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The Trump Contagion

The Trump Contagion

Jeffrey D. Sachs, Bandy X. Lee

Mental health professionals and others have been trying to warn the public about the dangers of US President Donald Trump since his election. Trump’s extreme narcissism, sadism, lack of empathy, and admiration for despots are on daily display. Some may wish to see him as a self-absorbed clown, but he is a clear and present danger to the world who must be prevented from leading (or misleading) it to disaster.

The difference between Trump and Cancer…well, there isn’t any difference.

They both must be surgically removed for any chance of survival of the host.

In Trump’s case, We the People and our nation, is the host.


Shades of Watergate: There is a cancer growing on the presidency. Is the surgical removal impeachment?

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Given the fallout of the “Russian Collusion” claims , any moves to impeach Trump will be met with “They are lying about the President” claims from supporters and from those who might be on the fence. An impeachment will go nowhere. Trump will just point to the Mueller investigation and say “see they still out to get me”.

The “Russian Collusion” train and all those that climbed aboard did as much to harm the United States of America as Trump does.


I’d settle for Melania doing an Elena Bobbitt slice and dice one night, in retaliation for his infidelity.

Real estate deal in Moscow, so what?? We are talking about cyber penetration, and Trump was in the loop. That’s the theory. It’s not a shame. IMO it’s a disaster such qualified and intelligent people are still harping on this offshoot from everything else.

Russians were probably trying something, as Bruce Schneier and Henry Farrell have pointed out in Motherboard last November (basically experiments in fomenting distrust of our own media…maybe a twentieth as bad as what we did in Ukraine). But, if they were trying to flip votes, they…looks like…didn’t get anywhere with it.

You wouldn’t believe the intelligent people who were self righteous during this whole thing, nor how self righteous they were. Duty to Warn’s facebook page knocked me out of the group because I had the temerity to comment about five times I thought Russiagate was a distraction.

Michael Presscott’s blog, which is sometimes really deep and thoughtful, would not post a comment I attempted to put up because it mentioned this sentence from WaPo…

“What’s more, the Trump campaign had Facebook staff embedded with their team who helped guide their ability to maximize their investment.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2018/02/27/trumps-facebook-advertising-advantage-explained/

Rest of the article makes sense, but IMO Duty to Warn leaders need to bring their crowd a little more up to speed. Schneier and Harrell’s point is deep, but isn’t psychology deep??? Look up this: “The Most Damaging Election Disinformation Campaign Came From Donald Trump, Not Russia” by the aforementioned

PS: Presscott’s blog https://michaelprescott.typepad.com/michael_prescotts_blog/2018/09/ban-social-media.html

Nobody rigs US elections like the corporate media. Greg Palast showed the myriad ways the US elections are gerrymandered, crosschecked, disenfranchised, and outright changed in the voting machines, which are owned and operated by corporations, not election officials. When Bernie Sanders came to my town in 2016, he was a blip on the radar. That next week, Trump came to town and three stations shut down their regular programing for FIVE HOURS, speculating violence, covering his every move, the entire speech of BS, and the babbling commentary after he left. America loves idiotic asses, and Trump is the poster child.
It’s incredibly disturbing that so many people think he’s the cat’s pajamas, including my entire right-wing, redneck family, many of whom are fundamentalist Christians! He’s Satan in the flesh, and Christians love and protect him to the point of insanity. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, even said, “Any criticism of president Trump should be construed as Satan’s instruments.” Jim Bakker, the televangelist who went to prison for fraud, has started “Trump’s Evangelical Army of God.” He sells apocalypse survival gear, like “Banquet in a Bucket,” water filters, and solar generators for running your TV when the rapture comes. I wish I was kidding, but these people are dead serious about the Cheeto-in-Cheif being sent by God.


In Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) he originates the idea of “Das Grosse Luge” (The Big Lie):

“But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”

Donald Trump is said to have read Mein Kampf and to have kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed. Now we hear Trump repeating things like “There was no collusion!” and “Mueller’s probe is a witch hunt!” He repeats these statements incessantly, every chance he gets, and those who know they are lies, can’t understand why so many Americans still believe him.

In the run-up to taking complete control of Germany, Hitler did the same thing. He repeated the same lies over and over again until the German People started to believe them. Eventually, things got to a point where no one questioned the lies, either because they believed them, wanted to believe them or were too afraid not to. Many Germans didn’t know what to believe, so they just went along with the crowd.

This is human nature. In every nation, you have people who are somewhat aware of what’s happening and choose to be on one side or another. Then you have those people who know something is happening but they don’t know what to believe. You also have people who don’t have a clue as to what’s what. And finally, you have the people who just don’t give a damn.

Men like Hitler and Trump take advantage of these divisions of awareness by sowing the seeds of discontent and stirring action within each group. They choose a side they think will best serve their interests against those that don’t, they tell those people who don’t know what to believe exactly what they should believe, they explain what’s what to those people who don’t know what’s what, and they inspire the people who don’t give a damn by giving them something to give a damn about. And they use fear, xenophobia, resentment, and anger as catalysts to fuse these groups together into one mass of people, ready to do anything for the man who gave them answers and focus, under the banner of ‘the big lie.’

