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The Treason of the Ruling Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/02/treason-ruling-class


It’s the monolithic duopoly behaving as if only millionaires matter when faced with a really difficult challenge like a global pandemic. It’s way beyond George Floyd (say his name) now. Hedges totally gets it, imho.


AOC being the only House of Representatives Democrat to call foul on Pelosi’s complicity with Moscow Mitch on the CARES legislation confirms that we don’t just have a Trump problem, we don’t just have a GOP problem, we have a duopoly problem.


Hedges nails it as usual.

"The ruling elites no longer have legitimacy. They have destroyed our capitalist democracy and replaced it with a mafia state. What the Roman philosopher Cicero called a commonwealth, a res publica, a “public thing” or the “property of a people,” has been transformed into an instrument of naked pillage and repression on behalf of a global corporate oligarchy. We are serfs ruled by obscenely rich, omnipotent masters who loot the U.S. Treasury, pay little or no taxes and have perverted the judiciary, the media and the legislative branches of government to strip us of civil liberties and give them the freedom to commit financial fraud and theft".


What worries me (well, among other things) is that, if we do manage to have an election in November, the Democratic Party, having witnessed Trump and the republicans literally destroy most American institutions, will be under no obligation to offer up any meaningful solutions to our floundering and failing nation outside of empty platitudes and half assed calls for “stability.”
In short, the democrats will be able to do what they have done best ever since a bullet passed through JFKs head, the bare minimum. They will say sure, we’re a fascists nation now, but we democrats promise a kinder, gentler fascism.


Let’s be very clear here. The US was founded on slavery, black exploitation in the South with the cotton farms (and others) where they were murdered, tortured, raped (and had children by those White land owners), and in the North, child labor worked the factories alongside (often) their parents and siblings for chump change when they were paid. Washington owned slaves, had a black for a mistress he had children with. Forgive me for not being shocked and stunned that the beginning history delivered DT on a GD fake gold platter.All those decades of liberal progressive rage changed nothing. Suppression went on, lynching continued, cross burning thrived (still does), black suppression continued when the smoke cleared, and politics went back to normal.

Let me counts the ways (just the ones that mattered) in my life: Waco, Kent State, Watts, JFK murdered, Bobby Kennedy murdered, MLK murdered, Freedom Riders murdered and disappeared or burned alive–Pick one. I demanded change. We all did who marched and wanted real social change, but guess what? It never happened. Now we have Trump who is the perfect larger than life representative of it all. He is that USofA mosaic for all the world to see–The lies, the cons, the huckster bait and switch games…the Rich got richer as the hogs they all were/are, and we got poorer, and worse, dumbed down to the point of supposed to like it. Guess what?

What is occurring now was nothing compared to Watts or Kent State. Waco. That anger. That rage. This is the “New normal” is bullshit. Masks will fade into memory. Social distancing will be another memory–Watts was never rebuilt, did you know that? Of course you don’t. We weren’t silent as “They”: took away our rights and liberties. We marched and died. We fought their profiteer wars and came home, protested, were ignored, or pissed on and denigrated on MSM and the WH. We protested on ecology destruction and were designated “Eco-terrorists”. Same when it came to Big Agri, Monsanto/Bayer chemicals, and those GD cattle/sheep slaughtehouses. What happened? Well hell, it’s simple. THEY had the power, those morally bankrupt 1Percenters, and we had none. They laughed at us, still are. Gates,Zuckerman, a dozen others couldn’t care less what we want, demand, or need. Insurrection? Riots? The elite love those two code words for it grants them even more power to take the few (and i do mean FEW) freedoms and liberties left. Trump is their guy until is isn’t, and has gone too far. We aren’t even close to that. Guess what? Nothing is going to change even if these monsters do decide DT is long past his “sellby” date. The Dems will not save us, and don’t want to.


You cannot have any kind of democracy by flipping a corporate coin and electing head or tails.

Citizen United has made the illusion of representation completely transparent.

The Establishment neither is able, nor has any reason to change the current situation. No election is going to fix what’s so obviously wrong now. If elections could work, they’d be illegal at this stage. As it stands, they only seem to exist to rationalize some sort of legitimacy behind their actions. Don’t like it? Then vote!


I think JFK said it best:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

And look what it got him. He was a true hero for knowing the odds.


For years the Government of the United States of America used the power of deflection to cover up the Tyranny they were to impose on the people of the USA. This was a bipartisan effort happening whether it a Republican or Democratic administration.

