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The Trade Creature Walks Among Us!


The Trade Creature Walks Among Us!

Michael Winship

Die, monster, die! Every time you think that beast called the Trans-Pacific Partnership — TPP for short — is finished, it comes back like a bad penny; or in this case, trillions and trillions and trillions of bad pennies.


You could even go to jail for divulging its contents.

How is that even legal in a "democracy"?

And this: "...The Washington Post and found that their comments “suggest that secrecy has little impact on helping the U.S. get a better deal. Instead, it helps insulate the government from interest-group pressure, whether from business on the left or environmental and labor groups on the left."

Not so. Businesses (corporations) have been writing it. Unless you mean small, progressive businesses.


Noting the quote from Hillary Clinton, I find a disturbingly blatant toying with cognitive dissonance presented as 'comedy' . The "high bar" is dismissed as double entendre - to what end? The focus on the discourse of a candidate, actual history, and context is scorned through the trope of an all wise dispenser-of-inebriation-for-hire, talking to 'herself' in a narcissistic image of control of escapist response to the terms chosen by the political candidate.


"How is that even legal in a democracy ?"

Answer: As Ron Kirk (Obama's trade negotiator 2009-13) told NPR earlier this week: "transparency is in the eyes of the beholder".


Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.
Matt Taibbi


Hillary's comments remind me of that Mark Twain quote about untruths with an update, "Lies, damned lies, statistics, and campaign promises." In this instance, Hillary, seriously threatened by the Bernie Sanders groundswell, has upped the ante and entered "win-at-any-costs" mode, ripping a page from Obama's textbook, "Promise anything, then once in office do what your corporate paymasters have paid you to do..."
The Obama's of the planet, DINOs, not to mention world-class orators, have made cynics of us all. That said, Hillary, explain in detail, chapter and verse what in the TPP led to your "epiphany." And why, and how you will do your damnedest to make sure its worst aspects never see the light of day.
Be well.


"even Hillary Clinton, although she was an advocate when she was secretary of state. “As of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it,” she told the PBS Newshour’s Judy Woodruff on Wednesday,“…I don’t believe it’s going to meet the high bar I have set.”

Any person that would believe one word this "thing" has to say is A sucker of A mental midget, with the IQ of A fence post- Why do people even bother printing what Hillary says -She only believes in Her own Bank Account and how to fatten it up....


Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

And then we have their TOOLS- "The Federal Reserve" and "Council on Foreign Relations".....


JFK was murdered in A well planned, carefully executed but near bungled triangulated crossfire right on the streets of America and nobody raised any meaningful protest to the obvious Government conspiracy and cover-up- Many, many other good Men, our very finest leaders have also been conveniently murdered, and not enough cared-

They shoved A scam of A "Free Trade Agreement" down our throats that put several thousands of American Factories and several Million workers out of their homes and jobs, and not enough cared...

A Presidential election was held- The vote was too close for A Crooked Dynasty member to win, so our Constitution was put on hold, the vote count was stopped and 5 SCOTUS crooks, mostly previously appointed by that Dynasty and their Party, selected who our President would be- The opponent was so afraid of this crooked Dynasty barely A wimper was heard- 4 years later there was also A questionable outcome in electing that same famously corrupt and ignorant man that led us into HELL- The outrage was mostly hidden from the people because previous Presidents had made sure that all we saw or heard in the news would be carefully monitored by CIA for our best interests- Our 4th Estate had vanished in thin air, carefully dismantled by A succession of Presidents with an agenda other than the Great Man slaughtered in Dallas-

9-11 came off as obviously carefully orchestrated and planned, people watched the bombs go off, LIVE WITNESSES and the Bldgs. EXPLODED and all but the most ignorant well knew it HAD to be A Govt. black ops. cover-up- Millions watched the Buildings explode but believed what they were falsely told to believe, not what their eyes saw on that day- And so far, the laughable hoax story still stands- Oh well, let bygones be bygones, cognitive dissonance will fill in all the holes....

The resultant Wars, FALSE Wars have broken our Treasury- with these criminal Wars on the Muslim World, millions of innocents dead, which is still going on, and not enough really seem to care....Congress, the War Department, Pentagon etc. tell us the Wars will be perpetual from now on! Nobody raised A finger, not enough really seem to care-

They have converted our military into A "privatized" attack dog, but nobody or not enough really seemed to notice or care, even though this attack Dog is A Private Army which could be unleashed on our Country at any time- Oh well...

