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The TPP Is a Grave Threat to Climate Action


The TPP Is a Grave Threat to Climate Action

Naomi Klein

MoveOn.org sent out the following message and accompanying petition its members on May 21. Make sure to sign the petition here.

Dear MoveOn member,

I’m writing because President Obama and the U.S. Congress need to hear from you before they rush toward approving a massive new trade agreement that would benefit corporations and undercut serious efforts to fight climate change.


Thanks Naomi but realistically we all know it is a done deal, it will happen because the power around the world is too great to overcome by mere petition. More has to be done as we are not going to get a FDR to speak power to the people and take away the power of the greedy 1%. We need pitch forks and we need ordinary hard working people (consumers) to join with us. Many have not been devasted enough to pay attention and the working poor don’t have the time. They might get Rush Limbaugh sound bites and believe we are evil, lying environmentalists crying wolf again. Sorry I am not more upbeat but…


“Free trade” is the goose that laid the golden egg for the energy interests who are especially wanting to burn it all and burn it now for maximum profit. After all, why should I be able to buy a toothbrush, lamp, couch, etc. made in America when it can be made elsewhere (where there are undoubtably lower environmental and workers’ rights standards)? The energy interests have a perverse interest in inefficiency due to our perverse economic model that permits detrimental externalities.


I was greatly disappointed that one of my senators, Maria Cantwell, will support both the TPP and Fast Track. I called her office yesterday and informed her aide that I will not be voting for her again in the next election. I recommend that other Washington State residents who are as outraged as I am about the TPP do the same. Small wonder that we have become so cynical about the corruption in Washingon, D.C. when our politicians continually violate the commonwealth and the environment for the sake of corporations.


You are 50% correct, brucebennett.

BOTH of your Senators, Cantwell AND Murray don’t just support, they zealously promote TPP.

Except for social issues, and Cantwell voting against Bernanke re-confirmation, and Murray voting against invading Iraq, both of these senators have very regressive senate voting records.


Ray -
Thanks for the update. I wasn’t sure about Murray so I left that out. I will have to call Murray’s office with the same message of my disgust and the promise that I will never vote for her again. These Democrats are similar to the Labour Party in England. No longer are they a real opposition party but a bunch of co-conspirators in the general sacking of the country - taking the lead from the Appeaser in Chief in the Oval Office.
I just read that the the governor of Maryland (which I assumed was fairly Democratic in its leanings) has just announced that they will not provide $16 million for education but somehow they will be able to come up with $30 million for a CHILDREN’S prison!
I am 66 and I do not even recognize this country anymore and I am more and more ashamed of being an American.


My Democratic Party Congress crook responded to my e-mail addressing TPP with a form letter that included Obama’s red herring “if we don’t write the rules, China will”, confirming that either he is an Obama rubber stamp who does not have a clue, or is a gunner for the corporate dictatorship.

Although there is pressure from the GOP to add Chinese currency manipulation controls to the TPP, the document does not address controlling Chinese trade. Obamaspeak in action.


It is indeed hard to “recognize this country any more”.

When I was in college many of my friends were serially heckling Nixon. Those same people today continue to believe that Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, if you list Nixon’s actions in one column and Obama’s actions in the next column, Obama makes Nixon look leftist to the point that the Democrats would put him on the same group W bench reserved for the likes of Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich, while the GOP would probably have him deported.


Well, when I realize that they are ignoring studies like this one on chemicals, I realize they are profoundly irresponsible.


Shouldn’t the headline read, “The TPP is a Grave” ?