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The TPP Is Officially Dead. Thank the People's Movement, Not Trump

The TPP Is Officially Dead. Thank the People's Movement, Not Trump.

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order withdrawing the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), marking a new phase for the broad movement that sought to kill the corporate-friendly trade deal.

Progressive groups campaigned hard against the 12-nation trade agreement which they said threatened public health, environmental protections, and human rights while handing a big win to corporate interests.

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OK. That’s probably the only thing President Dinky Pinkie will ever get right, so he can go now…

Meanwhile, are the New Democrats doing anything in recognition of the fact that HRC’s support of TPP was an important part of why she was so very, deeply unpopular? My guess is no.

Anyone else catch Bill Black’s brilliant TRN piece from last week?


Yay, I guess. Sure feels like a hollow victory when this is going on:

A few neoconfederates on the Court, and all the TPP fuss is going to be meaningless in the scheme of things. Hate to say it, but it’s true.


Trump most likely saw the TPP as a competitor to his own global capitalist designs.


Can’t let down our guard in this arena… The much worse TISA is waiting in the wings.


So let me get this straight. If president Hillary Clinton passed the TPP it would have been the fault of the People’s Movement?


Can we just cut bullshit, please? I happily voted for Stein because she most closely represented my values, but the reality is that Trump ran on his vigorous opposition to the TPP and other so-called free trade agreements. The “People’s Movement” killed the TPP? Absolute nonsense. Most Americans don’t even know what it is.


Oh come on. People even give the Devil his due. Sanders and Trump raised awareness of the profound problems with TPP, and Hillary supported it. ( except when she didn’t during the campaign. TPP wasn’t dead, it still had strong support in the house and the senate, among both Republicans and Democrats. Heck, I just watched McCain have a meltdown over it’s demise. Trump killed it with a stroke of the pen. Being hyperpartisan all the time is what people don’t like about Fox news, and yet they do it on the left news sites all the time.


I believe that TPP doesn’t matter at this point for two reasons. First TPP document is done and can be implemented at any time with minor changes. SECOND and sadly is president Trump is going to do far more destruction to the environmental, trade and labor laws than would have been directly possible through TPP. Doing this in house so to speak puts peoples awareness that global trade agreements are really a legal framework for Transnational corporations to govern the world behind the scenes. Once we are back to sleep the TPP like agreements will appear again.

The only way to stop this is by using the open source software model and the Free/Libre Software models. These are very successful working models. Buy supporting these we change the economy toward local control.

As an side issue. We should also gain control of our computers. Use FOSS systems when ever you can.



Thanks - I hadn’t heard. :+1:

And at the very least a terrible PR nightmare waiting to happen. The TPP is political poison and was one of the reasons that made people distrust Obama and the Clintons. Still though, always remain vigilant for any similar bills. I’m sure the Donald would like his own Trump Trade Deal one of these days.

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Yes. And chances are it won’t be much different than TPP, if at all.; probably worse, in fact.


Good points. Trump will simply replace these TPP and NAFDA with even worse bilateral agreements imposed on weaker countries at (16-inch) gunpoint. And lets remember; it is workers of the World unite and an injury to one is an injury to all. So even if a trade deal “brings jobs back home” (it either won’t, or the jobs will be minimum-wage-no benefits) such agreements are not acceptable if they punish workers elsewhere. Solidarity.

They have little choice but to spin it this way. After all, Trump was supposed to be the instant apocalypse. Yet on day lousy one he already did more for workers than Clinton would’ve done in 8 miserable years.

But to admit that and just be grateful would prove pretty embarrassing after all the hysteria.



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Trump would have supported the TPP if the electorate had supported it, as would have numerous other candidates. But I’ll give the devil his due. He has now fulfilled one campaign promise. Let’s talk about draining the swamp…


Thanks for what? It was acting as a counterweight to a Chinese domination with critical labor and environmental regulations. What has this great “movement” achieved? Keeps Chinese coal pollution power?

Miss Fulton is a naive “useful idiot” thinking Trump did not have any alternative reasons. I am sure quite soon we will see some of Trumps investments as the real reason behind it.

Uh… Trump DELETED TPP on day one. And Clinton was pro-TPP and so was her VP.

This is not objective reporting. It was Trump that removed TPP.

What a pointless article attempting to smear Trump and create a false reality.


Missing the point. TPP was meant to weaken Chinas influnce in the area. This is a big gift to them. Of course trump is heavily in debt to China and the BOC. Its not just Russia he owes money to.

TISA closely resembles the never enacted Doha round of the WTO which covered services. They replaced it with TISA which, as you say, has been hovering in the wings for some time, happily watching all the deflection of attention onto TTP and TTIP. The TISA leak was several years back and yet, from some of the comments here, seems some people missed it.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” - Thomas Jefferson. That means in all directions, all the time and it is not easy to do.

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