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The Time to Move Off Fossil Fuels is Now


The Time to Move Off Fossil Fuels is Now

Wenonah Hauter, Jean Ross

This bill—the strongest, most aggressive climate and energy legislation ever written—is what we need to solve the climate crisis. That's why we're mobilizing to make it the law.



You’re the man!


I’m no fan of Elon Musk. His Hyperloop and tunnel highway projects are pure nonsense as are self-driving cars. His luxury Tesla cars are energy hogs. SpaceX rocketry is another luxury the world doesn’t need. I give him credit for state of the art battery tech, but he’s NOT a leader dedicated to serving the needs of most people. I fear he’s like Dtrump whose vision of the future includes genocidal warfare to deal with inequitable distribution of resources that comes with growing population worldwide.


You cannot ‘prove’ what isn’t falsifiable, Wenonah. If you’re going to be all scientific and stuff, you need to start by making accurate statements.

The time to move off fossil fuels is when markets will no longer pay for their extraction or use, of their own free will. Not your impositions, or mandates, or bans.

We don’t have a crisis to solve, other than the crisis the people who think there is a crisis represent. You true believers are the ones all the little people should actually worry about.


Another junior high science sleeper too busy looking up girls skirts to pay attention to what was being taught. Global warming is simple chemistry and the sad fact is that there are so many Americans ignorant of something so easy to understand. Thankfully the rest of the world, excepting Syria and the US understands junior high level science and signed on to the Paris Accords.


Musk has detractors, but I can’t find convincing reasons why. Perhaps that’s the lot of visionaries. Could be that some are against anything private industry does, considering all the evil much of it does.

We need rich visionaries like Musk who put their resources into helping people and the environment, at least to counter rich conservatives intent on destruction of both.

Nader wrote “Only the Super-rich Can Save Us”. Maybe, maybe not. But I want to give credit where it is due.

Musk just solarized the Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico.


Occam is under the impression that all-knowing markets exist in a vacuum.

Meanwhile, marketers and salespeople lie and cheat their way to profits.

We’ve now burned through more than 50 billion barrels of oil–but what could go wrong?


I give Musk credit for his warnings about artificial intelligence. Too many people are working to perfect it without thinking deeply about the possible consequences.


Yes, can you imagine the amount of energy it would take to manufacture and build everything he is talking about?.. Digging tunnels/?? highly co2 producing… building ANY car, electric or not… highly co2 producing… THERE IS NOT SOLUTION FOLKS … we passed it a lllloooooonnnnnngggg time ago… …Hang on for the ride down.


Uuuhhh , we are f*ed… my friend… It is already, OVER WITH . Go read some science… START WTIH THIS PHYCIAL REALITY… there are currently, more than 400ppm in the atmosphere… that carbon in the atmosphere now… will be there for thousands of years… so THAT IS WHAT WE CALL CO2 CONCENTRATION… now, the next worrisome detail… is the issue of EMISSIONS… that is the co2 we are CURRENTLY PUTTING INTO THE ATOMOSPHERE… ssssssssssooooooooo no matter WHAT, we will ALWAYS be ADDING to the CONCENTRATION OF CO2… NOT REDUCING THAT… AT ALL… ANY LITTLE BIT OF CO2 adds to the amount… AND now it is not just us adding co2… but, the Earth it’s self… HUMANS have not lived with over 400 ppm… before… we will soon see the results of our stupidity…


How about more efficient urban planning to include light rail systems, long rail systems, busses, and an old favorite, the bicycle. Toss in skate-boards, and roller-blades for good measure. Hey if America can fix Los Angeles’ 5pm traffic snarl, America can fix anything. By the way, the Dutch have figured out a way that wind energy now powers all their electric rail-trains, so there is hope.


A unfortunately, the time was ten years ago. I don’t know how such an enormous infrastructure changeover cold even begin. There is a lot of stuff out ther on all the things thst would need to be font but nobody has spelled out the first steps or come p with a way to get the deniers on board and up to speed.


If the topic was ‘simple chemistry’, then there wouldn’t be multiple global climate models, and those / the model would produce more accurate predictions than they / it has.

The ‘scientists’ using these models have consistently predicted higher temperatures for year x (say 2018) than has actually resulted. The amount of climate heating in the past 17 years has not been statistically significant.

And, incidentally, evidence shows that climate-temperatures have been a bit warmer in the historical past than they are now. Such as when the Norsemen settled Greenland.


All rich philanthropist charity buys patronage. Bill Gates donated computers to school libraries to expand his market base of future customers. I am a fan of rooftop solar. More than huge solar arrays located far from households, rooftop solar isn’t subject to supply/demand free market forces that drive the price of energy up. I also give Elon credit for perfecting the smaller battery pack 5kwh for garage installation. It’s the ideal match to the basic rooftop solar array. Households gain a backup power supply and the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption. Elon toys with SpaceX, hyperloop and highway tunnels with profits from very expensive sport cars. You have to wonder where his loyalty is directed. He must live in a bubble.


Global warming denial propaganda is funded by industries that produce global warming and is promulgated by those whose paychecks need not depend on energy sources that produce global warming. Whose side are you on?


There are solutions, but the industrial and business elite keep them from being implemented to maintain control over the rest of us. It’s like colonialism, ie, a colony is established to produce export goods which keeps colonists reliant on imports because they don’t produce the goods they need. Those who control transportation (shipping) keep colonists dependent on imports. In today’s world, trucking, driving and air transport alongside shipping are the means by which the elite derive profits from dependent consumers (colonists) paying at any price for essential (and non-essential) goods and services.


I can respond that scientists produce studies saying that the climate is getting warmer because that’s where the [government] grant money is. There is not money or peer-reviewed-journal pages for studies showing that global warming isn’t happening.


“There is no money (for) peer-reviewed studies showing that global warming isn’t happening.” You’re wrong, either misled or lying. You should know there’s plenty of money funding studies that try to prove global warming isn’t happening. There’s certainly plenty of money funding anti-global warming propaganda.


Nothing I have read or heard has laid out a viable plan for replacing all fossil fuel powered transportation vehicles with non carbon emitting ones.

Just the economic details are scarily complex. Many perhaps even most of the individually owned vehicles that are out there are not wholly owned by their owners. They are being bought on time and the people using them for transport only own as much of their vehicle as they have paid off. The unpaid portion belongs to banks.

Who is going to pay off all that debt while underwriting the costs of manufacturing new atmospherically safe vehicles and towing away the now impounded pollution producers?

Even taxing the rich to the limit of their holding companies wouldn’t produce enough fungible asserts to even begin to cover those costs.

It’s a hell of a dilemma


Have you considered the amount of materials that would required for such a project? Have you also considered that construction is 3rd most polluting industry in the USA? Have you also considered that in order to make all the materials necessary for this project you need petrochemicals?

The point is your objective is to reduce pollution, but what you suggest would actual create a large demand for fossil fuels in order to redesign all of our infrastructure.