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The Trump Administration Is Splitting Up Families at the Border. Here’s What You Can Do About It.


The Trump Administration Is Splitting Up Families at the Border. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Claudia Flores

Last weekend, many Americans were overwhelmed with a torrent of news about the United States’ immigration system: There was the release of the ACLU report that documents years of abuse against children held in detention, the shooting of Claudia Patricia Gómez González by a Border Patrol agent, and the realization that a new Trump administration policy


The association of Psychologists is stunningly and deplorably silent about the perfectly well known FACT that children who are traumatized will suffer the consequences and our society, hopefully having a conscience, will need to provide support for them and the families.

This is criminal, in my book, in that it constitutes INTENT to abuse.

Swiss psychoanalyst Alice Miller analyzed the childhoods of abusive leaders. Time to call back the psychologists who advised against a trump presidency?


Goat, why aren’t there more posts here from absolutely incensed Americans objecting to what the Dump-Sessions Cabal with that wh*** Kirstjen Nielsen’s assistance are doing to innocent babies and children? Did you see the video of Jeff Merkley trying to tour the children’s warehouse detention center in Brownsville, Texas? (I don’t know how to post the link on an iPad, and CD won’t let my computer post on the site.)
You can goggle ‘Sen Jeff Merkley visit to children detention center in Texas.’

I see less and less difference between the Cabal and all their vicious and/or mindless lackeys and the Nazi SS troops who took children away from their moms or dads.

I KNOW what that detention center is going to look like. Amerika should be so ashamed …especially for her silent assent.

I don’t know what the clinicians’ professional organizations are doing about this. I also don’t know if Bandy’s organization is stepping out of their envelope of focusing on Dump’s danger to us and the world.

I called Merkley’s office even though he’s not my senator and encouraged him to keep it up. Then called my own delegation to get their thumbs out…that’s after writing them several times last week. One has his head all the way up mcconnell’s backside and the other one, a Dem, gives understated a whole new meaning.

I wonder if there’s anything that would light a fire under this Congress. I know they’re mostly pimps and whores, not counting the far right wing idiots like Meadows and Scalise, but it’s hard to believe in their hearts they don’t believe Dump is f’n goofy (not the joke version of f—ing Goofy) but they won’t admit it, much less move on it. Someone needs to set a huge mouse trap for that rodent in the AG position.

I know your heart aches at all this. Know that you have company, my friend.


This pain, suffering and anguish is deprived sickness lurking.


Just wanted to let you know, and I’m not speaking for anyone else on this subject, although they could feel the same way I do. I have commented on this matter in 2 other stories, it pisses me off to no end. Any thing else I have to say would be ugly ranting, and no one wants to read that. I hope everyone has signed the petition.


B, my post was my ugly ranting waaaay reined in. I’m so spitting-nails mad every damn day. If you want to post ugly ranting, know many of us agree with you 100% and would read your eloquent rant.

As for petitions, I sign almost all that come through, but I always doubt their effectiveness. I fear that the W&P* Congress doesn’t give a damn 99.4% of the time and neither do their sycophant administrators.

*W&P = Whore and Pimp


Democrats have had this policy in place for decades… didn’t hear any squawking then. Obama administration had this policy… didn’t hear any squawking then. Families are being divided because they choose to be… if a member is deported, the family chooses to stay or go with them.


These folks aren’t given a choice to be deported or to be with those who are. Please point to which Obama policy condones separating children from their parents & putting them in separate “detention” centers?
Tump lies!
The article clearly states that separating chidren from their parents at the border is a Trump policy. No matter what he lies.


they are pushing just to see how much we will take. i think this is the limit


I am astounded this thread isn’t incredibly long!! We usually discuss many topics, even things we agree on at length just to reinforce each other, and this is frighteningly quiet. There should be outage. Here and everywhere in the nation. If we don’t stand up to defend babies and children what kind of people are we? I also got in touch with Mr Merkley and encouraged him to continue shedding light on this unconscionable offense.


These actions from an administration that loudly opposes abortion of fetuses yet has no mercy on the lives of children already born. This cruelty also violates our laws against kidnapping and extortion. We should declare a National Amber Alert. Law enforcement and the FBI should be investigating not participating. It is sadistic to treat victims of violence with more violence. Along with the failure to legislate gun safety measures, the US is no longer a safe environment for children. At least other countries let children of refugees stay in the camps with their parents. America first in Shame!


What happens when American parents break the law and go to jail? There are no answers here but one which is to make clear only those who follow our rules regarding attaining citizenship and entry into the country are allowed to pass the border. This whole issue has been bastardized by our one party system benefiting from the exploitation of minorities, whether as slave wage labor or votes, our dems and repubs are at fault. The true enablers of this tragic situation though are voters who’ve failed to force the hand of those they support to craft a resolution.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t touch most Americans’ own lives, so it can be ignored with at most a “tsk, tsk.”


BS by deflection. You cannot become a citizen before you “pass the border,” btw. The vast majority of undocumented immigrants are those who’ve overstayed student and tourist visas. The parents subject to this policy are the ones who’ve come specifically to apply for asylum to protect their children from harm. djt has been slandering them for weeks.

I have to say, though, that I’m deeply disappointed in this article. It was published 3 days after the one event it offers, and the other 2 “things to do” are commonplace and/or ineffective (yet another petition going nowhere). Sen. Merkeley has done the most, and we must maintain awareness of and outrage at what he found.