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The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam


The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam

Jim Hightower

Last spring, President Barack Obama got downright crabby about people criticizing the mammoth Trans-Pacific Partnership he’s trying to sell to Congress and the public.

More and more Americans are learning that the TPP would undermine America’s very sovereignty, giving multinational corporations direct access to secretive tribunals that could roll back any consumer, labor, or environmental laws that global corporate giants don’t like.


In order to transition to a new world, people need to be both resistant and resilient. People need to both push back and stop the trends of corporate control and anti-democracy while building resilience and creating justice and equity in their local communities.

Stopping the TPP (and other global trade deals like the TTIP and TISA) is probably the most important place for resistance, given that it impacts nearly every economic, social, and environmental issues out there.


"Or — dare we say it? — perhaps he’s lying."

Of course he's lying -- you know how we know that? How can you tell when a politician is lying? --- His lips are moving.

Obama has told so many truly heinous lies that he really should be removed from office for the crimes he has committed against this country, and 'We the Peons' need to do this to set an example for the presidents that follow.


Thanks to Jim Hightower for this gift to the American people today.

The enormity of the deception, the corruption/collusion between our government of elected/selected representatives & Prez is so blatant and corrupt it's difficult for average citizens to grasp, especially when ill-educated, ill-informed, diverted from critical truths daily, and consistantly lied-to! YES, we dare say it: our so-called leaders, including President Obama, are by and large pathological liars/deceivers, and must be so to manipulate the people and serve their 1% corporate/banker/financial-parasite masters - the uber-wealthy and powerful.

The TPP scam is pushed by Obama, supported by RepubliCons, written and negotiated in secret by corporate lobbyists and principles (while advocates were excluded) - The TPP is designed to cement corporate domination, vulture capitalism, and profits above all as sacrosanct.

We hear precious-little in opposition except from the few who still possess a functional moral compass, the integrity and courage to speak-out against this Trojan Horse as they try to bypass the propaganda machine our press, the Fourth Estate, has become, and get the message of truth out to the people. WE must expand our pressure for all reps who will hear, to abandon this scam as a clear and present danger to our national sovereignty among so much else!

FLUSH THE TPP! Flush the liars!



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Love that "downright crabby" line. He does get downright crabby I notice like a lot of petty tyrants when you don't buy their BS hook line and sinker.

As to Mr. Magna cum laude from Harvard not getting the TPP implications..........? I have a hard time with that. Sell out feels more like what's going on. And what a sell out it is.

My question is, how do these high profile shmucks live with themselves.


Anybody who has followed the Clintons and Obamas, blow by blow, knows that they are some of the most intelligent, albeit devious, people on the planet, so none of them has EVER been misinformed. They are just following the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) playbook drafted when the DLC was formed in 1985 with its mantra being GET MORE CORPORATE CASH THAN THE GOP.

Follow the money. TTP, TTIP and TISA will pay more dividends to the Clintons, Obamas and other corporate Democrats than all of Clinton's financial industry decriminalization and Obamacare combined have.


Obama was trained in triangulation by the best, B Clinton


The most correct term describing Obama's actions concerning TPP, TTIP and TISA is TREASON!


Sorry Jim Hightower, Obama lost any presidential credibility a long time ago. It will not be until millions are in the street beating our pots and pans in a define roar, as Mollie suggested prior to her death, we get our system of government back on track as our Dec of Independence and Constitution provide the moral and legal ability to do. We must end the too long running puppet show being orchestrated by Obama who is eagerly awaiting his pay off from the oligarchs.


We really need public campaign financing to get some representation. TPP allows the corporations to write the general rules for local sales, and it's legal because our representatives renege on their responsibility to legislate. It does some good to complain, but it doesn't correct the mis-representation very much. Only campaign finance reglations will do that to repeat the obvious.


I see the selling of our sovereignty as an act of treason. Anyone willing to sign onto this scam should be jailed for undermining the sovereignty of this nation. I'm so sick of this new way of saying anything but the truth. It's treasonous, not just a bad trade deal. Corporations will own the right to force us to change our laws. Under our constitution and the very foundation of our democracy we are charged to debate and create laws for the people. If we can no longer do that freely we have lost our country. Welcome to the new world order. Rule the world through the WTO and each country's economy. They win and not even one shot fired.
People need to wake up now and pound your representatives to abandon this treasonous president and this coup. (This will probably get me on a list somewhere.)


The other day gasbag Chris Mathews of MSNBC was celebrating the virtues and victories under Obama. Mathews had the audacity to mention the TPP if its approved Ed Schultz of MSNBC was fired recently for telling the truth how wrong the TPP is Schultz is just a long line of journalists fired by MSNBC for telling the truth. ie Phil Doanahue when he was against going into Iraq .


The corporate coup coming to a government near you!

The New World Corporate Order. Whenever you hear New World Order think instead >>> New World Corporate Order because that is the truth.

People spout this Illuminati and who knows what else conspiracy stuff but here it is right in front of their noses and they don't see it. Corporations giving themselves sovereignty over governments. What conspiracy theory even comes close to that reality?

This is real legislation and not some conspiracy theory. Actual not theoretical!

A list somewhere? Lol that's a quaintly old fashioned way of looking at it. So who does the data mining that tracks everything that we do and who we talk to and even what we say in our e-mails? Who?

Corporations do that's who!!! A list? We are all on the list. They are just checking off the various categories. Troublemaker...lol ... what else?
Asks too many questions.
Reads too much.
Visits anti oligarchy sites.

Shall I go on? Data mining tells you who is gaining serious power over people's lives in the future. Our grandchildren will have no real conception of what it was like to be free.

It seems that Big Brother will actually turn out to be Big Brother's Boss.

Corporate Big Brother ... world wide!