal with the environmental crisis with the way they have designed their system. They simply don’t allow the state and state investments to lead in any way, and it is insanely naïve to think that private investment is up to the task at hand. In some ways, the EU is even less equipped, because of how it was created, to spend public funds on a massive infrastructure project needed than the US is.

It’s simple. Social revolution or death. The time to reason with those in power was two decades ago. They didn’t respond, they will not, they chose capitalism. If people can’t deal with this reality and move beyond capitalism, they have to explain in detail how capitalism will address the environmental crisis. As someone with a strong background in this, I can assure you, that isn’t possible.



Revolution. The idea that those in power can be reasoned with is naïve in the extreme. Will that actually happen though? The left here in the US has widely given up having an international outlook on the international economic system. A couple decades ago, there was lots of work and activism around the WTO, NAFTA like deals, “globalization” as it was called (the international economy didn’t have to be built in the way it has been built, and we could have had lots of different groups at the table when it was being constructed). Alternatives to all of that were fleshed out, books (Another World is Possible) were created, the World Social Forum put out ideas, Occupy here had lots of working groups coming up with good ideas. It all fell on deaf ears, and I see little of this now. Most leftists I know have little knowledge of what the WTO is. The left failed to build on its work then, and if it doesn’t quickly take that up again, it’s over.



Lay down in the streets of NY, Boston, DC, Raleigh, Orlando, San Juan, Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boise, Grants Pass, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Anchorage, and Honolulu. At rush hour.




Joan, I completely agree with you about capitalism, the rulers we have now who will never be responsive, and that a rebellion of ALL the citizenry on the same magnitude of the existential threat we all face is in order.

The problem as I see it is how this rebellion is organized. It is my belief that the organizing needs to be dispersed to communities and people to rise up to protect the places and environment were they live. That means that we have to fight for our right in law to govern in the places where we live without the interference of our States and the Federal Government through preemption and interstate commerce laws. This also goes for overturning/refusing all rules and regulations that legalize corporate harms in our communities, especially the EPA, FDA, USDA, and the alphabet soup of of other State and Federal agencies and enforcement that literally legalize the rape and poisoning of the Earth and the people.

WE the PEOPLE must seize our right to govern. And THAT will definitely take a full scale revolution. But lets start in the places where we live.



Provide alternatives. Provide institutional alternatives, policy alternatives, systematic alternatives. I am sick of protests. I don’t think they are effective and I don’t think those in power care. We should organize around alternatives and focus on policy, new institutions, systems and directly challenging particular politicians, think tanks, media outlets, etc.



Shut down airports, all ports that’ll get their attention quick



Will Bernie and Tulsi have a call to gather in D.C. For The People ? Put a wall around the Capital. Let those who want refuge to be able. It is time for change for the people. Not a vote. It is beyond the Team spirit BS. Vote (will DNC stack the deck so a second ballot decides with super delegates decide?) Could The Pigs not work for the people? Pigs are lovely animals. Vote? Vote often? Get to the Capital and help refugees of the Military Industrial Complex is an idea of mine. Please share my message. Wage Truth. Free Assange and too many others the D and R parties in the u.s. do not defend. Chuck Nasmith.



Disclaimer… I have known him for 20 something years and do not want to call him at home. Jane got pissed last time. Stop the F 35’s

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Free Assange Free Assange Free Assange Free Assang Free Assange Free Assange Manning and others.



Hit em’ where it hurts. Fuck Buy Nothing Day, make it Buy Nothing Month. Throw in a tax revolt. If millions would pay late, pay less or nothing, or just totally screw up their tax returns, it’s guaranteed to get them to sit up and take notice.



Meanwhile over in paris. (And whilst i realise this incident is a tragedy, would it not be good to see the same amount of coverage given to the ongoing sixth mass extinction.)



Agreed. Great idea. However i cannot envision anything radical taking off in my village. The average age must be something like 200 years. But we are fortunate enough to be a caring, sharing community. Joan has some good ideas too. By the time they might be implemented who knows what the earth will be like.

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From a sky news article on the notre dame fire:

French President Emmanuel Macron said he was “so sad tonight to see this part of all of us burn” and declared a national emergency.

Shame he wasn’t talking about climate change.!!!



GREAT idea BUT…Not enough people with guts in the country to do that.



The only American Patriot with any Guts is named Edward Snowden, and he’s forced to live in Russia. He made the fatal error of believing in America, believing that people would respond to the facts and demand justice, Demand accountability - what were the results? Continued and even increased spying, The Defense Authorization Act, the elimination of rule of law, the open embrace of Fascism. He was wrong - There are no Americans worthy of justice, freedom, or the American way of life. Americans are, broadly speaking, exactly the sort of people who would deliberately ruin the world, and sit back and laugh while their own children are left holding the bag.



The flip side of the XR movement is that with a remarkably small amount of new technology and a slight push by the world’s governments, we can pretty much get rid of the fossil fuel industry, we can restore the Arctic’s natural albedo, we can get farmers to sequester lots of carbon and we can save species in climate zoos.

However, right now our government’s idea of nature is watching cat videos.



Well, let’s spread the word. What have we got to lose but the only habitable world within many, many light years.



Try www.constituentassembly.org/ and www.autonomousdemocracy.org/

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