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"The Time Is Now": Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Students to Take to Streets of Washington


"The Time Is Now": Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Students to Take to Streets of Washington

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Among growing calls for gun control legislation, students who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School continue to deliver some of the most powerful statements in the wake of the tragedy, and on Sunday a group of them declared that "now is the time for us to stand up" and announced plans for a march in Washington, D.C.


One common meme oftimes expressed on these boards is that somehow our future under threat if people keep having Children. This tied into an ever growing population and consumerism where the Earth just can not support peoples in this numbers.

This arguement certainly has merit but then there this.

Too many look at children as having only one role , that is becoming “successful and prosperous” getting well paying jobs and buying a home thriving in the system that has been built for them. They are far more than that. They are the ones that are going to force TRUE progress. The old fossils sitting in Governments are corrupt , their backwards ideals (if they can be called that) entrenched and it my feeling that it our children that are the best hope for a better world.

I have no children of my own but have many nieces and can so without hesitation that contrary to somes claims that they only interested in video games and the superficial , that in MY talks with them they have very progressive values be it on same sex marriage or the environment, be it a World at peace or human rights.

It is the big guys, those in power and running things that will POISON them ,just as they destroy everything else they have touched in the pursuit of power and money. I can only encourage these Children to pursue these goals and as they get older remain true to their values.


Suspira —

In my opinion, there can only be so many ducks on a pond –

or so many birds in the sky –

And though we don’t really seem to be natural to this planet, the
damage done to Nature and the planet (imo) is further argument
against our numbers.

HOWEVER … I am very well aware that in the US, youth are greatly feared and
always have been – as can be seen still from the propagandized fear of "Hippies"
and all youth who were anti-war during the Vietnam years of shame, lies, deceit and

Others may also recall the Era of authoritarians creating fear of American teenagers and
labeling them as “Juvenile Delinquents” and the propagandizing accompanying it which
often led to youth being fed into institutions to manage and control them.

And I hope that we all look back on the movement among young American college kids
which broke open the Segregated South by registering AA’s there to vote with amazement -
and smiles.

We may understand those Eras a little better today and what was really going on where
parents of children were taught to fear children – even parents of homosexual children
who were taught by “Christianity” not only to fear and hate their own children, but to oust
them from their homes. I pray those times of very purposeful and successful manipulation
of the public are over. Are they?

“This is about us begging for our lives,” Kasky continued. “This isn’t about the GOP. This isn’t about the Democrats. This is about us creating a badge of shame for any politicians who are accepting money from the NRA and using us as collateral.”

There are many questions about “false flag” events which seem to have been with us since at least the 1970’s. “Helter Skelter” and the alleged attack on Sharon Tate by a “Manson Family” seem to be one of those questionable events where the ATTACK was turned around to criminalize the Peace movement of Youth – in fact, the Youth Revolution at that time which wasn’t only about the Vietnam War and Weapons.

