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The Tough Guy Presidencies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/06/tough-guy-presidencies

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Tom Cotton is biding his time.

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Searching for the ultimate Strict Father figure, who can protect them from the Big Bad World. It’s also the dystopian nightmare predicted by Riane Eisler in The Chalice and the Blade. Under it all lies fear…and fear cuts deeper than swords(Syrio Forio to Arya Stark in Game of Thrones)

That’s also exactly why so many conservatives were horrified about having Hillary become president. It had nothing to do with her politics and everything to do with her genitalia. All they want is stereotyped, toxic masculine figure for president even if its all fiction.

“Could anybody be worst than trump” ?
That’s what I said about G.W. Bush.


As long as most Americans can’t find Iraq, Iran, Yeman, Venezuela, Venice, Italy or Venice, California on a frickin’ map; this search for a tough, take-charge guy to save them will be ongoing. For 35% of voters of both parties it’s the easy way out of Foreign Policy; ya’ know, " just kill them all and let Jesus sort it out " thinking.
The MSM makes this easier because their hand selected " talking heads " reduce the big picture to mere battle tactics, logistics and scenarios where the military option becomes the only binary choice. Tough guys/gals only, needed to play these roles for God, Home & Country, too.
This fight or " wimp out " structure of debating is merely a TEEVEE DRAMA with the usual Acts of I, then 2 and, finally Act III with the big finale. At which much flag waving, medals issued and so on occurs. Rinse, wash, repeat…until the passive audience is convinced of victory or gets bored by the tedium of it all.
Now, this made-for-TV agitprop doesn’t work very well for domestic policy-making. But the PTB are working to refine and master one that will. They’ve certainly got the $$$, the best personnel in Hollywood and Madison Ave on board and the determination to see it through to the end.
Trump is a near miss but can a Nicki Hailey or a Kirsten Sinema fit the role. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

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I love it.

To refute the policies of those trying to live up to some fictionalized idealism, quote fictional characters.

Truly a horrifing thought! That guy looks like/seems like a really disturbed individual.

If the U.S. goes down a really dark hole it will look like Cotton and Pompeo.

Ethan Edwards - a Confederate “refugee” who also fought in Mexico, and if you watch the subtext of the story, may have cheated with his brother’s wife and produced a daughter - Debbie - in the movie. Played by John Wayne, booze hound, serial adulterer, and draft dodger (during WWII), claiming knee injuries while an active USC football player. George W - played at being a cowboy, but was, and likely still is, deathly afraid of horses. Yeah, toxic masculinity involves lots of play-acting and concealing character flaws that often work against the type the subject is trying to play. Saint Ronnie was good memorizer of other people’s lines in a script, but a not-so-hot actor. He played at being the anti-labor President of the Screen Actor’s Guild, but he was a good looking dope, who could be easily manipulated by those around him.