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The Tip of The Spear

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2021/01/06/tip-spear


Ding Dong the bitch is DEAD. Now it’s OUR TURN to make demands…turning hope into reality. Somebody get me a tissue :joy: :joy: :joy:


Loved the poster of Stacey Abrams, absolutely perfect!


It is sad how this entire article about a US senator did not contain a single word about his politics, voting history or his position on anything what so ever.
The entire thing can be summed up as “omg he’s black”, which is not a reason to vote for or against someone.
The way to end racism is not make race a defining issue, or an issue at all really.


With the wins of Warnock and Ossoff the country has a chance for the seeds of growing democracy.


The spirit of Richmond, CA! You know that’s our own beloved shipyard gal, Rosie, in the WWII original. (Also: the cartoonist Bennett is a national treasure.)

Hooray for Stacey Abrams, who has as firm a claim on the title of national savior for now as anyone!


The country has been here before during the first Obama years. It does not seem that there were any seeds of democracy sown at the time. Should we hope it will be different this time? Trained in predictive modeling my mind has a hard time nurturing that hope. But it is still good that the Ds win the senate, that way it will be educational to see who they are really are and how much do they really care.

Very well said. Aside for its good style this article just reflects the Biden/Harris doctrine of a ‘(visibly) diverse’ cabinet.


Interesting comment.

Please, let it be.


I concur!

The devil went down to Georgia, but could’n push his worshipers across the finish line.

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I’m glad! I’m ecstatic! I can’t believe they (we?) won!
Uh, won what? The game has yet to begin.
I have just three words for Ossoff and Warnock: Don’t sell out.

From whither do you draw your faith? Have you not drunk from these muddied waters before? (Hint: 2008, 2012) Yet now you trust the scurrilous servants of that once-anointed faux-savior, gilded-tongued orator, and master of deceit to restore democracy? ROTFPuking.
Democracy is dying faster than your brain cells!

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YES, and I want a T-shirt that looks just like that. WHO is making them? Where can I get one?

I would recommend the Medal of Freedom for Abrams but Trump has rendered that award meaningless.

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