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'The Time for Excuses Is Over': Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down European Cities


You still have to engage leaders ( yes, we the people) and have a plan. Protesting gets people visible but then what? Leave a simple non footprint on the Earth, and stop buying and using high tech toys. Aren’t we using computors? Oops.



What’s wrong with negative population growth? And excuse me, after our thirties collectively where was our activism? It wasn’t period- one of the reasons is that the ivory tower elites from both sides hate the working class and did not care that jobs left the country, and still do not. Change has to come from all generations not just one. Also, who are the leaders of our generation? No big ones- and please do not say Dr. King- he came from the greatest generation.

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Yes, Joan, the vote in 2020 must be an active vote, akin to 1776, for a second, but peaceful, “Political Revolution Against Empire” —- beyond Bernie’s two-word sound-bite campaign slogan of merely the vague “Political Revolution” — Against what, Bernie?

An ‘action sentence’ must have an ‘object’!!

As Lennon wrote to correct Lenin — it must be ‘peaceful’, but it must be about what all true human Revolutions are against, which is EMPIRE





Until millions of Americans wake up to that fact… not much will change. Too bad someone can not come up with a way to make the masses realize that millions are going to die from the coming climate devastation before it happens.



Reasoning with TPTB at the helm of the capitalist killing machine (which includes the duopoly in the u.s.) would be like telling a woman in an abusive, violent relationship to stay with her abuser and try to talk him out of beating her, or to tell her to behave in a way that she thinks would stop the abuse.
That advice would most likely be lethal.

Protests would not stop abusers from abusing.

The only thing one can do to stop abuse or protect themselves from malignant narcissistic relationships is to go no contact and create healthy relationships based on trust, compassion and empathy.

Just as it is potentially lethal for an abused woman to stay with an abuser, it is lethal for all life on the planet to maintain the current capitalist structure with a malignant power structure in place.

You can’t reason with malignant narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy.

You can’t inject empathy or compassion into humans that do not have that capacity.

Expecting rationality, critical thinking, compassion and empathy in the current power structure is a setup for failure.

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Ralph Nader has called for a million people to surround the WH and Congress and not leave until they get the message. Occupy Washington.



I think that in Europe the politicians are as crooked and as power oriented as they are here, the difference is in the people - they are 15 or 20 times more intelligent than here. Genetically superior no doubt. Being American today is like a being Cro-Magnon living among Homo Sapiens. Everything they do with ease is impossible here: Health care, Public transportation, democracy, environmental consciousness, retirement, education, Social consciousness and social responsibility, peace, etc. etc.



Nader is wrong. the largest protest in world history was against the Iraq war. It is the now the longest war in our war filled history. Occupy wall street resulted in the several trillion in bank gambling multiplying many times more with the addition of permanent ongoing taxpayer funded subsidies, (only for too big to fail banks). The protest has become a complete waste of energy in America and should be completely abolished as a potential resolution to anything. The government allows protest but doesn’t care - with both sides voting for the same team, it is now irrelevant.



The trick is to not leave. The police try to herd protesters into the spaces where there is the least inconvenience to other people. Without inconvenience, protests fail. A permanent Hooverville outside the WH and Congress that the MSM has to wade through to get to their circle jerk interviews would grab attention. Make it very inconvenient for the congress critters to get into the building without be confronted on a daily basis would get old.



Protest is an expression of malcontent. In the halls of power it means that people are pissed and if you don’t shape up we will vote for the other guy. Today in America, when “The other guy”, is a carbon copy of you - maybe with some surface differences, voting for the other guy means next to nothing - anybody who gets elected will support very nearly the exact same agenda. In this way they can win even when they lose, and the subject of your protest becomes increasingly meaningless to them. For protest to have any real effect, a real alternative must be present who can make sweeping changes on behalf of the public interest. You can say Sanders, but there are hundreds of Democrats who hate him, along with all republicans, and his agendas will never pass. Without any real threat to the establishment, government will do exactly what it has been doing for decades - completely ignoring the public will. The only political route through is to fire all the non-progressive democrats and replace them with progressives. Better to start now than to wait a century to begin the process.

Police herding protesters is a violation of the highest law - the constitution (First Amendment). The very act is worse than murder - a direct attack on the USA. How’s that for ignoring the public will.



People die in war. Its the nature of war - clearly. the fascists cant win though because war here will destroy their economy, and that is and has always been the only thing they care about.
Also their police and soldiers amount to well less than 2% of the population - and most of them wouldn’t fight their own people, and with the economy destroyed their money would be worthless anyway. But its pointless to worry about such details, there aren’t 10 Patriots willing to fight for their country in the whole USA to begin with.

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Your in effect talking about a seige. Working people are going to quit their jobs, their families, and sit waiting for the billionaire class to admit they are not superior. This is a waste of time and ultimately completely ineffectual. Billionaires can spend a full ten million dollars, every day, for the rest of their lives, and never run out of money. Groups of these people can last into the hundreds and maybe thousands of years before they need to cut back on the luxuries even slightly. You cannot win a siege against the uber-rich. Their arrogance must cost them literally everything before they will begin to reconsider - everything.