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The Time Has Come to Turn Up the Heat on Those Who are Wrecking Planet Earth


The Time Has Come to Turn Up the Heat on Those Who are Wrecking Planet Earth

Bill McKibben

An interesting question is, what are you waiting for?

Global warming is the biggest problem we’ve ever faced as a civilisation — certainly you want to act to slow it down, but perhaps you’ve been waiting for just the right moment.


Framing messages is important. I suggest that you refer to global heating rather than global warming.


Yes Bill, the time has come (and maybe sadly gone) - coulda been 30-40 or more years ago if our corrupt damn fool "leaders" had listened to the many warnings then, but......money ruled the roost and now we all are in the soup.
The time has indeed come to turn up the heat on all the environmental destroyers, usurers, corporate greed, corrupt politicians, and war-mongers!

I recall in The Magic Christian, Guy Grand built a heated vat o shite & filth with free $100 bills mixed-in, and said "that'll make it hot for them" - politicians are 99% scum, seems appropriate!


"Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet"–Terence McKenna


Climate researcher Paul Beckwith talks about the Fort McMurray fire and the climate emergency that we're now in:



What a word. This story keeps going:




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Probably the moment occurred in the 1980s when James Hansen told Congress that global warming was occurring and action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was needed. So here we are at the umpteenth moment to act. Sadly we have made so little progress that we still have candidates for president claiming that global warming is essentially a hoax, in fact one is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Clearly many Americans still do not realize that the moment has come (or even passed) as they voted for him in big numbers (although of course almost all of his opponents had a similar view). More bizarre perhaps is that some people who claim to be concerned about global warming think this presumptive nominee of the Republican Party would make a better president than the leading candidate of the Democratic Party who not only believes in global warming but actually participated in negotiations at the Climate meeting in Copenhagen in 2009 to do something about it. I am almost positve that Jim McKibben will support the Democratic nominee whomever it is but he may have trouble convincing many of his followers to do the same.


Yes, it's great to take to kayaks or whatever. But what about stopping the TPP and other global trade deals? Why is that never mentioned? There seems to be some kind of preference for the grand poetic Don Qixote-like photo op gesture— but little done to educate the public to trade deals that will permanently eliminate the environment as a value or factor and unleash fossil fuel extraction globally. Bill McKibben is clearly well-intentioned but he is shooting his movement in the foot. After years of getting the President to veto the KXL, the whole thing is overturned by TransCanada (under NAFTA) which sues for billions in Corporate Court. No offense, Bill, but your naive approach feeds into the media blackout on these deals and their effects. Can you deviate from your standard talking point and use your platform to address the biggest and more organized climate threat we have?


like you don't use Electricity and buy food transported by trucks and all the rest like everybody? First steps need to be taken and they finally are beginning. This is a first step. A decade ago solar and wind were being denigrated as not being able to compete with fossil fuels but only a decade later they are fast replacing fossils fuel generated electricity worldwide. Last year 85%. of all new power plants being built were solar and wind. You have to start somewhere. Why are you always so cynical as if you want humanity to fail?


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The leader for the Democratic nomination is calling for very strict standards on fracking, which would severely limit it if those regulations were put into effect. So she would be putting not only coal miners out of work but also a lot of frackers. Her opponent is calling for a ban on fracking which would put even a greater number of frackers out of work. Exactly how much all this would raise the unemployment rate is unclear but it would certainly create a lot of personal hardship. The leading candidate did promote fracking for natural gas in foreign countries. But this has to be put in context of foreign policy. Many or most these countries were highly dependent on Russia for natural gas which gave Russia a lot of control over these countries. Fracking helped these countries be more independent of Putin. We don't know what it is like in the US to be dependent on Putin for a major source of energy but it sounds like a bad situation. Of course a sudden ban on fracking is not feasible anyway as too many power plants use natural gas and if the supply were greatly reduced the only short term alternative would be to burn more coal. Heating would also be severely affected. Fracking should be phased out in a way that makes a transition to clean energy possible without having to resort to more coal burning which would increase carbon dioxide emissions and release of large amounts of toxic substances into the atmosphere.



Nationalize the fossil fuel industry and allocate energy to the prioritization of the development of its replacement.






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Mute means unable to speak (and usually deaf).

The term you're mimicking is moot.