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The Trump Administration Word Ban Extends to Other Federal Agencies. Its Ongoing Assault on Science Is Much Worse.

The Trump Administration Word Ban Extends to Other Federal Agencies. Its Ongoing Assault on Science Is Much Worse.

Michael Halpern

If only the banning of "science-based" and "diversity" was the worst thing the Trump administration has done to science.

More word bans:

Free the words!

Trump’s populist base has different idea about truth than the conventional view. Evidence doesn’t play a role. I would say it is either based on the Bible or the words of an authoritarian leader. In certain areas it may not matter much but when it comes to something like climate change the result is assured destruction. Their view would certainly result in the US losing its leadership in science and technology and eventually the US would be a second or third rate country. But they are outnumbered. With greater participation in voting and fairer voting it should be possible to stop this authoritarian movement which is strongest in the south and also strong in most rural areas. They are trying to impose their will on the majority.

Fortunately, the Department of Health and Human Services has their own ideas and have no plans to follow the advice.

There might be a horsey ride for Trump sooner than he thinks. You know the one he rode in on.

It’s called keeping your political base happy. His base doesn’t believe in climate change or evolution. If they had lived a few hundred years ago they would have strongly argued that the sun goes around the Earth.

Ultimately, it is about this simple idea:

Objectively derived facts, up to and including thousands-times verified laws of physics themselves, must never, ever, get in the way of the Wille zur Macht - the mad philosopher Nietzsche’s “will to power” which is the basic, driving kernal of all fascist and power-hungry capitalist thought.


Perhaps donnie and a handful of his likeminded Republicans can be convinced to Repeal the law of Gravity and then personally prove that it has been done. Surely God will support them.

Transgender, to me, is more of a political word to help society appreciate the skill sets needed to navigate in a male/female society, to develop empathy, to go beyond what I hear my mega church friends refer to as possessed by an evil spirit.
Transgender is not the proper word for Center for Disease Control grant seekers. In my opinion, what the Center for Disease Control needs to be portioning out their funds for are the subjects, words, which do not make it into the mainstream because of the politics of the word transgender.
May I suggest funds need to be used to study: Endocrine disrupting chemicals? Every United States citizen could be educated on words such as phthalates, Bisphenol-A (BPA) which is an endocrine disrupting chemical found in plastics. As a precautionary practice we need to be educated on the possible effects of this estrogen imitating chemical. Let’s ask, for one example, would you microwave your food in plastic if you thought an estrogen imitating chemical could leach into your impregnated body?

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