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'The Time is Golden and Now': Single-Payer Bill Advances in California


'The Time is Golden and Now': Single-Payer Bill Advances in California

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With close to 1,000 supporters rallying outside, California's Senate Health Committee on Wednesday advanced a single-payer healthcare bill that has been described as a potential "catalyst for the nation."


All right! California leads the way to a humane healthcare system for one state of the richest country in the world, with the most unjust and ill-coverage of all rich countries, at present.
If they can achieve this in California, it will have a bell-wether kind of effect in our country. This is how Canada got their universal health system--one province, I think Manitoba, did it, and the rest followed.


Actually, it was Manitoba's neighbor to the west Saskatchewan that started Canadian single payer. With a population larger than ALL of Canada, California has an economy of scale and population density advantage over Canada. Note that Canada's population is spread over an area larger than the 50 US states and Saskatchewan had only 900,000 people when they started single payer compared to California's nearly 40 million insurance pool.

Politicians' funding arguments are bogus. Being awash with profitable corporations, California can finance single payer with a tax on businesses that are currently required to provide medical insurance by the ACA. If the tax is fully deductible (on state taxes) the corporations (and gubmit agencies that would also participate) will find Statewide single payer less costly than current employer sponsored/provided insurance.

Other than Washington DC doing everything it can to thwart California's efforts, the biggest challenge California single payer will create will be businesses and people flocking to the state, further heating up an already overheated real estate market...at least until other states jump on the single payer bandwagon.


Go California! Love from Vermont and Canada too!


Actually there are other states who plan on joining California in a regional system.


Paying for it will be relatively simple. As part of the law, end all employee and employer Medicare deductions going to the federal government, and instead re rout that money to your single payer system, as there will be no need for California residents to take part in the Medicare/ Medicaid system any longer.
All it will take is one state, preferably a large one, to take the plunge. The rest will follow, and in truth, the republicans will get what they want, the federal government will no longer be in the healthcare business.
The states rights rubes should be coming in their pants, as this would be the ultimate expression of states rights.


Great news. For my mother I offer this.
" For me this is a season of hope, new hope. New hope for a justice and a fair prosperity for the many, and not just for the few. And, this is the cause of my life. New hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American: north, south, east, west, young, old; will have decent quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege ". Ted Kennedy




Pretty sure we're talking healthcare on this thread

Pretty sure it was the Dems that passed ACA


Pretty sure it was the Dems that threw single payer under the bus. BTW the ACA is a mess if you are a seasonal worker...on Medicaid, off Medicaid, on company plan or Healthcare Marketplace plan, off company plan or Healthcare Marketplace plan, back on Medicaid...forget about IRS consequences of changing subsidies...it's a nightmare. Armchair liberals have zero idea of how low income workers are jerked around by the ACA.


"[H]ow the program would be paid for.": "Americans" had best stop fearing paying a little more in taxes if they want to achieve this and the rich--yeah, you *?!!, you will be paying more. Also, it is high time we say and mean it "Universal Healthcare Not Endless Warfare". We are sick of their wars--millions killed and maimed--, sick of their self serving agenda. If they do not listen--the Republicans and corporate Democrats, then we roll out our 'nuclear option'--Total, Gandhian non cooperation.


If this passes in California, my guess is that it wouldn't be long before it catches on in Oregon and Washington.
It would be hard for the rest of the country to ignore the entire west coast.


Yes and my gov. moon beam has said in the past he well veto this bill because Main Street can't have nice things that hurt the.01%


1,000 is really wimpy, especially for California, but we gotta start somewhere. Call out the big gun "The SENATOR". There is no private rout to health care. It is a quintessential monopoly. No paradigms outside of single payer ,make rational sense.


People just don't take the time to read the data. We can't even get free parking in this country, and you want free healthcare, free college tuition, and $15.00 per hour minimum wage?
"single payer" means - in any context - a government monopoly that virtually guarantees worse service, and - in California - represents yet another incentive for businesses to leave the state, as have 9,000+ since 2009. Why would anyone want worse service for something as crucial as medical care? One reason, of course, is the ever seductive illusion of something for nothing. An illusion spread by glib liberal politicians posing as saviors of the public against villains in the private sector. One of the fundamental reasons private medical insurance has gotten so expensive is that liberal politicians in state after state have mandated what this health insurance must cover, regardless of what individuals want. But, instead of directly helping those particular people to get insurance, the "solution" was to expand the government's power over everybody, including people who already had health insurance that they wanted to keep!
Since there has never been a society of human beings without at least some segment with some problem, this is a formula for a never-ending expansion of government power. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were - and remain - all on record as believing in a "single payer" system - that is, a government monopoly able to impose its own will on everybody.
"Health" insurance covering everything from baldness treatments to sex-change operations is a lot more expensive than insurance covering only major illnesses that can drain your life's savings. Now these mandates have moved up from the state to the federal level. Insurance is an institution for dealing with RISKS! It is a costly and counterproductive way to pay for things that are not risks - such as annual checkups, which are known in advance to occur every year. Your annual checkup does not cost any less because it is covered by insurance. In fact it costs more, because the person who is insured must pay premiums that cover not only the cost of the checkup itself, but also the costs of insurance company paperwork.
Different people have different risks and different willingness to take care of risks themselves, instead of paying to have them transferred to an insurance company. But liberal politicians in state after state have mandated what must be covered by insurance, regardless of what policy-holders and insurance companies might agree on if left free to make their own choices. That has made it impossible to get less expensive insurance that covers only costly but rare medical problems.
Liberal politicians love to play Santa Claus by handing out favors to a gullible electorate in exchange for their votes, all the while depicting insurance companies as Scrooge when they raise insurance premiums to cover the costs of government mandates. This kind of political game has been played for generations in other areas besides insurance.
Municipal transit used to be privately owned and run, but liberal politicians would not allow the fares to be raised to a level that would cover costs. The net result was that private companies were driven out of business and local governments took over, saddling the taxpayers with the costs that fares didn't/don't cover. Wake up....


Something for nothing? Hardee Har Har. When I lived in San Diego I paid close to 40% of my take home pay, for free parking.:wink: So did the Trustafarians, though it was their 3rd party grandparents who wrote the check. Along with the free parking I got an apartment in Pacific Beach. There's plenty of $$$ for Single-Payer in California, it 's just in the wrong bank accounts, currently. " Hey, Californians, " catch a wave, you'll be sittin' on the top of the world ".


That's actually the hard part. Rerouting tax collection around federal law is unconstitutional.


Impossible to point out the utter and complete rightwing-talking-point-absurdity of your post.

On the other hand, I will give it much respect as pure comedy gold.


All lies.

We have examples of successful universal health care all over the world. The only reason it has not been adopted in the USA is because the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry have bribed politicians to resist attempts to enact single payer.


Low income workers who got included in expanded Medicaid? Received subsidies on their insurance? Which low income workers do you mean?