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The Trump and the Pope

The Trump and the Pope

Christopher Brauchli

If God is addressing the worldwide problem of immigration, who is his spokesperson? Mr. Pompeo’s Trump or Pope Francis?


Here is the question for my readers. If God is addressing the worldwide problem of immigration, who is his spokesperson?

Avoid the question like the plague. When any human being starts claiming to be some “god’s” spokesperson, run the hell away as fast as your legs can carry you. The amount of blood that has been shed by the followers of those claiming to be their god’s spokesperson would fill an ocean.


Maybe a Christian question of conscience, for saints Trump and Pompeo, is
to ask: what demonic power is primarily responsible for the life threatening economic
and political violence in Latin America and the Middle East; that’s forcing people to
flee for their lives, for better or worse?

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Well, since there is no god, the answer is “neither”. Humanity must address the worldwide problem of immigration, the problem of anthropogenic climate change, the threat of nuclear annihilation, poverty, cruelty, racism, sexism, inequality, injustice and on and on and on. It’s stops with us, folks, and boy have we screwed it up so far.

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You are sensitive to the flood of sorrows in the modern world, and you’re right
to use the small “g”—for that god is nothing but the idolatries of the corporate elite,
those with power to lessen the sorrows. However, unbelief that it is a God of love that
brought the world into being, not for sorrow but joy; maybe that’s why we “screwed it up so far.”

Brauchlis has invoked the favorite shibboleth’s of progressives (that would be God with a capital G) and as such shown himself as a very wise panderer to most of his audience indeed!