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The TPP Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight


The TPP Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight

Dean Baker

As Congress gets ready to vote on whether to “fast-track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), its proponents are making weaker and more far-fetched arguments for the deal. And they keep getting their facts wrong and their logic twisted.

This hit parade of failed arguments should convince any fence sitters that this is a bad deal. After all, you don’t have to make up nonsense to sell a good product.


“This hit parade of failed arguments should convince any fence sitters that this is a bad deal, After all, you don’t have to make up nonsense to sell a good product” would apply in a nation that had a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Unfortunately my two Democratic Party Senators and Democratic Party Congresscritter pay zero attention to arguments or 99% of their constituents while paying 100% attention to the corporations that make the US government one that is of corporations, for corporations and by corporations.


As soon as Obama announced his economic team, Larry Summers and the like (this was before the inauguration), I knew BO was not as advertised. So not surprising that he is such a corporatist and is really showing it with how hard he is fighting for fast track and TPP (and his lukewarm support and easy capitulation on any economic issues that do not bow to corporate interests - remember what a joke of a negotiator he was and how willing he was to throw out the “public option” for healthcare insurance.

He has been really despicable in his ad hominem attacks on Warren on TPP and the weak arguments he’s put forward to support these deals.


TPP = Traitors Protecting Profits… supported by corporate whores and traitors.


This is cute: "As Senator Sherrod Brown pointed out, President George W. Bush made the draft text for the Free Trade Area of the Americas — an international accord that Congress didn’t approve — public before asking Congress to vote on fast-track authority. Apparently, President Barack Obama isn’t willing to do this. He’s even attacking TPP critics, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, for suggesting that he should.

“Obama also dismissed Warren’s concern that the TPP and other fast-tracked trade deals could jeopardize our ability to regulate Wall Street. Obama dismissed this as the hypothetical musings of a former law professor.”

That is the same Obama who refuses to regulate Wall Street, and insists upon installing appointees who dogmatically honor his refusal to regulate Wall Street.

That is the same Obama who lied to us on the campaign trail promising more open government.

That is the same Obama who makes sure his chiefs of staff, like Daley and Emmanuel, are the least competent but most accomplished political hacks he can find.

That is the same Obama whose lies are daily more brazen, whose insults are daily more broad reaching, whose malfeasance in office is apparently far more broad reaching and deeply shared by his Wall Street approved appointees that Wall Street’s private “mainstream media” cannot find the resources to make either honest or public. Like USA Today and the NYTimes and WaPo and you know them all.



Why do we waste our time complaining about politicians when we know that the system is rigged against us?


I voted for Obama. I really regret my vote. He has truly been a bad president and a Republican enabler (if not an actual Republican).