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The Times They Ain’t a-Changing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/times-they-aint-changing

Like I done said six weeks 'r so ago —

Sleepy / Creepy Joe ain’t a-gonna do us no good, he’s jist a-gonna stop the wurst o’ what Tweetle-Dumb was a-doin’.  Him ‘n’ P’Loser jist gonna hide the rest o’ the Dee-Mize o’ D’uh-Mock-Russie under a blanket of (relatively speaking) po-lightness.*

*  Po’ lightin’ helps them hide what they’s gonna be a-doing for they’re Korporate owners . . .

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Philanthropy perforce doesn’t exist in a just society


Never a fan of Dylan. He was a mercenary folk singer. His songs came from just being a good weatherman, knowing which way the wind (of popular fads) blew, not from personal convictions of social justice.


The Democrats continue to brag about “bipartisan 1986 tax reform” the newly formed Democratic Leadership Council’s (DLC) first nationwide action. 1986 tax code changes were the most regressive tax reform in US history until Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. Prior to 1986 everybody filing a tax return could deduct charitable contributions. Since 1986 only the 1%, businesses and the small number of filers who itemize deductions have been able to deduct contributions, thereby shifting contributions to organizations favored by the 1%, corporations and the upper 10%.

After 2017 cuts most of the itemizers were shut out of the deductions, so the 1% and their corporations determine what charities get the big bucks.

Until the US tax code is restored to 1985 and FDR’s New Deal regulations are restored, expect “the times” to never change.


How about they can’t tax you until you make a living wage???

Here I sit at 61 with some of the crappiest healthcare----and I have been paying for healthcare from my first day at work-----paying into a healthcare system I can’t use til I’m 65??? and after paying into for 45 years zero return I don’t get full benefits----and this is if I make it----what a scam and they say it might be broke. THIS IS THEFT!


Why do people in Calif settle for these Democrats???Newsom is to busy figuring where to eat than actually helping those in need. Today out driving there were homeless people on every corner----you shut everything down and give everybody the finger. Talk with people in the Calif gov they know nothing------they are all working at home.

AMEN!!   I’ve already said it five or six times, but I might as well say it again:

Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY?                                                 Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!!


Laura Flanders presents the example of “We Shall Overcome” held by the civil-rights organization Highlander. Another conscientious example, which most benefits the music itself and everyone else, is donation to the public domain.

Tom Lehrer donated his entire magnificent corpus to the public domain, and that’s something to celebrate, imho, if we can think of an appropriate activity, perhaps
Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.

Hard to choose. Almost all of Lehrer’s songs age so well. Just add a couple more elements at the end of his classic Elements, and we’re fully up-to-date.

Flanders and some commenters say they weren’t fans of Dylan anywho – an attitude which would be sour grapes on my part, were I to affect it. Good Lord, people! Keith Richards said Dylan has written “more great songs than I’ve had warm breakfasts.” It’ll be disgusting, as usual, to witness his classic anthems getting commercially shat upon. We’re grown accustomed to this place.


Flanders’ criticism is more appropriately directed at the billionaires whose net worth increases more in one day than what Dylan got for work that more than spanned the lifetimes of some of those billionaires.


Yeah, evidently some people missed “Slow Train Coming”.

It really does matter who is doing the review. This from Rolling Stone:

"Because Bob Dylan had the power of insight and poetry early in his career, he became an article of faith himself. He gave so much identity and energy to so many people that eventually it could only blow up. And it did. Which was bitter, disappointing and confusing to a lot of people, including myself and, I think, also Dylan.

Within a very short period of time, forces came together that reversed Dylan’s musical strength and social weight. They were events of all sorts — personal, professional, accidental: the inevitable pauses and doubts that come with age and the kind of success Dylan had. There were the times themselves — long, depressing years in which we all became hopeless.

It takes only one listening to realize that Slow Train Coming Columbia Records is the best album Bob Dylan has made since The Basement Tapes recorded with the Band in 1967 but not released until 1975. "

Slow Train Coming - Rolling Stone ~https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-album-reviews/slow-train-coming-251127/

“Gonna have to serve somebody”

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Good suggestion wrapped in a very sour coating. Sure, that’s how the saying goes: A handful of sour makes the medicine go down, right?

Bob Dylan is one of the most talented songwriters and poets I have ever read. The only one of whom I ever said deserved to, and predicted would, win a Noble prize in literature, and that was back in the 1960s. There’s no one I quote more, with the possible exception of Shakespeare.

You are talking about the fruits of his own talents, not ill-gotten corporate profits. What I see in this article is “pettiness that plays so rough.” That he could have done better? I am sure he didn’t mean to be unkind. I know that was the last thing on his mind.


Lots of bitching and moaning over the fact that Bob Dylan sold his collection of some of the most powerful ethereal yet brutally revealing musical masterpieces over a paltry 500 million dollars. Bezos aka plasticman,our planet’s eco-destroyer in chief. makes that in a morning. Americans have lost their minds and their souls. For 20+ years,Dylan never left my record player, because he made me think,and think again about the world as it changed around me; and not for the better. It was easier to reflect on our downward trajectory when presented in a manner less rage inducing than say a Workers’ Vanguard article.His work inflicted a ray of hope in me and many of the woke population, inspiring us to act; to get on the damn bus, to dial and join and donate, because the times were changing, the masters of war were winning, And for that I’ll always regard Bob Dylan as among the best artists of my lifetime. It will be sad to see his work commercialized and destroyed. But that’s the way things work here in this capitalist hellscape. And the answer’s still blowing around in the ever elusive wind.

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