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The TPP, Internet Censorship, and Trudeau's First Big Test as Prime Minister


The TPP, Internet Censorship, and Trudeau's First Big Test as Prime Minister

Meghan Sali

Do you squeeze oranges expecting apple juice?

Of course not. So Canadians shouldn't be surprised when an undemocratic process like the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations yields an undemocratic result.

On October 5, just two weeks before the recent federal election, beaming trade ministers from the 12 TPP countries gathered on stage in Atlanta to announce that they had completed negotiations on the largest and most secretive trade agreement in modern history.


Worse than the secrecy and copyright laws are the clauses that "allow" a consortium of pro-corporate lawyers to arbitrate cases where any nation's actual laws (pertaining to Labor, human health protections, Environmental law) hypothetically impede profits. To these worshipers of Mammon, nothing trumps the "rights"of our corporate overlords to make money: ecosystems, animals, plants, humans... be damned.


Yes, the govts. will not enact regulations that keep us healthy and alive in any sector under the threat of a billion dollar "lawsuit," where the corpses are the lawyers and the judge and there is no jury. Truly, truly discouraging and infuriating.


.. I'd take your comment more seriously if you could differentiate between their (belonging to) and there (location).

Did you read Mr. Hedges' recapitulation of some of Sheldon Wolin's most incisive messages? If so, you'd see how trapped citizen-voters actually are.


thanks for the edit. have you never made that mistake? if so, hat's off. i do know the difference, but sometimes (not often) slip up.

I'm also arguing that citizen-voters are actually very, very trapped.


Seeing how 90% of them live close enough to the US border to make a one day trip to "the states", Canadians questioning TPP outcomes need to drive to the nearest US pharmacy and see how much they will be spending on medications after TTP is signed.

If Canadians buy a lot of big pharma stocks perhaps their dividends will pay for the higher medication prices TPP will saddle them with.


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Polar. Na. She has never made a mistake - that she is aware of!


Seems to me that even the A-holes who worship profits would want

a. clean air to breathe
b. clean water to drink
c. safe food to eat
d. inhabitable planet on which to live

Hell fire, we out number them by 99 to 1,
-- can't we raise our wrath to save us from the blood suckers ?


Reject the TPP!

The TPP and TTIP are the mechanisms through which they seek to further the interests of global Fascism.


There are so many bad things on so many fronts packed into these trade deals (the TPP and its equally evil twin the TTIP with the EU) that defeating them is the single most important and necessary action of today.

I can't believe that my Congressperson, who is often pretty reasonably, is sitting on the fence on this. If he ends up voting for this, he'll lose my and many others support outright.


Or more cynically, I would have thought that having got elected, they would want to run their own country. I thought they liked power. Why are they so anxious to give up any pretense of sovereignty for their countries?