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The Trump Administration’s Penchant for Escalation in Syria Must Be Challenged


The Trump Administration’s Penchant for Escalation in Syria Must Be Challenged

Gabe Murphy

From launching a volley of Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base, to repeatedly bombing pro-Syrian government forces, to shooting down a Syrian Air Force jet this past weekend, the Trump administration’s proclivity for escalation has led to a new chapter in the Syrian civil war.


The military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) pays a majority of Congresscritters to enable or at least not hamper expanding eternal occupations and wars.


I guess white-washing the Obama administration taking us into an illegal war in Syria against Assad and putting the entire blame on Trump is okay if it mobilizes ‘progressives’ who weren’t upset with regime change in Syria or antagonizing Russia when it was done by Obama and Sec. Clinton.



The only all out War we need is one against this So-called President, his administration, cabinet, and the Republican Party.

They are intent with destroying what Democracy we have left by representing only the top 1%.

We must knock Humpty Drumpfy off his wall.


If we knock him off the wall, along with all the other war criminals, for war crimes and put them in jail. But that means it would include George W. Bush and his minions, Obama and his minions including HRC, and all the generals at the Pentagon who have violated the constitution.

Of course this won’t happen without a revolution creating a radical, socialistic Congress that actually did some serious impeaching and reshaping the Deep State.

Most people who “resist” Trump would resist this, because their resistance is actually all about supporting the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, which is more than a wing, it is the Democratic Party and so far the “progressive” wing just goes along after being ignored, ridiculed, demeaned, blamed, and mocked.

But the push to remove Trump will make things worse because it is based on demonizing Russia and replacing him with people MORE committed to the American Imperial Project then he is. In that last statement I’m talking about both folk in the GOP like Pence and the Clintonistas.

‘Progressives’ who support the current ‘resistance’ are being used by the Deep State.

Okay- time for the usual Clinton Surrogates who seemed to have succeeded in taking over these comments to attack me.


The Syria situation shows why the conventional liberal/progressive wisdom of voting for the ‘lesser evil’ is bad in the long term.

Put into office largely because of disgust over Bush’s gory & unwinnable wars, Obama expanded the War Against the Afghan People, the Drone War, and Bombed Libya to Death. Liberals & Progressives, if they had any moral conviction whatsoever, should have ‘primaried’ him, and should have refused to vote for him in November 2012.

But noooooo! Liberals & Progressives drank the Kool-Aid that they HAD to vote for Obama, to prevent Mitt Romney from privatizing Big Bird.

Well guess what, for his 2nd term, Obama began a War Against the Syrian People & he instigated in a coup in Ukraine, and started Cold War 2.0.

And Sesame Street ended up on HBO, so Big Bird was privatized anyway!

And now we have Donald Trump, standing on Obama’s shoulders as he escalates Syria even more.

The Democrats are a frenemy, and any so-called liberal/progressive who tells you we need a ‘humanitarian intervention’ in such-&-such country is either a slick imperialist liar or a dupe.

Trump is indeed awful, but he’s a textbook example of chickens coming home to roost.


America has a so-called democracy


The Clinton Surrogates are an intriguing bunch.

Seems there’s no level of failure that can budge them from their timid, unimaginative belief in the lesser of two evils. Currently, they’re forced to hope for recession, because otherwise 2018 is looking ugly.

Of course, I’m sure they’ll win liberals back by calling them Bernie Bros, purists, and unicorn hunters.


Miranda, Both parties of the Duopoly are equally evil.

The Republicans screw us hard and fast, like rough sex.

The Democrats screw us but they’re more gentle, and they offer us a cigarette afterwards.

Neither care if we are satisfied.

There is no future in voting for either party.


The author is being much too polite in his comments on American participation in violence in Syria. the truth is that the US created and supports the terrorist insurgents fighting in Syria against the Syrian government. The truth is that the US has used its propaganda machine to make Assad into a despotic monster when in actual fact, none of the crimes he has been accused of have been proven. The truth is that the US has its own perverse, geopolitical reasons to get rid of Assad, and none of those reasons have anything to do with benefits to the Syrian people. The truth is that the monstrous behemoth that is the American empire is tottering just as the the bankrupt British empire did a hundred years ago and there is nothing that is going to save it! Dying empires are at their most dangerous when they are desperately grasping at their failing power.


Two questions:
1] Why would Assad ever have used poison gas after being warned that all the power of America would be unleashed against him if he did so, and everybody knew that the Americans were looking for an excuse to do so.
2] Is there anything more ridiculous than pretending to have ‘advisors’ or ‘instructors’ in Afghanistan to instruct the Afghanis how to fight, after they have demonstrated that they can beat the British, several times, and the Russians, and the Americans, not to mention Alexander the Great?


Yes, the dying beast is still very deadly! We need a collapse that makes it impossible for imperialist amerika to continue its reign of terror!


Unfortunately such a collapse might likely take the rest of society, if not humanity itself, down with it.