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The Trump Administration’s Other War on the Media


The Trump Administration’s Other War on the Media

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Trump administration’s unrelenting attacks on the media and assault on reality have been well covered by journalists and media outlets that find themselves in the new administration’s crosshairs. Yet while the White House’s insistence on “alternative facts” may be more visibly ominous, there is another growing threat to the independent media that also demands our attention.


There might well be some restraints on reporting specific incidents, or criticizing those in government, but I don't think any changes would be dramatic. Certainly, more work would go into blocking access to English-versions of international media. Overall, I'd expect to see little change in the media marketed to liberals, other than scaling back reports about apparent violations of law by those in power.


Not just indie news sources would be throttled by this, but all sorts of indie media that uses the Internet as a means of distribution. It is already incredibly hard to be heard above the cyber-noise, and this unleveling of the playing field will make it harder for the truly innovative to break through.