They have captured, tortured, murdered and created prison black sites throughout the world and turned our Country into A despised target of hatred and contempt, and deceptively labeled this "justice and Democracy"- And it goes on and on, but nothing is done about it- The "Rule of Law" has become so riddled with holes Justice has lost her way- But no-one seems to really notice or for that matter care-

They have unjustly incarcerated millions of people of color and employed sick monster police to shoot and kill innocent people of color- Where are the throngs of Americans standing against this outrage?

They have taken away many of our Constitutional Freedoms and are staged for turn key marshal law, with camps in tow, but not enough take this seriously, not enough even care...They monitor and record all phone calls, have facial recognition technology deployed, read your car licence plates, monitor and follow all of your movements- and it is getting worse, as Michael Hastings would tell you were he still around- He's been all but forgotten, because not enough care...
When they bust into your home, after taking away your self protection, and put that black bag over your head, you may then care-But, it will be too late, because no one did anything, they just didn't care....Or, maybe those automated, high tech, artificial intelligence, killing machine robots will be in full swing by then to give you something else to worry about-

55 cents on the tax dollar, mostly the people's tax dollar is spent on all of this "National Security" LIE, while 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry in the richest Nation on Earth, but not enough seem to care- Arms Merchants get fabulously wealthy while many freeze and starve, but no-one seems to notice or care....

The Banksters literally raped our economy right before our very eyes and we were made to bail them out, millions went homeless, and Wall Street just keeps playing monopoly with their fiat funny money and Banksters and Politicians are just laughing al the way to the Bank- indeed, not one of them was even prosecuted, "Lets not look back"!!! they now know they can put anything, ANYTHING over on the American people, because NOT ENOUGH people remember, notice or care...

Our Oceans, Forests and very Atmosphere are on the brink of collapse- The poles are melting and giving up their poison methane along with the Ocean, but we just keep right on going like there is no tommorrow, and guess what, there won't be- But not enough are doing anything about it- It's probably too late anyway, so why even care?
What Democracy?????
(polarbear4-This post is in no way directed at you, or meant to insult you, I am just blowing off steam-)


Yes, Stubones49, everything you have written (and I appreciate more than I can say) is the horrible effing truth.


I agree with your diagnosis apart from the above "conclusion"... Ironically, after penning a post that depicts a covert coup-like govt. that now operates AS the actual govt. and that this entity has the capacity to command the armed forces, controls the narratives heard across media, demonizes any of its opponents when not assassinating them (add Dr. King, Paul Wellstone, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, and LOTS of others to the list), and uses the power of fear to hypnotize many... turning that around into a frame that insists that people do not care is disingenuous.

Many are hiding out like the Jew in Germany.

And many ARE speaking out. There have been anti-war protests and protests for everything ranging from Fracking to closing public schools.

Is it your view that the Indigenous tribes are GUILTY for not having had the requisite weaponry to ward off the New World Conquistadors? So long as uber-fire power is available to a sect that is willing (as in free of conscience) to use these deadly weapons, innocent, decent, peaceful, law-abiding citizens do not have much of a chance.

Knowledge of evil does not in and of itself connote holding the tools to STOP evil. This is the thing that astounds me in this forum... that so many take the evil that comes from specific agents and turns it around into being the fault of those imprisoned, over-powered, lied to, threatened, made fearful, or just using all their energy to survive and feed their families.

Just as I find it a bit too curious that so many who make C.D. their daily comment arena attack most of the people working hardest for change.

Theses stances are veiled apologias to Dark Powers.


We live in a war zone, and we are drugged by the toxic biology of our culture. The ads for toxic medicine on tv are good examples: the truth is hiding in plain sight. They might kill you, but trust us, you can take them anyway. The trade deal the same. Donald Trump, clearly a liar and a fool, is presented as a courageous truth teller; flawed but effective. The lamp is still lit but the seeker of an honest man in public places, Diogenes, is blind.

But what about Bernie?


