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The Top 10 Under-Covered News Stories of 2017


The Top 10 Under-Covered News Stories of 2017

Adam Johnson

What happened while we were focused on the president's tweets; the attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act; the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico; the tax bill; and #MeToo?

Sadah, Yemen


Thank you Adam! The MSM outlets: Newspapers, magazines, broadcast tv and radio, cable “news” organizations, are all failing to give these and other stories the attention that they deserve. To the extent that they do cover them at all, it is very one-sided. It is no small wonder that Americans are the most uninformed and misinformed people on the planet!


All I’ll say is welcome the the Fascist States of America courtesy of ever more ultra-right wing assholes that run things and rob working folks a decent paying job, decent healthcare, education and various other items a decent government would provide for the citizens that pay taxes.


They certainly know how to keep folks dumbed-down, distracted, and indoctrinated beyond belief. No one seems to ask, or even want to ask, the tough questions. Folks could learn a lot if they unplugged their smartphones, turned off their TV’s and read up on how bad things really are. Hurry though. the net will be soon censored thanks to Ajit Pai’s hijacking and turning it over to the big ISP’s. Books will be next.


Agreed 100%, there is also the over-load problem. Personally I get depressed quite easily now due to being over-loaded and not by things like drink and such, damn :frowning:


Item #7 needs to be expanded beyond the Gorsuch coup as the GOP controlled Senate delayed confirmation of Federal judges at ALL levels in order to stack the courts with young, right wing “judges” once the GOP controlled the White House and Congress in 2017.

Many of these judges will still be on the bench during the 2060s.


“10. Protester prosecutions”

Take a look at the next protester control weapon:


It’s easy to imagine book-burning as part of a Pence “Re-education” program.


Book burning is soooo 20th century.

Elimination of net neutrality is the 21st century equivalent of book burning to “re-educate” and dovetails with Pence’s Murkin theocracy vision.


I agree that the most egregious of media failures was the lack of outrage against the failure to accept and approve the appointment of Merrick Garland. I remember coverage of the other points even though limited but the dearth of outrage with regards to theft of the appointment of the Supreme Court Justice is a sacrilege.


Adam, thanks for bringing these 10 issues to our attention. However, in my opinion the two issues which should be at the top of your list are endless USA sponsored wars and the human and monetary costs of those wars; and, the complete lack of urgency in responding to the imminent human caused climate disaster facing all life on Earth. Most of our political leaders since and including the GW Bush administration should be locked away in prison as an example to future US governments; and, the complete lack of leadership by all elected members of our Federal branch of government should be shown the door and any pensions to them denied.


Since today is Dec 31st and all this week we have had ‘the year in review’, this is a worthwhile article. It is also worthwhile to realize that other people have their own lists of under-reported stories. Here is another list:


Please Adam and Common Dreams, you need to cover how the WTO GATS has hijacked democracy. Its making all the GOP deregulation lock in and become irreversible, and its hijacked our health care. GATS’ 1998 Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services’ “standstill” clause blocks democracy, and is the real reason the ACA and other financial services are getting rolled back, people. It was the cause of the 2008 crash, because it was cited as the reason Glass-Steagall Act had to be “reformed” out of existence. A 23 TRILLION dollar mistake. And now they want to do it again.

GATS threatens Social Security, blocks public health care, and is whats privatizing education, and water, and other public services, it hijacks policy and it is poisonous to democracy.