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The Traumatizing Terror of Trump's Debate Performance: We Just Witnessed an Assault on Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/30/traumatizing-terror-trumps-debate-performance-we-just-witnessed-assault-democracy

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Last night’s debate served the only purpose it could possibly have served. It laid bare the unhinged ravings of a lunatic president and clearly demonstrated the calm, milquetoast normalcy of Biden. Biden should announce that he is DONE, there really is nothing more to be gained from more of these sh_tshows. Only the possibility of giving Trump an opportunity at damage control.

Instead, the press should hold debates of SUBSTANCE between Green Party, Democratic Socialist, and Libertarian candidates and other third parties to explain WHY limiting the U.S. electorate to two versions of one viewpoint is LESS democratic than elections in Russia or Cuba. Another debate could offer party policy wonks who actually debated POLICY. Subjecting the voting public to more screaming matches from inside the closed U.S. political echo chamber is damaging on so many levels. There really is NO REASON for any of us to have to go through it.


The last time we saw anything resembling an actual debate was Ross Perot’s substantial performance in 1992. After that, the corporations realized they needed to silence third parties and bolster bribes to the Dimcritters.

Starting with the SCOTUS installing the Dubya Regime in 2000, the past two decades have seen serial “assault on democracy” to the extent that few characteristics of democracy exist in the US. Trump is simply the current assaulter-in-chief.


I watched that last night, and I was appalled as anyone. I won’t see another of those.

“If we’re going to make it through two more of these, we’re going to have to adopt a survivor’s mentality, be on our guard and brace ourselves for a slightly different version of the same kind of vitriol.”

Maybe this author should consult the 38 million displaced people from the late wars in which the US has engaged in (regardless who the president was), as they may know a thing or two about survivor mentality.

These debates have always been about veneer and not much substance, by the very nature and scarcity of them. This one did no more than hold a mirror into the society to see itself for what it is. This outrage at an uncivil and vulgar idiot, should perhaps better be directed to the conditions that have given him this post. And that includes plenty of contributions from Biden in the past half century.


Assault on Democracy
Where were the other candidates?

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Trump is the logical extension of the assault on democracy put forth since the end of WWII. The assault has included virtually all the 3rd world, the States and the Federal Government. Capitalisms Invisible Army has done far worse for far longer.


this is what America gets by keeping third parties and more out of the debates. Jill Stein was handcuffed to a chair when she showed up for a debate in 2016. The duopoly offers demented Joe, a party hack for 47 years of corporate toadying, or the Donald. At least Trump accomplished one thing, he kept the evil Hildebeast from swooping in on her broom.


That episode was nothing more or less than full-bore verbal abuse by a 70 year old brat who should have been placed in juvie, not sent to a military academy to learn even more about how to be a sociopath.
Listening to comments from his Base revealed a great deal of the evil lurking in the soul of our consumer culture. They lapped it up. It was a giant reality show knockdown. Now they’ll take to the streets and really let out their raging ids.
Has anyone else noticed people driving more aggressively in the past month or so? Especially the usual suspects, but more have souped up their run-of-the-mill family sedan to be lean and mean. I witnessed a classic rear-ender where the first driver was stopping for a red light but the perp wanted to keep going. Gave details for the police report. When asked if there had been assured clear distance, I had to prevent a snarky reply such as you couldn’t get a piece of paper between the two vehicles. Instead, I just said, “No”.


If there is another debate, hope not, it would be a very good idea to put a shock collar on the orange imbecile, with the voltage set extremely HIGH!

I seldom if ever watch the debates. Snippets and commentary maybe following the event. It’s nothing but political theater and policy choices and behaviors are clearly in view years before any debate occurs.

In a sound bite society, debates fit. But if a person is going to get the straight skinny on those running for office, again…their records and behavior are public record and now with the internet, you can view their comments any day of the week.

Basing one’s voting decisions on debate performance is foolishness. And why subject yourself in a world full of conflict and stress to more of the same.

Yes! And to confirm what I’d been noticing here in SW MO, KY3 the local station recently published a story with numbers documenting how traffic incidents and fatalities are up.

You can feel the off kilter energy out there.

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