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The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic


The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

Ellen Brown

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government." —Article IV, Section 4, US Constitution

A republican form of government is one in which power resides in elected officials representing the citizens, and government leaders exercise power according to the rule of law. In The Federalist Papers, James Madison defined a republic as “a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people . . . .”


Brown writes: “That means that TPP is blatantly unconstitutional. But as Joe Firestone observes, neo-liberalism and corporate contributions seem to have blinded the deal’s proponents so much that they cannot see they are selling out the sovereignty of the United States to foreign and multinational corporations.”

Exactly!! And I would like to know from someone more schooled in constitutional law than I am why this is or is not “treason.” It certainly appears to me to be exactly what Jim Hightower called it: “a corporate coupe d’etat.”


I would echo your question- ‘why is TTP not treasonous?’… I have yet to hear a clear and direct answer anywhere …


Ditto state laws that regulate gun sales. If I am an arms merchant and you don’t let me sell arms 24/7 at every big box, supermarket, convenience store and gas station in your state, you are impacting my expected profits.


Who might we all know who is a constitutional lawyer?


It’s only Treason if The Attorney General and Supreme Court are not bought or in favor of corporate tyranny propped up as a modern industrial Republic. In other words, unless those in empowered positions are willing to hold Power to account, no muscle is in place to enforce law.

One could apply this same question to why it is that the same banks that pushed to negate Glass-Steagall (although its necessity goes back to The Great Depression, i.e. there is precedent for this law being upheld) and essentially imploded the Honest Economy got bailed out with only a token “bad apple” sent to jail. Taxpayers were FORCED to pick up the tab.

Similarly, the corporate media went to work manufacturing false cases for war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Yemen and potentially other lands and the evidence used has been exposed for its fraud. Again, no one is held to account.

Torture practices went up and down the political “food” chain with no one but a token low level operator held to account.

THIS is the way things are now done and it’s reminiscent of two things: 1. How organized crime operates 2. How Totalitarian States operate.

In neither model do those doing the murders typically account for their actions. However, in the long (life to life as continuum) run, the law of karma WILL hold them to account. Our system has been compromised and co-opted by Deep State coup-style operators. They keep the illusion of Democracy in place when not using prolifically disseminated anti-depressant drugs along with a hypnotic media to keep the masses quiescent.

Of course, if the masses do act up, all those weapons sent home from foreign wars will be useful in retaining “order.” Just ask the Black community how all that “justice” works.


They don’t care about the citizens any longer. It is all about profits and yes, they are too myoptic to see it WILL affect them. The citizenry must comprehend the fact that they have been sold out then perhaps we can start the revolt, whatever it might look like.


Love ya Ellen. Your nailed it again. Preempt the Robin Hood tax. More proof Obama is a no good bankster. Secret courts, secret laws. Revolution? If not now, not ever.




The Republic was born prematurely with a weak heart and cancers everywhere. It never recovered, had gotten noticeably sicker in the latter days of the 20th century and was finally killed in late 2001. COD: heart failure due to being scared to death. It’s rotting corpse remains covering the robotic pseudo life form that’s taken its place and bizarrely, most people don’t seem to know the difference. All the acts since its death that people have mistaken for weakening what is really just putrid and drying flesh have really just been the peeling away of layers of the deceased body. Eventually some violent reaction or upheaval of the machine will cause it to be fully revealed when the corpse falls away.

Many embryonic democracies still exist–in worker-owned businesses, co-ops, non-profits, healthy families and communities–and could be nurtured into birth and long life but by the time most people are aware that the republic died years ago, those embryos will have been aborted.

Ironically, (if there were such a thing as irony) this will have been done partly by appealing to unconscious infantile fears in people by raising the specter of abortion and loss of freedom. (interpreted narrowly as only license for rich white people)


Yes, the evil that prevented wars would do to the bottom line: This is a good start in anticipating the grotesque rulings from lustful capitalist tribunals upon passage of the TPP. Who needs leaked transcripts from secret meetings when we have only to imagine the “reasoning” of corporate sociopaths, once freed from the last constraints?

I’ll go second: Under the TPP, transnational corporations could sue nation-states for blocking their complete enslavement of a population’s workforce, so necessary if companies are to realize their utmost profitability . . . .


There’s one more thing about the TPP that people are overlooking. The rule of law in Anglo-Saxon countries is ensured by the existence of an independent judiciary. Commercial cases are adjudicated by judges drawn from a pool of highly trained and professionally certified members of the legal profession. In most cases, they are not easily corrupted.

The adjudication system that the TPP establishes is quite another matter. There are no controls in the legislation on the makeup of the adjudication panels. There’s no requirement that the adjudicators even be lawyers. They can as easily be nothing more than businesspeople.

As they will have no professional designation or authority above them, they will be easily bribed. This is the system China keeps to this day: a commercial judiciary whose decisions are easily controlled by the highest bidder.

There was a time it seemed like teaching China the fundamentals of an honest, independent commercial justice system was a logical step in the progress of China to a fully modern economy.

Now, it seems, instead of them adopting our system, we are going to adopt theirs.