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The Tools To Make A Change


The Tools To Make A Change

Seeking to keep the momentum going, voting registration activists with HeadCount signed up more new voters during the galvanizing March For Our Lives than on any single day in the last 15 years. With over four million kids turning 18 this year, they say, Emma Gonzalez' call for young people to register to vote will prove crucial to oust pols in the blood-soaked pocket of the NRA: "She threw a pebble in the water that is rippling into a tidal wave.”


If someone running for office has a positive nra score they may be in for a shock and awe. Or duh-n-ah.


I second that e-motion. :slight_smile:


Good for our youth. Isn’t it time we also reached out to those in poverty who do not generally vote by offering someone worth voting for and going everywhere where they would be found such as at food pantries? Baska, a poster on CD had a really good idea on how to reach such depressed people with healthcare vans giving them free health care and handing out voter registrations to them. Get candidates that will unequivocally support HR676.


The youngster holding the sign “I used to be a foetus, does that help?” absolutely nails the schizophrenic dynamic and consequence of the current memes and methods being used. That kiddo has all my hugs!

The Center for Dynamic Community Governance provides tools that can be both timely and effective. Sometimes it is a matter of being very clear about the meaning of terms, words, their intent and consequences.

How we structure our organizational circles to assure that the subversion tactics are countered is increasingly showing distinctions between “democracy” and the well being of our society or “socius”. You don’t need to buy into an entire box or silo but be very keen on the overlap of articulated principles.


The “I can not even bring Peanut Butter to school” sign is especially clever.


Since Abby didn’t see fit to include it, here is the speech Emma Gonzalez gave at that rally:


Too cute…shift gears, been doing some things with buildings on my images page, let me know what you think, thanks


Wow! That was one of the, if not the, most powerful things I have ever seen. Everyone should watch this, then think, then act to see that "Parkland" shall never happen again, anywhere, to anyone.