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The Trump Administration has Definitely not Drained the Swamp


The Trump Administration has Definitely not Drained the Swamp

Jesse Heitz

For many Americans, the past several weeks have served as an intensive seminar in the generation of acute anxiety and animosity. Over these few short weeks, we've witnessed the gruesome collision between the promises of candidacy and the requirements for effective governing.

So far, this appalling spectacle has unleashed a torrent of public angst, and decimated the mystique that once surrounded the most unorthodox presidential candidate in modern history.


Don't be confused, he may not have drained the swamp, but he has definitely turned it into a sewer. A swamp is at least a natural ecosystem, sustainable albeit not attractive to humans. DT is presiding over a process of decay that his minions publicize as activity.


Within three days of winning the election Trump's appointee shortlists confirmed that in addition to making no attempt to "drain the swamp", he would renege on every populist platitude he included in his campaign rhetoric during the previous 17 months.


A Presidents ability to learn should be unending. Trumps, ceased when he was a small child...

This John Nichols article on the 'Nation' says it all.


Sorry, this didn't work.


Looks to me more like they diverted a nationwide sewer system into the swamp, and the biggest turds are floating to the top.


A note to democrats-----notice what happened when Trumps bad pick for labor sec stepped down---he went with a more run of the mill republican-----it pays to fight.

So right now someone is running commercials for the supreme court pick???This seat was stolen-don't cave to the thieves.

I hope the republicans have an emergency plan in place when Donald really looses it---this guy is in melt down------and what happens as ahole Ryan puts his Ann Rand policies in place. Those Donald people all have guns???????


This was a major theme through out the Trump campaign. Trump just as Sanders called out that the system is corrupt. Yet why isn't the media demanding to know how he will fix this corruption. When will republicans be addressing this corrupt system of pay to play----

Hey Donald you hate the media----so break them up!


The Pumpkinfuhrer actually did make good on his promise to drain the swamp; he drained it straight into his administration.