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The Time Is NOW For The PRO Act To Protect Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/06/time-now-pro-act-protect-workers

I guess you’re not following the controversies about California’s AB5, which is based on the same test of worker classification as the PRO Act’s ABC test. It is a blaze in a situation that requires carefully controlled backburns. It is unrealistic in the same way that using a wood stove to heat a house is unrealistic–the context requires something else. As a California union member for 30 years and an independent contractor most of that time, I’m close to giving up hope that the labor movement has anything for us except to disrespect us and wreck our careers. Apparently, solidarity stops at the union hall door.

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Just like political parties then. Give us you allegiance, give us your vote, give us your money… Okay, you can go home now broke powerless.

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No, I wouldn’t say that. There’s effective solidarity in the union hall, clearly. And, yes, some union reforms gave all workers wonderful help. But not us.

I realize that unions got into this frame of mind as a result of the Wagner Act, which allows only employees to form collective bargaining organizations. However, it’s well past the time for them to embrace all workers, not just employees. The global economy is steadily moving towards self-employment and unions have almost no answer for it.

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Thanks for the clarification. I have worked in California and Florida in jobs that either had no form of union or did, but it was heavily frowned upon if you joined. So I admit my opinion is as an outsider to the actual process and benefit(s) involved.