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The Trump Administration’s Assault on Fair Housing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/24/trump-administrations-assault-fair-housing

The two lawyers do have experience.

  1. Gentrification = block by block, displacing traditional neighborhood residents for ‘developers’ to upscale living quarters for yippies, hippies, dippies, youngies.
  2. New jump thru hoops rules protects traditional landlords like trumpo and kushner from discrimination lawsuits. Potential renter / purchaser will spend a very large sum of money to sue. Utilizing federal agencies for justice takes two years and the applicant usually loses.
  3. Banks, mortgage brokers, lenders, insurance companies are off the hook under proposed new rules.
  4. You cannot regain lost wealth (net worth) from 2008 economic melt down and depression #2 without a job. The propaganda that it was a great recession and over in a couple years is hogwash. It is still ongoing. The seven million open jobs comes from reprinting old job ads which were filled long ago.
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Johnson/Aronowitz sez:
“The re-reading of the Fair Housing Act urged by the President and his Cabinet Secretary Ben Carson appears to eliminate the possibility of challenging systemic discrimination—which is often subtle and embedded in government and industry practices …”

Been wondering when the slumlord’s scion would finally throw around his weight on this legislation. It’s like waiting 2+ years to watch him pluck his own orchard’s low-hanging fruit.

Nothing new for Trump. He is just harking back to the days of his father and of himself when they would discriminate against blacks in their real estate operations. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig it is still a pig and beautiful at that. No matter how fancy Trump’s suits - he is still a fake and a racist.

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