Mae Brussel continues to be a link to sanity and understanding –

“My concern over who killed John Kennedy was basically selfish,” Mae said, "to find out if there had been a coup–was the United States going fascist? Would I be like Anne Frank’s father, who told his family that things were okay and that people were basically good–while they were living their last days–instead of saying when it was coming down that some people are worse than others? And they never fought Nazism but just watched it all go by, and hid in the attic until their time came around to be taken away. With a family of five children, my husband and myself, we had an obligation to understand the world outside the home, in which they would someday live and become part of the larger community, part of the entire world political scene."
One bit of research just led to another–and another and another and another. The ultimate mystery would remain forever inconceivable–but to Mae, assassination research became a spiritual quest for truth. Conspiracy was the Zen grid of her perception, drawing her into a separate reality that Carlos Castaneda never even dreamed of.
"When Hitler failed, his officers were brought to the US. It is in this context that the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, labor leaders, judges, entertainers, reporters, authors, students, Black Panthers, Indians, Chicanos and hippies are being slain, and why the masses are being drugged, doped for control. So that my interest in the Kennedy assassination became more involved with the Nazi links than in the anti-Castro Cuban links. My difference with the researchers at large is that they want to stop with the Bay of Pigs operation, and I think it’s bigger."
Indeed, in 1972, when the details began to come out about a break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel, Mae immediately recognized personnel and modus operandi from nine years of assassination research, while the mainstream press continued to refer to Watergate as a “caper” and “a third-rate burglary.” And so it came to pass that while Rabbi Magnin was entertaining Richard Nixon at his home in Los Angeles, his daughter Mae was revealing the President’s role in an incredible conspiracy. Meanwhile, she also perceived an assassination plot, not merely against specific individuals, but against the entire counterculture that was burgeoning at the time.
“I realized that in this country we had a revolution–of housing, food, hair style, clothing, cosmetics, transportation, value systems, religion–it was an economic revolution, affecting the cosmetics industry, canned foods, the use of land; people were delivering their own babies, recycling old clothes, withdrawing from spectator sports. They were breaking the barriers where white and black could rap in 1967. This was the year of the Beatles, the summer of Sergeant Pepper, the Monterey Pop Festival, Haight-Ashbury, make your own candle and turn off the electricity, turn on with your friends and laugh–that’s what life was all about.”



Every generation is smarter than the previous one. Perhaps the voting age should be lowered to 14.

Direct Democracy


Given what’s at stake, I’m for eliminating a voting “age” altogether and eliminating citizenship as a voting requirement. Given our (i.e. the US’s) impact on the planet, anybody from a foreign country who happens to be in the country on election day should be allowed to vote as a proxy for all those who aren’t here but are profoundly impacted. They are, after all, being taxed through economic and environmental subjugation without representation.


Consider that the vast majority in Congress think that bombing Afghanistan does more to keep kids in America safe than passing gun control does.


Right – bombing children in Afghanistan. How sick is that?


Bless these young people for telling Donald Trump what a loser turd he really is.

So incredibly sad that their platform is because their friends were shot dead.

But amazingly strong and brave and beautiful to fight back against this ugly shit.

Who among us has guts to stand up and speak back at these ugly bullies when they seem so powerful and unaccountable? That is the courage and life force we all need.


It would be great if we could get movement organizations clear on some shared agenda / demands for March 24. Some ideas:

  • Just like automobiles: Gun registration, licensing, and insurance required, with a proficiency and law exam required to receive the license. Just like automobiles.

  • Beyond automobiles: Background check (for violent crimes, and for diagnosis of dangerous mental illness) required for gun license and for gun license renewal.

  • Fight repeatedly all the way to the Supreme Court, to reestablish the original intent of the 2nd Amendment, which does not actually grant individuals an absolute right to own guns. (Read the Brennan Center’s report on the history of Supreme Court rulings on this issue, which did not uphold this supposed right until 2008 following several decades of concerted effort by the gun manufacturers who took over the NRA and their right-wing backers.)

  • Ban military assault rifles from sale and ownership.

  • Comprehensive universal health care to include comprehensive mental health support and counseling at no cost.

What else?


I very much respect and am on the side of these students activism, and plan on backing them up.

That said, calling for mental health legislation is scary. As a person with a history of mental health care (voluntary seeking of counseling) it is frightening to contemplate even more stigma to deal with, more screening, more scrutiny.

Society at large needs its mental health under scrutiny. Fascination with violent entertainment, militarism as virtue, so called “rugged individualism” where denial of one’s connection/responsibility to others’ well being is considered virtuous, an over arching culture of machismo, rampant consumerism that commodifies human emotion with manipulative intent (advertising) that cheapens life, et al.



Let me add:

  • No “gun show loophole” or any other loophole: ANY sale, resale, or transfer of ownership requires re-registration and transfer of title, with requisite license and background check required.

  • Implementation requires everyone with a gun now, to register their gun, with the required licensing and background check and insurance policy. Going forward, any use of unregistered / unlicensed / uninsured guns is a separate crime.

What else?


Message to politicians: Who among you will take a bullet for our children?

