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The Triumph of Monopoly Capitalism is Hurting American Workers’ Life Expectancy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/24/triumph-monopoly-capitalism-hurting-american-workers-life-expectancy


It not “monopoly” Capitalism that the issue here. It Capitalism itself. Capitalism was killing people even after anti-trust laws passed to break of the Monopolies.


Yes, John, as I wrote to the NYT OP-ED Columnist, Jennifer Senior: — although you write, “The only thing that’s authentic about him is his comic-book worldview, one divided between heroes and villains, us and them.“ — Trump, the nasty Chucky-doll puppet, can’t be dispatched to the unhallowed grounds of hell simply by denigrating him to where he certainly belongs.

To be both successful and honest with all of ‘we the American people’, the new ‘democracy party’ must be fully supportive of a truthful populist-progressive people’s peaceful Political/economic, social, & cultural “Revolution Against Empire” (and the Emperor Trump nightmare) until upwards of 95% of Americans who are virtually oppressed and looted slaves of this tiny minority of <1% ‘Ruling Elite’, UHNWIs, 0.03%ers, and self-appointed “Masters of the Universe” are forced through ‘Wealth Reform’, to disgorge their expropriated loot in exchange for a ‘membership card’ in our human and humane society.

“Membership has its privileges“ in our fast evolving global democracy — but Global Empire is the path to hell for Global Capitalist hoarders.

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Corporations are not people.

Money is not free speech.

Until these truths are codified into law you can write as many bills as you want… you will accomplish nothing.

Put the horse before the cart.


“Writing as many bills as you want” will indeed accomplish nothing. The first step to reverse the half century trend this article addresses is to restore all of FDR’s New Deal regulations.

“Behind every great fortune lies an equally great crime” was true during the era (1935-1985) when the New Deal regulated the financial sector. Recall that it was a rare day during the 20th century that newspapers didn’t have at least one article addressing “white collar crime” ?

Decriminalization of New Deal regulations started in 1978 and accelerated during Saint Ron’s regime in the name of “deregulation” to the extent that by the end of the 20th century “white collar crime” including most forms of fraud was no longer a crime and you would be hard pressed to find the term “white collar crime” in any 21st century media.


" the inevitable carping that tax reformers are motivated by envy"

If where we were, there was pizza for everybody but one glutton got in early and ate half so that others later had to go hungry, would the problem felt by the hungry be envy of the glutton, or be upset at at having to go hungry.?

This is a rich country with plenty of pizza for everybody, but not if the gluttons get their way.

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For a half century corporate welfare recipients have been getting all the pizza, leaving crumbs and the oil on the wax paper and box for the 99% to lick.

Among corporate welfare recipients the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) gets more pizza than the other recipients.


Capitalism aspires to monopoly, capitalist government to fascism. It’s not all there yet, but the tide has not gone back the other way for a good while.


You can help that cause by joining MovetoAmend which addresses those two truths.

This article is clickbait. The author selectively picked out Bezos because he’s a nice poster-child for wealth increases during the pandemic. His wealth increased because Amazon’s stock price went up. He can’t really do anything with that wealth increase because he can’t sell his own stock. It’s just a theoretical value of his worth if he sold his company tomorrow. It’s not actual physical dollars and cents.

Plus the fact that Bezos got “richer” doesn’t mean that everyone else got poorer. Amazon’s stock price went up because it was one of the few companies that could actually provide goods to consumers during the pandemic. One guy name Jeff Bezos became a lot richer. He did so by savings the livelihoods of millions of people.