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The Trans Pacific Trade Deal Stumbled. Now Is the Time to Walk Away


The Trans Pacific Trade Deal Stumbled. Now Is the Time to Walk Away

Sam Cossar-Gilbert

After more than five years of negotiations, trade ministers meeting last week failed again to reach an agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secret trade agreement between 12 countries in the Pacific that make up 40% of the global economy.

This is a major opportunity for governments to now walk away entirely from this trojan horse deal that is bad for people and for the planet.


This is a reprieve for those of us who are fighting to stop the loss of our democracy and a multitude of other things. So now we reload, write more letter, pass out more flyers to educate the unaware masses, send emails, sign petitions, tweet and hope we can reach some members of Congress so we can stop this treaty completely. Come join our fight. CWA, Communication Works of America, has some great flyers at its site.
I am sure there are other. This Wednesday Flush the TPP has a conference call. Come join that.


Very against the TPP. Go with the environment always because money is not going to reverse climate change unless it is used to create more clean energy and public transportation. Flush the tpp down the toilet where it belongs.


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
The mafia consortium of governments for hire
and global corporations has more tricks up its sleeve.
The current document needs to be leaked to the public
to throw some gasoline on the fire.