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The True Meaning of Christmas in the Age of Pandemic and Austerity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/22/true-meaning-christmas-age-pandemic-and-austerity


“He showed that people of conscience can make a difference, even against the most powerful oppressor.”

True, indeed. It does, however, take longer than most of us would like.

There is an enormous aspect of “Christianity” and Islam which most people who identify as

christians seem to insist on ignoring. Both of these religions ultimately put their faith in

horrific violence.

The real face of christianity is found in their final Gospel. The Gospel of “John.”

The preceding Gospels focus on the gentleness and power of forgiveness of Jesus.

The final Gospel however is the opposite.

It portrays a ruthless, vindictive, judgemental, slaughtering warlord as Jesus.

This is the final word of christian belief and it is the same intolerant viciousness which is cherished

by Muslims.

If you are a christian, you believe that Armageddon is the final necessity and your god is

about universal militant slaughter more than forgiveness and gentleness and that all

other forms of life only exist for your personal “salvation” through unspeakable horrors.

Saying “merry christmas” means that you find joy in the same sort of apocalyptic

“revelation” as is found in the Israeli treatment of the people of Gaza and worse while

pretending that you are sweetness and light.

“The story of God, who loves the world enough to come all the way down to be present in the world, not as a soldier, not as a warrior, but as a vulnerable baby, a teeny, tiny, vulnerable one who needs to be nursed when He’s hungry, who needs to have His nappies changed, who can’t fend for Himself, who can’t do anything for Himself, except that a community raises Him and loves Him into adulthood.”

(from Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, pastor at Middlechurch, whose church building in Manhattan burned down earlier this month)