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The TPP Will Finish What Chile’s Dictatorship Started


The TPP Will Finish What Chile’s Dictatorship Started

Greg Grandin

This September 11th will be the forty-second anniversary of the US-backed coup against the democratically-elected Chilean government, led by the Socialist Salvador Allende, kicking off a battle that is still being fought: in Chile, protests led by students, indigenous peoples, and workers to rollback the “neoliberalization,” or Pinochetization, of society, are a continuing part of everyday life.


I try to be a pacifist, and am far too late to the game, but Milton Friedman and a cactus...


The TPP is a vicious piece of work. Dark, devious and clandestine. Here a synopsis from Public Citizen:

"The TPP would expand the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) "trade" pact model that has spurred massive U.S. trade deficits and job loss, downward pressure on wages, unprecedented levels of inequality and new floods of agricultural imports. The TPP not only replicates, but expands NAFTA's special protections for firms that offshore U.S. jobs. And U.S. TPP negotiators literally used the 2011 Korea FTA – under which exports have fallen and trade deficits have surged – as the template for the TPP.

In one fell swoop, this secretive deal could:

offshore American jobs and increase income inequality,
jack up the cost of medicines,
sneak in SOPA-like threats to Internet freedom,
empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards,
expose the U.S. to unsafe food and products,
roll back Wall Street reforms,
ban Buy American policies needed to create green jobs,
and undermine human rights."


I just finished reading Isabelle Allende's My Invented Country about Chile, her uncle and the pain that coursed through Chile during those years. Also, this piece on Neruda on the Daily Beast, In Chile Poetry Outlives the Dictators http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/10/27/in-chile-poetry-outlives-the-dictators.html

That's how I like to envision these brutal beasts that prey upon Latin America boosted by our deviant and misguided leadership here, as being outlived by the very beauty and strength and creativity of their people. The TPP and it's dark ways deserves our closest scrutiny and our highest form of rejection.


Yes we should all take a moment in memory of the most dreadful 9/11, the one that reverberated for decades in Latin America and killed untold tens of thousands and tortured untold hundreds of thousands and stole untold billions from working people.


Thanks for mentioning the master of austerity dead uncle milton freidman.


Powerful and right-on analysis, Mr. Grandin. This is especially profound:

"As others have pointed out, the TPP isn’t really about trade. Rather, it’s a supra-national regulatory straitjacket that institutionalizes Allende’s 1972 warning. Among other things, the TPP has the effect of hiving Brazil and Argentina off from Latin America’s Pacific Rim countries. South America’s governing left is weakened and defensive, and the vitality with which Lula, Chávez, and Kirchner pushed back on any number of US initiatives—war on Iraq, trade, intellectual property, and so on—is dissipated."

I would add that Naomi Klein's book, "The Shock Doctrine" shows how Pinochet was one of the first test cases of implementing the policies of engineered Austerity. It was largely in response to Pinochet that so much of South America began to veer Left. So the "divide and conquer" implications of TPP make lots of sense to those despotic global corporations that intend to take it all!

You've gracefully connected the most significant dots. And it is a fitting memorial, indeed to that "other" 911:

"This September 11th, as the Obama administration makes its final push for the TPP, it’s worth taking a moment to realize why all those people in Chile—and in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, and throughout Latin America—died and were tortured: to protect the “future profits” of multinational corporations."


A relevant recent poem about Allende entitled September 11 over at New Verse News today.


This a succinct and well-written article that lays out the neoliberal agenda and its history in an easily readable, short piece. If you are trying to explain to others who do not follow the news what is going on, this is the article to hand them. Thank you Greg Grandin for this. Spread the article widely.


As I've said before, the Toilet Paper Plan and its Atlantic clone, are designed to wipe us all out.
* I also note that the fervor expressed against its ratification has either died out, or been deflected by other global and local issues.
* Be very careful, world, or you will find it quietly ratified behind your back. You probably won't know until you read the headlines, or perhaps until you realize that a Corexit plant is going to be built in your neighborhood, and that you are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for protesting this, as that may possibly interfere with future profits.


Let's stop calling the powers-that-be "neo-liberals." One of the textbook definitions of fascism is corporate control over the state. That is what we have. Here's how it works: http://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html


So many bad things on so many fronts with the TPP and NO good things, unless you are the corporate elite.


Red chili pepper?