Choose between Death or Life.

Taking money from the Gun Industry/Lobby is the same as choosing Death. To your political career.


Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Have you read The Politics of Experience by RD Laing? He goes into (somewhat excruciating) detail about the deep mental illness of normal society, and the absurdity of psychiatric diagnosis under these conditions.


I’ve wanted to pick up a book lately, sounds like a great recommendation.


It’s from early 1960s, so some of the framing of gender is dated, but still one of my top titles.

FYI, Laing was a psychiatrist who gained psychedelic insight, and turned against his profession.


That last bit really intrigues me, for very good reason :slight_smile: Although it has been many decades since, I would never trade one particular LSD experience for anything. And no, that was not the beginning of my mental health issues, as that bit of trouble started with my earliest memorable perceptions of self and life.(that sentence not directed at you WW)

I didn’t just recommend its use per se, but the extent of criminalizing use of psychedelics is ridiculous.


Rocky –

Like and APPLAUD your liberalism. :slight_smile:


“If the president wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy and … how nothing is going to be done about it, I’m going to happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association,” the 18-year-old said. “It doesn’t matter because I already know. Thirty million dollars. And divided by the number of gunshot victims in the United States in the one and a half months in 2018 alone, that comes out to $5,800. Is that how much these people are worth to you, Trump?”

-------Emma Gonzalez

Full text of her historic speech here:


web –

FYI, Laing was a psychiatrist who gained psychedelic insight, and turned against his profession.

Psychiatry was a “talking” cure which Sigmund Freud originally based on hypnotism, however, when it began to become clear that not all of his students/interns could hypnotize a client – or perhaps the alternate reality that not all human beings can be hypnotized – Freud discontinued requiring hypnotism as the basis for the treatment. Besides all of the horrors of psychiatry which have been revealed, the least of the damage to patients and their families was based in psychiatrists ONLY “mirroring back to the patient what the patient himself/herself were telling the psychiatrist.” An interesting book on the actual violence done to patients and how widespread it was is revealed in “Murder On the Couch” by… author…recall it began with a “D” but my library no longer has it and my journals aren’t indexed. But the practices were basic torture of human beings.

What I mainly wanted to mention for those interested in the subject, the New Yorker in 2016 ran a very long article on new discoveries about Schizophrenia which used to be called “a nervous breakdown” in acknowledging dysfunction of the nervous system. It’s called "It Runs in the Family" and I’ll add a link below… but the family story is typical and not very informative. The new tests however – which were not connected to studies of schizophrenia – show that what patients are suffering when they “hallucinate” is actually happening because what the eye sees is controlled by the brain. And same for the ear.

The damage that Autism is doing to children is due to harm to the brain which controls everything.
Dr. Wakefield in tests which have since been repeated, found remnants of the MMR/Measles Vaccine in the intestines of children who were Autism patients additionally suffer bowel dysfunction.

Autism is a case of an under-clearing or under-pruning of the synapses in the brain – and
Schizophrenia is a case of an over-clearing or over-pruning of the synapses in the brain.

Granted, Schizophrenia has been with humanity much longer than Vaccines have been … however, men have always been digging up metals from the earth. Check the ingredients in Vaccines.

Vaccines are now suspected to be the cause of “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” where nurses continue to relate stories of watching a newborn die immediately after receiving a vaccine injection.

Vaccines at one time included peanut oil and we now have generations of children who are allergic to every kind of nuts.

Same with auto-immune diseases like Juvenile Arthritis and Asthma.

The Kobe University Study shows that any injection of anything into a child can create an auto-immune reaction–

Here’s a comment by someone who read the Kobe University Study…

EVERYONE should look at the Kobe University Antigen Study. The results of this study accidentally stumbled upon the fact that 7 or more antigens injected into the body causes permanent DNA damage. After 7 antigens the damage becomes exponentially worse with each consecutive antigen. The current vaccine schedule is 40+ antigens!!!

