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The Trump Administration's Parting Outrage Against Cuba

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/12/trump-administrations-parting-outrage-against-cuba


Good article by Medea Benjamin. My Nephew spent some time in Cuba and he would corroborate this article. Thanks C.D.


Taking Cuba off the list will require (~https://fas.org/sgp/crs/terror/R43835.pdf) a review process that could take months, delaying any new initiatives to roll back Trump-era policies.

Given Biden was on board (I thought) with Obama’s decision (one of the good ones) to move towards normalization with Cuba and get them off this list, it will be interesting to see how competent the Biden administration is with reversing Trump’s many parting gifts. I hope to see summary articles of all items (environmental, legal, foreign policy) and what the status of Biden’s efforts are. His position of wanting to wipe away what Trump did is clear - he has no excuse for not moving as quickly as possible and no real reason not to as far as I can tell.

The picture on this article reminds me that I hope someday humans can figure out how to grow all the food they need without plowing land - that just doesn’t seem like a smart long run plan.


I came because of the picture of paradise or is it heaven on earth.
as @dara points out about the tilling, There are better ways.
wow, that picture though.
It has sparked my imagination.

(I wonder how to make an image to express an idea to share with the commons)
(I guess I need a website… is my geocities account from 1994 still active? hmm…)


These anticastro cubans are one of the worst things to happen to America. The idea of giving them instant citizenship is ridiculous. Many were CIA operatives, mafiosas and thugs for Batista… now they are a monolithic Red voting block and get special favors to keep them going.


This is a great article and a perfect example of the hypocrisy and cruelty which abound in the Trump administration.

If Pompeo the Pompous wants to really see a “terrorist” nation, he need only to gaze out the window of his office.


Hi Shanti;
i am very impressed with Cuba. They send doctors all over the word to help people of many nations. America, , sadly , seems to send soldiers everywhere to start wars. : (


OK, I made a website / blog.
It is so much easier now, than when I was developing the web in the 1990s. I didn’t have to learn any coding, yet, and I have a functional blog site.
Aaan-y-ways. Enjoy my idea, or hate it. (shrug)

The world knows that the US is not Trump. The world knows that Trump is an aberration, even if he can’t spell it. I was all oars in for Bernie, but will give Biden my due respect. My values and his diverge on several layers, but HE IS AN AMERICAN, AND I CAN HONESTLY AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH HIM. Just that root word honesty warms my heart. Joe and Kamala, get down to business, America needs you.

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Regarding the lead about “Far-right Extremists at Home,” there is very little threat from far right paint-ballers in this country. They are so stupid and disorganized, they allow themselves to be manipulated into theater such as entrapment into a fake plot to kidnap a governor and to be invited into the Capitol for propaganda photo-ops.

The “invasion” was not unprecedented, as Medea and Code Pink have been allowed into the Capitol repeatedly for their own elite-tolerated photo-ops. It’s reasonable to assume that most of the hundreds who actually entered the Capitol thought they were participating in an event similar to what Code Pink has done for years. (Proving how democratic the US government is.) Nor was it the most egregious desecration of the Capitol in recent history, which has been bombed twice in my lifetime (1971 by the Weathermen and 1983 by M19) and experienced a mass shooting from Puerto Rican nationalists in the 1950s.

We need to stop participating in the divisiveness and start reaching out to the populist, democratic individuals among Trump’s supporters.

As to the actual text of the article, I just scanned it but it seems to be accurate. Many of the demonstrators at the Capitol would also agree and heap confirmation biased praise on their hero for not having started any “new” wars.

Thank you.
99% of the people were in fact just people walking through the Capitol for a photo op. There were however the 1% bad guys up to no good. The disorganized protesters were cover for the agent provocateurs who had evil in mind.
We do need Americans to come together and focus on the (powers that be) problem.

Code Pink does not come in armed to the teeth, nor do they destroy public property, nor do they threaten to kill people, nor do they beat a cop to death, nor do they carry zip ties,

Yours is a classic false equivalence.

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Stardust, so was my Nephew who lives in New Zealand which has excellent healthcare but he says Cuba’s health care is better and in his opinion ( and he has traveled all over the world including Russia) is the best healthcare system in the world.


Hi Shanti;
And, not only does Cuba send doctors instead of armies, the people in Cuba restore all this wonderful cars that were so beautiful in their designs. Sadly cars are starting to look alike now.
I can’t tell who makes what nowadays, but those beautiful old cars—wow. : )