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The Toxic Lure of “Guns and Butter”


The Toxic Lure of “Guns and Butter”

Norman Solomon

The current political brawl over next year’s budget is highly significant. With Democrats in a House majority for the first time in eight years, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most other party leaders continue to support even more largesse for the Pentagon. But many progressive congressmembers are challenging the wisdom of deference to the military-industrial complex—and, so far, they’ve been able to stall the leadership’s bill that includes a $17 billion hike in military spending for 2020.

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I could never top this:



“Top Democrats’” behavior on this and other issues are driven by their addiction to corporate money with the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) being by far the biggest source of money.

The Rolling Stones’ SISTER MORPHINE should be the background music at DNC events.



Norman is correct, of course. ( He got his jump start in Portland with KBOO- still growing after 51 years, btw. And, Puddletown has a strong community opposing this insanity. Coincidence? )
And, who among the candidates is picked on endlessly by the Clintonistas and their stalking horses littering the Democratic campaigns with " guns and butter " wannabes? Is Sen. Sanders ideal on all the issues; well, probably not now.
But, he’s " moveable and amenable " to discussing the issues in terms MLK Jr. would find heartening.
The Dimocrats need to allow the space to have this most serious discussion, not run to the cover of warmongers like The Clintonistas & OhBummer crowd. That’s insane, also.
To be continued…hopefully.

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Once again, the right dictates the terms of this debate.

Pelosi pisses herself when she thinks about being labeled weak on terrorism, insufficiently loyal to Israel, or threatening military contracts and bases in congressional districts.

Even funnier: The repubs even controlled the messaging on the non-existent “peace dividend.” There was no peace, there was no dividend, yet they owned the mirage.

Jeebus H, has there been a coherent message from the Dems in 4 decades?

As a hippie, I get blamed for how badly the d-party has been doing electorally, but damn, they are absolutely clueless when it comes to differentiating their brand. Then again, to differentiate a brand, you actually have to have a value proposition better than “we’re not Trump” while also saying “We fully support President Trump’s Defense Department’s request.”



Should the U.S. fund Israel with over 3 billion a year when the Govt’ and people there commit war crimes?

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The Democratic party establishment can run and hide and squawk in fear of a purity test, but war/military spending is one issue where progressives can and must demand accountability, especially from those in the running for president in 2020. Check their voting records, please, and demand details on their position, not fuzzy campaign BS. Even those with good voting records need to explain how they plan, as president, to challenge and handle all the many war-mongers within their party. On this last point, I suspect most off them will do the good old duck and weave and fall back on the party unity excuse. Force them out in the open. Know what you are voting for.

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Yet another article decrying militarism and the vast amount of money dedicated to it by the R’s and D’s with not a single mention of Tulsi Gabbard, the sole member of Congress running for President as a Democrat who has unequivocally embraced as her number 1 issue the cessation of this madness.

Common Dreams has not run (as far as I’ve seen) a single substantial article about Tulsi. Not one. Just like Fox News erased the gains made by Ron Paul in the Republican primaries by erasing him as a candidate from the public consciousness.

This is not at all what I expected from Common Dreams. There is nothing more progressive than opposing the mass slaughter of people all over the world. There is no issue bigger than this.

If you don’t know who Tulsi Gabbard is, look her up. Check out her videos on YouTube. There is no one like her.