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The Time Has Come to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground


The Time Has Come to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Bianca Jagger

he warnings from our most respected scientists are loud and clear and their findings are irrefutable. Science demands that average global temperature rises must stay below 2C if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.


Usually I pointedly ignore the guy who is paid a salary by the Koch brothers to make hurtful comments. This time I’ll make one small quote from one of his pseudonyms above. “Hell, even with nuke power automobile suburbs.” I think that’s one of the most perceptive views of climate Hades that I’ve seen today.


And so, we hurtle toward mass extinction and the collapse of civilization. The childish notions here are yours, and Jagger shows a much better grasp of serious subjects than you do.


The group of classic “ad hominem” (ad feminem?) attacks against the writer, are intended to distract from dealing with the actual points that she makes.

The time has come to keep fossil fuels in the ground.


Washington State’s nuclear power project Wwpps (pronounced whoops) fell apart in the mid-80’s through energy conservation; four of five nuclear plants cancelled, the single survivor with its cancellation due date inexorably approaching, thanks to President Carter energy policy that carried the economy out of the 80’s recession.

The next big leap in energy conservation is adapting electric vehicles to household rooftop photovoltiac arrays and regional utility grids. Bianca would be surprised to learn that plug-in hybrid EVs are more ideal than all-battery EVs like the Tesla and hydrogen fuel cell EVs. Plug-in hybrids offer more economic incentives to drive less, whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby walking, bicycling and mass transit become viable modes of travel which incidentally support the growth of local economies and displace the global economy. The plug-in hybrid is least dependent upon corporate utilty grids for recharging.


Bianca Jagger has some serious cred when it comes to human rights and U.S. incursions in Central America–a topic on which she is well informed and courageous–even to the point of having risked her own life. But even if I completely agree that fossil fuels need to be left in the ground, Bianca Jagger speaking out on this issue has fail written all over it. First, her proposed solutions are not even remotely up to the job, second, she is an ardent anti-nuke, so she opposes what very well could be our most potent tool to help keep that carbon in the ground, and third, with her jet-set lifestyle and her preoccupation with fashion (promoting pointless consumerism) she is as laughable a spokesperson on this subject as Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio, convincing nobody and making those who are concerned about fossil carbon look like flaming hypocrites–or gullible dupes fawning after flaming hypocrites.

This isn’t helping.


Indigenous Environmental Network on REDD+ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8tXcA9JWoQ

Interview with Charmaine White (Lakota) on the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). This woman literally wrote the book on the problems that the UN did not resolve in UNDRIP. Ïndigenous Nations’Rights in the Balance. A slim little book that addresses precisely where and how the Declaration ended up being edited by the States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVSwasxW3pk


And of course the ganging up on Bianca Jagger is “helping.” Not.


You call it ganging up. To me it just looks like several people seeing the obvious problem here.

In other areas, I respect the work Bianca Jagger has done. That doesn’t make her immune from criticism when she says or does something dumb.


Certainly many dumb things being said here, including by you. i’ll stand with Jagger’s assertions over yours. Good day!


WPPSS, Washington Public Power Supply System. That’s the tragedy of it: a consortium of public utilities! It borrowed $22 billion dollars (back when a billion was real money, in the 1970/80s) to build a string of nukes across WA state that never got built. At the time, the largest public bond default in history.


It’s no surprise nuclear power industry will take on high risk with either public or private investment. It’s also no surprise that so-called environmentally conscientious people have only a vague notion of what not to do and no clue at all what to do instead. Please do not reply to my posts with tangiential issues.


Society uses many cars while also being dependent on other forms of land sea and air transport It is also dependent on electricity for many services. These all currently use fossil fuels at a high, unsustainable rate. Industry just does its best to meet this demand of society while making a profit. That is the stark reality that society needs to face as it irrevocably powers down.