A responsible vaccine schedule would be 3 to 4 vaccines for things that are truly a threat leaving room for 2 to 3 additional vaccinations should a pandemic arise.

Think about this.
New born babies are now given a Hep B vaccine at less than 10 minutes old. Hep B is a sexually transmitted disease. Before the Hep B vaccine existed less than 600 people a year under the age of 14 contracted this sexually transmitted disease. The statistics from VAERS (the voluntary vaccine injury reporting system estimated to be utilized in less than 10% of actual vaccine injuries) show 1500 major adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine every year.
So, the “cure” is far worse than the disease in this case.

Therefore, if the establishment medical complex is shoving something so ridiculous as vaccinating infants for a sexually transmitted disease; then how ridiculous is the rest of the vaccine schedule???

Kobe University Antigen Study

Note: This study was not intended to prove or disprove safety or dangers of vaccines.
_ The mice used were bred to resist autoimmune diseases; the injections contained antigens without toxic additives in solutions._

Kobe University Study –

Read: Study Detracting Vaccine-Autism Link Backfires

The researchers injected the mice repeatedly with the antigen Staphylococcus entertoxin B (SEB) with just enough time between each injection to recover from immediate antigen reactions. They wanted to ascertain the specific mechanics of how an immune system could turn on itself to create autoimmune diseases if it was over-stimulated.

Toxic adjuvants or preservatives normally used in vaccines were not part of the study. After seven injections, the mice recovered each time with their immune systems intact. But after the eighth injection, problems with key immunity cells began arising. Looks like “greening” vaccines is useless.

Damaged cells were observed microscopically and showed signs of early autoimmunity. Their immune systems had started to self generate antibodies for autoimmune reactions after repeated antigen inoculations.

Conclusion: This study should put to rest the notion that “greening” vaccines by removing or withholding vaccines’ normal toxic additives would make the childhood vaccination schedule of close to 40 vaccinations by 18 months of age more acceptable. It is also a direct challenge to the theory and practice of vaccinations.


The study has not received much public attention.
Others have also confirmed the findings.
Concern is expressed for over-stimulation of young people’s immune systems

I’d also add that Big Pharma continues to push a theory of “Herd Immunity” which seems another bit of fakery as the US had “Herd Immunity” when we all were getting the natural diseases and recovering from them. Plus the immunity that Mothers pass along to their children – and fathers, as well.
NO parent can pass along an alleged “immunity” received from a vaccine.

New Book out on Freud which is said will totally topple him…
“Freud” by

New Yorker – “It Runs In The Family” – 2016
Runs in the Family

> Schizophrenia, as McCarroll put it, “may be a disease of overpruning.” Synapses that should have been preserved get cut, like a garden that has been sheared back too aggressively in the winter. “The C4A paper is one of the most important papers in schizophrenia in our times, because it identifies a pathway and provides a mechanism,” Lieberman said. “It opens a black box. Now we have to figure out how overpruned synapses cause all the diffuse symptoms of the disease—the psychosis, the cognitive collapse, the emotional emptiness, and the withdrawal.”

When people think of heredity in a colloquial sense, they think about the inheritance of unique features across generations: the peculiar shape of a father’s nose or the susceptibility to an unusual illness that runs through a family. But the conundrum that heredity addresses is really much more general: What is the nature of instruction that allows an organism to build a psyche, or a nose—any nose—in the first place? The C4-gene variant that contributes to schizophrenia is the same gene that, in all likelihood, is used by the brain to prune synapses and thus enable cognition, the tethering of thoughts to realities, and adaptive learning. Push the activity of the gene beyond some point, and Bleuler’s threads of association break; a mind-demolishing illness is unleashed. Swerve too far in the other direction, and we lose our capacity for adaptive learning; the blooming, buzzing confusions of childhood—its naïve, unshorn circuits—are retained. Our unique selves must live in some balanced state between over-edited and under-edited brain circuits, between over-pruned and under-pruned synapses.


Yeah, the only thing easier than buying a gun is buying a Republican that takes bribes from the NRA!