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The Trump Administration's "Monstrous Idea": Direct Payments in Exchange for Cuts to Social Security Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/trump-administrations-monstrous-idea-direct-payments-exchange-cuts-social-security

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Republicans voted for the guy. Republicans want their social security and medicare cut. Why else would they vote for L’orange Grosse this November?


The BIG question is… can the GOP sell this wet dream to their rubes… the odds are likely even money


Simple, really: a month before our 62nd birthday offer us a nice, shiny AR-15 knockoff from some obese ‘bagger, who went to prayer meetin, cross-burning or Michigan’s state house all gussied-up like Terminator George Washington; make us an offer we can’t refuse! GUN, or stupid ol’ anti-Jesis Socialism, pappy? The choice is YOUR’S! Now back to WORK! We could offer to fly them to Iran & free Fentanyl?





What a beaut of a plan: Buy off the younger Social Security eligible
and kill off the old ones with the plauge!

Obama’s ‘grand bargain’ failure to reduce S.S. on steroids. Successive administrations since Reagan have looted S.S. of approximately $3,000,000,000,000. Amazing how easy it was for Trump and Democrats to find $10,000,000,000,000 (free) for Wall Street in last 30 days, but cannot
find the money to replace the stolen loot.


Nothing has a possibility of changing these people until they are smacked in the face by life and get to suffer it in someone else’s shoes. That doesn’t happen often, and even then there are no guarantees. Take what happened to Steve Scalise, for instance. He’s just as rabid as ever, even after nearly dying from gunshot wounds.

Monsters do monstrous things, regardless of the pain they inflict. That’s what makes them monsters.


The idiot is trying to lose to Biden. What is it with these parties?

No one messes with social security in an election year. Ever.

Except this dumba&&.

Sheesh. Dumb leading the dumber.


A hateful thing from hateful “people?”, the ugliness ripens, the absolute STENCH coming off this cabal of Fascist ,evil things! They call themselves americans, patriots, warriors, Really! They, and I include all of the republicans in federal seats as THEY, are nothing but current day thieves, thugs, haters of everything that does not have a dollar sign in front of it, spiteful haters of democracy, of people of all colors, they ARE the virus that needs ERADICATION! NOW!


"[C]urbing their federal retirement benefits, such as Social Security."

A better idea: Rescind all those tax cuts to the smug sociopaths who have way too much, reduce the salaries of their enablers in government to the current minimum wage to be phased out to only a small monthly stipend and drastic cuts to the military.


Once again placing the burden of the economic system failure orchestrated by the wealthiest and brightest Financial experts and their politicians on the backs of those who busted themselves for them. It is time for a serious change we’re the system works for the many not just the few.


The top of the pyramid has always been a parasitic grifter graft onto society and Mother Nature, they just outsourced to manufactured “othering” (indigenous peoples, enemies, people they couldn’t get to suck up, etc.). The ones who write the rules and stockpile the weapons are controlling the action.

I keep thinking that an understanding of the principles behind crypto currency would accomplish two basic changes:
1 - revelation of the distinctions between parisitism of financialization and accounting that eliminates the thievery of the middle hand
2 - recognition of REAL scalability of REAL economic principles without the manufactured consent manipulated by the wastrel parasite class based on lies, deceit, deflection, erroneous notions of legacy based on birth, racism … all of which are massaged into self-replicating lies.

We don’t have an economic system, we have greasers, grease, smoke and mirrors and _____ (add your own observations).

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What do we do about the disease of LOBBYING?

Reminds me of Blumberg’s strangulation of entire communities with the ‘broken windows’ trope. Political scientist James Wilson and psychologist George Kelim were the first to use the term, in 1982, to illustrate the assertion that disorder leads to criminality, and the non-repression of petty crime leads to violent crime.
Criminal Justice Researchers at Northwestern Debunk it: ~https://cssh.northeastern.edu/sccj/2019/05/criminal-justice-researchers-debunk-broken-windows-theory-after-35-years/

The trumpster crew have - using the methods of Bannon, Conway et al - turned it inside out, upside down and curled for extractive use at the federal level. Theyŕe doing a false causal two-faced two-step with a dip into the pocket of the body politic at each turn.

I’ve decided to keep a copy of Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent and watch it once a month as sounding board for new developments.


I’ve been wondering, are the republicans and democrats both trying to throw this election? Let’s face it, whatever party is in charge of DC in January 2021 will be facing the most daunting disaster since FDR took the oath in 1933. It seems that both parties are trying to choose option B…
Let the other guy deal with it.


Treachery like this is to be expected from the Trump Death Cult. They are, after all, the people who intentionally disregarded (and still are) an approaching killer pandemic, literally more concerned about it’s impact on big business and on the stock market than its impact on the American people and how it would disrupt and even end their lives. We ought not be surprised that they would try to kill off Social Security. It’s been one of their big goals for decades.

But here’s the thing we absolutely must be extremely vigilant about. We must be aware of the now well established history of the Democratic Party to work with the political right in whittling away at our most crucial social safety nets. And that includes the Dems’ own culpability in weakening our Social Security safety net, a remarkably successful and absolutely crucial basic income insurance program for the elderly and the disabled. Many millions of Americans would live in abject poverty without a strong national Social Security program.

People, the Dems are the only thing standing between millions of Americans and abject poverty, and they absolutely will sell us out on Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid if we allow them to do so. Anyone doubting this should look at what they’ve done, hand in hand with the Trump Death Cult, to further enrich the already filthy rich and the big corporations on the backs of average Americans even in the face of this pandemic and economic depression. And the Obama administration worked with the right to weaken the program. Research it if you need to but be informed on this. Watch the Dems closely, for they are the key to the life or death of Social Security.


In the case of the Trump Family Tree, better to just chop it down.


Quite right, roots and all.


Thank you for highlighting the most important thing to watch. It’s the Dems who will determine whether Social Security is further weakened or is killed off, and they’ve been aiding and abetting the right in just that kind of treachery for years, Obama, the most recent Dem president willing to nudge America’s older folks even closer to abject poverty. Keep an eye on the Dems, for they’re the key and, considering what they’ve done to harm the masses just during this Trump administration, they are clearly not to be trusted.


So it’s doomed, then? Thought so.


Hey, why not? Obama did the same fucking thing during the last “crisis”. We are living history folks, the slow spiraling down of the former United States. If one was to look, really look at us compared to the rest of the world, we’re looking more and more like a Brazil or India.


This could be an easy sell.They can point to COVID 19 as a killer of old people and suggest the people will be better off taking the money now then taking the risk they would die at 65 and never get to collect Social security.

How about this. Accept this one time payment then take it BACK right away. As example Mrs Johnson here is your cheque for 10000$$ and two hours later Mrs Johnson you know that in return for medicaid and other government programs , you have to demonstrate destitution first and we know you have 10000 dollars. We cant have people with 10000$ dollars banked drawing Medicaid!

They can throw a press conference with some picture of a Black woman getting into a car and state their outrage “We have people with 10000$ in the bank hat are drawing welfare payments!”

Or this scenario “This is able collection agency. Mrs Johnson we know you just received 10000 and we have the authority to garnish that amount from your bank account for unpaid debts”