They justified sanctions on Venezuela and on Iran and Russia and China claiming those Countries as tyrannies. They destroyed Libya and Syria claiming they were tyrannies. The supported Coups in Bolivia and The Honduras and in Haiti claiming they all tyrannies.

Wikileaks exposed some of the US Governments machinations and the US government seeks to have that organization destroyed and its leaders imprisoned. Snowden fled the Country when he exposed what was happening and he deemed a traitor and a “Russian Asset”.

The PNAC documents made it very clear that the group that wrote them wanted a new Pearl Harbor so that the US Empire could impose its will on people the world over , yet rather then a thorough investigation of what occurred , those that were behind that event were allowed to walk and the US Governments official version of men orchestrating this from caves in Afghanistan was accepted as fact.

Both parties collude in that fiasco and both supported those ever spreading wars of Empire in order to “Combat terrorism”. The people fell prey to the Patriotism of idiots looking always outwards for enemies when those enemies were in fact all native to the United States of America and were the ones running things.

Way back in the 60’s there were people clued in to what was happening. They were dismissed as “dirty hippies” and traitors. They were assassinated and imprisoned. Way back in 1917 people were clued into what was happening and they were bullied and imprisoned and beaten by hired thugs. They were massacred on picket lines and imprisoned for distributing fliers protesting WW1.

The treason of the ruling class was there from the birth of the nation. There never was a “democracy” as that group of 1 percenters never wanted one. They never HAD legitimacy as they never represented the people , only themselves.


Not sure what you meant by (just the ones that mattered) - they all matter. And Fred Hampton, Jr should be on your list. We could probably spend all day coming up with other names if we wanted to. Yes - the oligarchs supported by maybe a “silent majority” are willing to resort to any kind of violence to maintain their wealth and power.


Certainly everything said is true. How about another truth - the Golden Rule, as cited in Thomas Friedman’s NY Times recent article in the last 2 paragraphs? What if billions of people were to sign the Golden Rule petition on the Golden Rule Project website. Then people all over the world could cite the local numbers, national numbers, and let various people who govern and administer our lives that we want what is fair and equitable for all life on this planet. Do you all think that this would give strength to those groups and individuals who need it? It is a simple and peaceful way to add to the protests all around the world. Just a thinkin. Thank you, Bonnie Phillips

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Millions of Americans believe getting rid of Trump will solve all our problems. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening.
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” -
George Orwell


Still and all, it’s sorta hard to imagine it not getting even worse, more quickly (and it surely can) were the dictator to continue in office. Some of us think it’s an emergency to replace the current lunatic with anyone at all – even that brain-dead veep – at once. You don’t think it makes any difference whether or not His Pestilency ascends to president-for-death? I do.

Losing Orangeman would be step one, with nine hundred ninety-nine steps remaining.


Hi Emphyrio:
I keep expecting 1789 to happen. I wonder what the greedy powers think can happen if the People have no money to buy the goods of the greedy? What would be their purpose if the poor have no way to BUY? In a dystopian movie, or book----the serfs evolve into a faction of the French underground of WW 2.
The greedy are not taken down by crowds, but through---- as that book title read “a series of unfortunate events,”--------- events that do not show any connections to anything. Although, I suppose that the next generation of the greedy is growing up now----but as the saying goes, as to what is fair in amour and war---- war might end up being more important than caring about anything . And this might br happening in the midst of a pandemic. : (


One of the good things that emerged from the Watts Riots, was the Watts Writers Workshop. It was a creative project that blossomed into different venues and had national support, including Robert Kennedy.



The sclerosis of capitalism no longer wears a mask in public


Your comment commences “Hedges is wrong” – then proceeds to echo his sentiments exactly. Those are the points on which you and Hedges agree. What is Hedges supposed to be wrong about?

Maybe if you ever read Hedges, you’d know it’s hard to find untruths in his accounts or flaws in his logic. Should you find anything you actually disagree with, please let us know.


Chris never paints illusions…just the bitter truths.


When I listened to Justin Trudeau pause for 17 seconds when asked for his reaction to events in the US because he’s terrified of making Trump angry, I heard Neville Chamberlain bowing to a dictatorial Hitler. When world leaders have to pussyfoot around, fearing to make Trump angry, you wonder who’s really in charge. Who’s really giving said leaders their orders. Churchill would have eaten Trump for Elevenses.
The Elite have no loyalty. No love of country. No patriotism. All they have is self-interest, and will eat each other when the time comes. But they’re savvy enough to generate the above feelings in the 99% to prevent them from seeing who the real enemy is.


Hedges is rght. You are also, in several points. These things are interconnected.