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The Triumph of the Oligarchs


The Triumph of the Oligarchs

Robert Reich

They are living in their own separate society, and they want Congress and the President to represent them, not the rest of us.

"The Republican Party is their vehicle. Fox News is their voice. Trump is their champion. The new tax plan is their triumph." (Photo: @srbija_eu/Twitter)


From the article:

“A tidal wave of public loathing is growing across the land – toward Trump, the GOP, and the oligarchs they serve; and to the deception, the wealth, and the power that underlies them.”

The tidal wave of public loathing was already evident in the enthusiastic support for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Brand D primaries—and in the subsequent loss of enthusiasm for the eventual D nominee.

If Brand D wants to win back the seats it lost since 2008, it had better stop throwing up candidates like Clinton, Feinstein, Pelosi and Schumer, as it’s painfully obvious (at least, to those of us who aren’t as sophisticated as Mr. Reich) they represent the same oligarchy.


Well if the Dems are our “hope” (I think we all saw this movie 10 yrs ago) then we can all be overjoyed of living in a Bill Clinton or Obama “treading water” type of economy & society. It has been said times before that the modern Democratic party is the equal of the Republican party of the 50’s & 60’s. If that’s what I get when I vote “D”, fuck that. Either the Dems give us a candidate like FDR or LBJ (or Bernie Sanders) or I stay home and sit on my ass drink beer and smoke dope.


You and millions of others. The democrats have found the secret of suppressing the democratic vote. They are the republicans’ wet dream – so feckless and lacking in vision as to virtually guarantee such a low turnout that a republican wingnut with 25% support can win. Money has captured our government, we all know it, and the democrats have no answer as they themselves are unenlightened passengers on the gravy train. On the other hand, the republicans are so bad that they make a return to the status quo seem like a utopia. What a fucking mess.


In Reich’s world, all of the oligarchs are Republicans. Reich’s clever invocation of Republicans, Fox News and Trump as the servants of the oligarchs conveniently omits the key role played by the Democrats. The Democrats in the House and Senate have only one option when faced with a piece of legislation they did not see until Friday when it was first shown to the public. Boycott the vote. En masse. As a party. Short of that, they are worthy of nothing but contempt.


"That wave could crash in the midterm elections of 2018. If so, the current triumph of the oligarchs will be the start of their undoing."
They became oligarchs, to a good extent, while Obama was President. What is the author talking about?


When the system crashes and chaos reigns, the rich will get eaten by the poor.


Reich always gives me the impression that the D-Party strategy of running on the fact that they’re “Not as Bad as the Other Guys” is good enough.

And, if suppressing turnout and making big donors happy is your goal, then, you know what?

It is good enough.


It’s time to enact Lincoln’s words: "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." [Abraham Lincoln]

Pwr 2 the AWARE peons!


Yes please.


After which we’ll all contract Mad Donkeyphant Disease, no doubt.


The one-percenter who concerns me the most is Robert Mercer. He was Trumps biggest contributor in the early stages of his presidential campaign and the major funder of Breitbart, Without Mercer we would probably have never heard of Steve Bannon, Richard Spencer, etc. and maybe have never heard of the alt-right. Number two and three on my list are the Koch bothers in no particular order.


While Reich did not come out and call them oligarchs, he did say this:


L BJ ?..Did you mean JFK?


Good old Robert Reich who did more than his fair share along with the Democrats to ensure the triumph of the oligarchs. What a POS hypocrite.


I honor of Phil Ochs birthday tomorrow!


Hi !

There a lot of bs in the comments, and I suspect, trolls.

It isn’t just the one percent who are in thrall to money - you could as easily accuse the entire American citizenry - in fact, worldwide, to a first approximation, everyone alive today.

Mankind is warlike - that’s precisely why we are always at war.

Economic man thinks money - but money does not equal an economy, not in the slightest way.

I believe Robert Reich has a good heart - what more do you need to decide?

I don’t think the Koch Brothers or Trump have good hearts - what else does one need to know?

Yoda might say - ‘reach out with your feelings’ ~

Yoda is right.


Lyndon Baines Johnson, The Great Society

Who knows what Kennedy would have accomplished.


i tend to agree he being clintons secretary of labor while nafta passed. i think he said somewhere that he was concerned at the time about the effects it would have on americans who worked for a living but believed provisions in the agreement would protect workers.

i remember billionaire ross perot debating Al Gore on nafta. The whole thing was a big fucking con job and nothing has changed in 25+ years.

makes you just want to give up


Reich sez: “That wave could crash in the midterm elections of 2018.”

Whoo-hoo! Party like it’s 2006! Can you say, ‘Speaker Pelosi’?