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The Trouble with For-Profit Healthcare: Even the Insured Face Mountains of Debt



only an expanded medicare for all system, a non-profit system already in place for seniors and disabled people will cure this mountain of debt situation. Ask Bernie - he knows!


Medicare itself needs to be reformed. Part B pays 80%, leaving the "beneficiary" holding the bag for the rest. If you want to be fully covered, expect to pay about $300.00 a month out of pocket to cover everything. The lowest Medicare premium is $104.00 per month, which does not sound like a lot, but for those who survive on their Social Security income, it is about ten percent of the gross yearly SS payment. I myself am on Medicare, and have a plan that costs me nothing but my monthly $118.00 Medicare premium. If I need to be hospitalized, however, I will have to pay an additional $4500.00 per year above the Medicare premium. Medicare is NOT fully subsidized health insurance, which it should be for poorer recipients, who could still be forced into bankruptcy by the need to pay all the fees, copays, premiums, and out of pocket medical costs. You pay your taxes, you get health care, free, dot, no questions asked, just like people in the civilized world across the ocean do. The system needs to be fully socialized, with doctors, nurses and technicians all gov't employees (at very good salaries, but salaries nonetheless. No more $5000 MRI's).


Bernie not only knows but is actually addressing the issue in the campaign unlike the other candidates. That is why the media is ignoring Bernie's existence as much as possible.


The US does not even rank in the top twenty countries in life expectancy, and yes, I know, overall life expectancy has gone up in the US, but it has definitively and measurably slipped downwards in its ranking to others. This has a lot to do with income inequality and lack of comprehensive health insurance.

USA! Number One! In what exactly? Number of people incarcerated?


The refusal of the duopoly to show how other countries have successfully implemented public healthcare is a testimony to the fascism firmly ensconced in centrist politics.


Ah, so that's why he voted for the ACA, eh?



Bernie is the Obama of 2016.

Liberal Trojan Horse, version 3.0


Wait, you mean you have to PAY for Medicare?.... I thought it is taken out of our checks every week... the to hell?... if your are retired... where to hell are you going to get money for to pay a premium, especially if it's high..... and for bill?... you're kidding....


Yes, I have insurance, always have... (cept in my 20's)..... So, I need all kinds of treatment, for, joint issues and, well, I did want some counseling... with everything I know... and not really having an outlet with people close to me.... plus, though I've always worked and have a B.S. in Psychology... my husband and I have always had money issue.. ( he hasn't been able to make much either. ... ) ... so, I have a theory that when you grow up poor and witness your parents going through a lot of disturbance from being poor...and then you end up in similar situation... it gives you a form... of.... POST TRAMATIC STRESS... I say a for because I do not want to offend those who have been through terrible events or war.... sorry.. but, all I am saying is ... when you keep working and working and trying to do more... so your can improve your situation.. and yet,.. you still cannot make a difference in your life it does something to you... it really does.... the stress just builds up and then you get to the point of having bouts when you find it difficult to function normally or enjoy life... at all....


And your neighbour to the north!! We pay $136/month ( 2 people) . That covered the cost of my wife's recent knee replacement surgery & all related doctor visits as well as our regular medical requirements! Unfortunately the US public has been completely brainwashed ( In many ways )


Are you in BC? I think that the only remaining province that charges that premium each month. I know my company pays it on my behalf and that Alberta recently just god rid of it.


This has been an issue for over 25 years. Sounds ridiculous, but it was a springboard in 1990 to Bill C's first election in 1992.

On January 1 our expensive health care insurance rose by another $204 per month for catastrophic coverage insurance, with very high deductibles. It's terrible insurance that's not cheap.

Obamacare is legislation that was poorly written and poorly implemented; it's not affordable and not accessible. The public option, had it been added, would have helped. But we'll never see it as the Democrats think they've accomplished this issue with ACA. They blindsided me and many others with Obamacare/ACA.

Thanks, Deirdre, for this news feature.


Je suis d'accord ....(smile)


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The ACA was not poorly written. Its author Liz Fowler wrote it to seamlessly enhance insurance and drug industry fortunes at the expense of the 99%. Implementation contracts enhanced the fortunes Michelle Obama's cronies and several consulting firms brought in to clean up the mess. Poor indeed.


Yes. Ontario used to be free but that may have changed.


It's not like we didn't try to tell some of you. "But....but.....but there's more insured!" some of you cried.

Coverage is not care. Insurance is not medicine.


Hello ThomasMarx, That is due to the past increases continuing even though the current statistics going forward will show a decrease in the life expectancy in the future. This is the same as when the people in the US were the tallest in the world due to their diet. Now we are not anywhere near the tallest. With the "food" we have I suspect that we have a good chance to become a new race of midgets! Our for profit healthcare is just like other businesses. They desire the maximum income with the minimum amount of expenditures.The ACA/Obamacare is a disaster just like it was intercede to be. It makes like the government is doing something when it is just being nudged slightly forward when the system will crash and burn sometime in the future taking the rest of the country with it!


Hello Cookies,
The US is constantly heading downward to below third world standards. It is a race to the bottom and there are only a few who might try to change the direction but ultimately they will fail due to our business run government. I suspect that the stats are constantly juked (massaged to make them appear better than theyreally are(,