So the two leading democrat candidates for president are against TPP-and it is clear this agreement tramples all over sovereign rights-something republicans scream about all the time-so it should go down in defeat-I fear the fix is in-but lets see if it is even mentioned in the up coming democratic debate. Its clear the corporate medias goal is to not discuss TPP.-I think this is part why Hillary said "at this time I can't support it"- to make it a non-issue before the voters. Bernie Sanders has said that he will fight it in the Senate. The question for Hillary in the debate,will she be telling her supporters in congress to vote down TPP?---There is also some interesting campaigns on the democratic side for congress that is not reported on-these are primary races and establishment candidates being challenged.


That works.
As long as the beholder is blind.


Actually, socrates, I'd suggest it's no longer as Mark Twain quipped. In this modern age, I reckon it's more a case of lies, brand lies and heuristics.


Generally correct on most points, though with doubts on the proposition about World Trade Center towers exploding from within (the airliners were flying, fuel-filled bombs, in themselves) and the point about "They monitor and record... have facial recognition... read your car licence (sic) plates, monitor and follow all of your movements."

Yes, Michael Hastings does appear to have died by a car bomb, and LAPD still does not want to investigate. But NSA, as a massive waste of even its Utah resources, could not efficiently watch our "every move", even if it would. There are more intelligent methods. Most of us realized, back in 2006 with Mark Klein's revelation of an AT&T San Francisco-based data shunt, that our national digital communications can be watched and filtered, so that means only "virtually" all of us can expect to be monitored.

My comment to this seeming litany of despair is we have faced such odds before, and surmounted them-- and not only once, but usually. Likewise, perspective and context remain important-- some parts of the developing electronic apparatus remain benign, and are part of a modern, fully-digitized environment. All that said, but granting there can be exceptions, and a slow-onset crisis can find us unprepared.

Although our inbox of challenges is full, we should be encouraged beyond measure that more people in more places are awake and aware of the gravity of the situation. We are driven, if that word applies, by realization "if we do not act, who will?" And that is why keeping channels open-- or, better, multiplying them-- is our way forward, up and out of this crisis of civic order and purpose. The hardest lesson for Americans is necessity of persistent effort, with the community (commonwealth) our highest priority-- an investment which always yields vast and rich returns.


Speaking of multiplying channels of hope and constructive change...
It comes as no surprise the fall fundraising campaign of Common Dreams is off to a slow start-- look at the bar graph.
How many are still asleep? How many take this enterprise for granted?
Regret after discovery a priceless asset has disappeared through neglect will not bring it back.


Anyone who has read Matt Taibbi's expose on Mitt RMoney (Rolling Stone, "Greed and Debt-- The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital", August 29, 2012) is not surprised by the tendency of criminals to rig anything within reach and to conspire with mad abandon. Whether viewed as an ethical "mistake" or a genetic flaw, we must address criminality among us before it manifests as criminal act (and permissive attitude).


I have become A great skeptic of Presidents and Presidential elections- I read from "Tragedy and Hope" that the Council on Foreign Relations actually decides who our President will be- And you know what-I believe it-
Our Country/Government/Military is being used for the expansion of Empire and this "One World Order" that keeps popping up with every War, arrest and assassination- This is NOT what the average American wants in this alleged Democracy-
Sure Bernie Looks like the only game in town but this is not what our Founders intended it to be- Lincoln wasn't A wealthy man but was elected because of the kind of man he was-
Bernie has A good background and out of all the rest I will hitch my wagon to his star in hopes that he will do all that he says-
But, after reading "JFK and the Unspeakable" by James Douglas, which I highly suggest you read if you haven't already, any one in that office has A very vile National Security Apparatus to deal with- And that all goes back to the CFR....Thanks for the civil reply to my post-


Without the intent of insult, I really think you need to view some of the films on those Blgs. EXPLODING- I would suggest that your cognitive dissonance has overtaken your common sense- I have been around enough to know that diesel fuel does NOT pulverize concrete and melt steel- This is A fact and you should make your judgements on real science and not what Michael Chertoff's cousin of Popular Mechanics has lied about for that joke of A Commission- There is A specimen in the museum there called "the asteroid" and it is A big ball of molten cement and iron- Explain to me how this could be formed, where temperatures equal to that of the earths core had to have been present- There are so many thousands of pieces of evidence that make that "Commission/Inquiry" obscenely laughable that I have not the time or desire to educate you on-
I do like the attitude of the rest of your post though and am in total agreement with what you say below:

Thank you for your respectful reply-