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The TPP's Climate Blindspot


The TPP's Climate Blindspot

Ben Lilliston

Free trade deals, and in particular the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), have taken a beating this election season. Most of the noise on trade from Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has focused on the loss of jobs linked to the offshoring. Much less attention has been paid to the serious impact the TPP and past trade agreements will have on our ability to respond to climate change.


To call disregard for the environment/climate a "Blindspot" implies that it is there but the driver is inadvertently not seeing it.

Those driving TPP, TTIP and TISA crafted them behind closed doors, not to overlook some "blindspot", but to hide the health/safety/environmental/climate travesties behind the curtain.


Mr. Lilliston has raised important points about what these disgusting treaties will mean to remaining rain forests and pristine natural sanctuaries.

One thing missing is how they negate any premise of Democracy.

After all, if trade disputes can be satisfied within tribunals whose only priority is protecting corporate profit, the People's interests and well-being are already condemned... as are all ecosystems. Together, they comprise the biosphere that all living beings depend upon.

These treaties represent a WAR on nature.


The use of the term "trade deal" has to end. These are not trade deals that encourage business competition and market responsiveness. They are "monopoly deals" that remove competition, regulations and democratically determined restraints on these monopolies. Monopoly deals are fundamentally antidemocratic and a threat to environmental stewardship. So stop calling them trade deals. Trade implies reciprocity between sovereign representative governments. This is nothing of the sort.