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The Trump and Taxpayer Relief Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/02/trump-and-taxpayer-relief-act

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decentralization is a good idea.
apply to much of the pentagon also.
Because we now have communication technology
available that can have a group meeting with everyone
present on screen with sound, visuals, etc.

The current FBI site can be a park, museum,
and does not have to be sold or leased to
private enterprise.

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Here in the US we have a weird sense of what our architecture should be compared to the rest of the world. In Europe and other places they inhibit structures that are 300, 400, 500 years old, and beyond, but in the US we want everything to be shiny and new.
Case in point, the high school I went to was an old structure (by US standards), it was built before air conditioning came on to the scene, with 12 ft. ceilings, hardwood floors, etc. But it had character, and yes being in the deep south, it was retrofitted with A/C. Not long after I graduated many in the community decided they didn’t want their children going to an outdated school. So they started a campaign to publicly degrade the school in the local newspaper. This went on for many years until they were successful in having a bond referendum passed to build a new one. There was nothing wrong with the old school structurally, I had inspected many parts of it myself, as part of annual fire inspections, but the school administration also wanted to work in a new shinny building, so they let the appearance of the building erode over time, to make the building look like it was falling apart. IMO the maintenance department should have been fired for failing its job, and perhaps this same analogy could be applied to the FBI headquarters in DC. As a child I’ve been to this structure on school field trips, there is no reason, with proper maintenance this building shouldn’t last for hundreds of years.
So why is it “in a decrepit state”? Why does the FBI want a “shinny new building”?
If congress had done it’s job with the impeachment, and included all of Trump’s emolument infractions, Trump wouldn’t be a factor in this discussion.

Earlier this year Trump had a buyer for his DC hotel and he was planning to move FBI HQ out of town so Trump Inc. could buy the property for pennies on the dollar and build a Trump hotel to compete with the property he sold.

When COVID-19 struck in March the deal fell through and Trump shifted gears to protect his hotel monopoly in that neighborhood.

Moscow Mitch didn’t know about the FBI HQ earmark the way the Mayor of Casablanca didn’t know about rampant corruption in WWII era Morocco.


some states have a percentage of the school districts money earmarked for maintaining and for building new school buildings. New construction does permit graft to occur back to school board members. Meanwhile, teachers are not paid enough.
Pension plans are under funded because they are based on 8% ROI.

An option in suburbs and rural is stand alone pre-built classrooms. Walls are dense and working windows are above for security. Or build them as in Laffayette, Louisianna.

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Don’t expect the bill’s passage either.

If assistance dollars not passed within three or four days for dollars sent quickly to unemployed families and young people, gonna be a heck of a payback against DC politicians.

There has been plenty of time to do the right thing and not bring every issue to crisis, critical mass explosions.

There are 4 million grandparent households raising their grandchildren per AARP. Usually without additional outside assistance. Let’s send them a check too.

Census is only 60% response so far.

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No commercial buildings should be built on the Capitol Mall. That would be the biggest mistake to sell off real estate there.

People dont realize but we have created and are pushing a stealth “Agreement to Privatize Everything” in the form of the WTO services agreement and the changes it makes are SO very expensive to reverse they might as well be literally irreversible.

This also may apply to branches of government (clearly, thats its intent also)

When it privatizes a service it also endangers that services jobs, making it quite possible they might be outsourced and offshored, in a guest worker program much like indentured servitude (that many have comared to modern day slavery) but I am getting off topic. Privatization is now almost irreversible when it involves committed services. We could even see huge parts of government like the FBI or literally almost every part of government apart from legislators and the executive branch. Selling off property also might be very difficult or impossible to reverse. The area around the Capitol is a finite resource. It also is important from a security standpoint. For profit enterprises should not be allowed to buy up the Capitol Mall area. But service sectors can also be inadvertantly committed as far as the WTO is concerned, as we discovered with online gambling. Making it impossibly, punitively expensive to recover services that have been traded, especially but not exclusively if they were committed in our Specific Commitments.

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