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The Transformative Power of Climate Truth


The Transformative Power of Climate Truth

Margaret Klein

The Climate Mobilization launched seven months ago, when we began spreading the Pledge to Mobilize at the People’s Climate March in New York City. Our mission is to initiate a WWII-scale mobilization that protects civilization and the natural world from climate catastrophe. Climate truth is central to this mission.


Too bad, but we have already moved beyond the point of no return on climate, so nothing mankind can do will change the eventual outcome. Nobody wants to admit this, though. Fragile humanity…too bad we didn’t wake up in time. Spend your time wisely now.


I wish I wasn’t one of those cynical people who think we are “fucked” and don’t know what to
do about it, but I am one of those. The big problem is that our “owners” to use George Carlin’s term,
don’t want to admit global warming (note: not “climate change”) because realization of this unpleasant fact
would undermine their power over us. They own the media and will not allow honest discussion of
global warming as a settled fact. I’m a retired engineer, and my assessment of the situation from an
engineering standpoint is that it is too late anyway. Methane clathrates are releasing gas at accelerating rates
and I think the system feedback is going to push us to several degrees of warming at least. Climate models
given this much warming are catastrophic. But even at this late stage the propaganda organs of the Powers
That Be are diverting and distracting us from action about, or even knowledge of, global warming.


Read the article again, it talks about people like you. Defeatism, is it all you can come up with?


I wanted to leave replies to all of the comments, but that is not possible in this platform, so I’ll have to generalize:
SHAME ON most self appointed PROGRESSIVES! ! ! What is happening, for XXXX sake!
The article is proposing smth that makes sense, while touching on some of the causes of inaction, and most comments illustrate precisely those. I think Climatic Truth would had been a more fitting and descriptive term, for those obsessed with semantics, but get the picture, she is talking about dealing with reality. The changes of attitude she is proposing ought to happen, she is right about the urgency and the timing. For those who say it’s too late, the answer is, no, sorry, you’re gonna have to get off your behind and do smth. Time is now, here and loud.


If my son were to be drafted for something constructive, that on top might be quite the learning experience… I’d rather have him do that than being drafted to go to school and waste his time, and waste this golden --and very last-- opportunity to address this situation. So what are you dodging draft or responsibility?


um, all those things you mentioned… electric cars, renewables, battery tech… all that was well and good, maybe decades ago… but, now… with population growth what it is… and at the same time… extra people wanting all those things too… well…and I do not get how people keep thinking we will have all those “nice, carbon free”… technofixes… without any use of fossil fuels… and then therefore some co2/greenhouse gas production …what will you make tires with?.. and the lithium for billions of batteries?.. I mean… it all just extends an extractive economy… do not distract from my points with the usual, " hey it’s better than a full on fossil fuels economy"… aahhhh, well, if you say it will probably be a slow build/scale up then, it won’t really do much of anything to reduce emissions… THE EARTH IS ALREADY SPEWING “EMISSIONS”… so, if do a “slow, easing of emissions reductions”… how to hell would that do anything… what ever bit we think we are saving… the earth is noW making it moot…
THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION… IS A VERY LOW TECH ECONOMY, ORGANIC, SUBSISTANCE TYPE FARMING, NO AGRIBUSINESS, and no frivolous production of anything… or frivolous activities…
Does that sound doable?.. ha!! not really… bECAUSE WE ARE ALL SO STUCK IN THIS MONEY ECONOMY… AND WE ARE SPOILED… again… we have lost the Amazon as a carbon sink… how’s that for progress… get it though our heads… there should not be any cars to jump into to drive to you job, no cars of any kind… THEY ALL HAVE A CARBON FOOT PRINT… and that is just a start…