Of course, the ‘big lie’ is presented as truth. As Orwell warned, truths become lies and lies become truths. But for the people who choose to believe ‘the leader,’ this doesn’t matter. It feels too good to be united under the banner of ‘the big lie.’ It feels good to believe in a ‘big lie’ that gives meaning and purpose no matter how false, excuses all kinds of behavior no matter how disgusting, simplifies every issue no matter how complex, and enhances the personal ego no matter how devoid of substance.

And what is the purpose of ‘the big lie?’ Initially, the purpose of ‘the big lie’ is to get power, and power is achieved by any means necessary. Once power is attained ‘the leader’s’ agenda is enacted, initially within the law, eventually by undoing the laws that prevent enactment of the parts of his agenda that those laws are meant to prevent.

Meanwhile, the hamstringing of a free press is achieved by sowing seeds of doubt in the validity of the media that ‘the leader’ and his cohorts don’t control. The creation of a press controlled by ‘the leader’ is then enacted. Winning the support of the police and military is achieved by appealing to their inherent and natural tendency to support the establishment of order. And winning the support of members of the political and business establishments is achieved through bribery, or, if necessary, fear.

At the same time, maintaining the support of those who love ‘the leader’ is achieved by giving them an enemy to hate and a threat to fear. This includes giving them permission and encouragement to act, violently if necessary, against that enemy and that threat. Revenge against all enemies and all threats, real or imagined, then becomes an acceptable way to protect ‘the leader’ and his state.

The final purpose of ‘the big lie’ is to get complete control of the country for ‘the leader, his cohorts and his close associates. Their goal is to control the power and wealth of the country and to use it to enhance their egos, their pocketbooks, and their position in the world. To do this, they will lie, cheat, steal, and destroy their enemies, in any way they can. Ultimately, they do not care about democracy, the people, or the country. These things are just means to an end, and that end is raw power over all things.

Just as Adolph Hitler did all of the above while building Germany’s economy and fooling the German People into believing ‘the big lie’ that he was making Germany great again, Trump is doing all of the above and fooling some of the American People into believing ‘the big lie’ that he has made America great again by building its economy. And just as Hitler gave the German People enemies to blame, fear, and hate, Trump has given some of the American People enemies to blame, fear, and hate, including some of their fellow citizens.

Donald Trump is not the savior of America, anointed by God, as some of his followers believe. Donald Trump is a potentially mortal threat to the United States, the U.S. Constitution, and the American People - all of the people, including his supporters. And if he is allowed to continue selling the American People ‘the big lie,’ they may eventually discover, just as the German People did by 1945, that they have not hitched themselves to a Phoenix rising but to a rabid hound dragging them into hell.


You’re right about Palast. I clicked heart, but I wouldn’t say he’s satan in chief. He’s like SIC, and JamesRogersBush seems pretty much right. Duty to Warn people should have understood more of the motives…of Russia. I’m coming to believe James’ thing on distrust of the media, and this is probably what Russian hackers were aiming for as well [OK, I will give what support I can think up on this CD article’s claims re Russia…in a reply to James]. Though I could not give you a ratio as to comparing the relative impact of the fb shares compared to voter suppression, the latter probably 100 times more impactful.

Russian hackers could have aimed for what I just said

  1. without Trump’s knowledge

  2. because, contrary to what Juan Cole wrote yesterday, they might have believed a conflict with the US would have been more likely with Clinton

  3. because Washington in general was getting too gung ho about Ukraine, and even if Trump ended up backing brinksmanship in Ukraine…with Trump at the helm it wouldn’t play well in the eyes of the world, plus the policy itself might dither

Please read my reply to dopfa. I said I’d switch around and exhonorate the article’s Russia stressing as best as I could. Russiagate went WAY overboard, but when I went to read Schneier yesterday…I must say it made me see Juan Cole in a bit of a different light. I was “with him” seemingly long ago (5 yrs?), then a’gin him on some items for a spell, and now I think “with him” again on what he wrote yesterday. First off, I tend to distrust what we’re told about who saw the bogus shares (could have been more, could have been less, but not zero). Secondly, voter suppression was MORE of a factor IMO…like I told dopfa. But as people aren’t schooled in digital at all (thus enabling more new computers sold, and ignorance in general re jet piloting software)…if the Russians are caught one time sowing distrust-of-media…with that + the polity’s cyber ignorance you could have expected the thing to take off.

You wrote

Meanwhile, the hamstringing of a free press is achieved by sowing seeds of doubt in the validity of the media that ‘the leader’ and his cohorts don’t control.

And I guess this below first appeared in Motherboard (please note I recognize they were in some nature “democratic elections” while propaganda influence from the US had been out of sight and mind)

When a Russia-friendly government in Ukraine collapsed due to popular protests, Russia tried to destabilize new, democratic elections by hacking the system through which the election results would be announced. The clear intention was to discredit the election results by announcing fake voting numbers that would throw public discussion into disarray. This attack on public confidence in election results was thwarted at the last moment. Even so, it provided the model for a new kind of attack. Hackers don’t have to secretly alter people’s votes to affect elections. All they need to do is to damage public confidence that the votes were counted fairly. As researchers have argued, ‘simply put, the attacker might not care who wins; the losing side believing that the election was stolen from them may be equally, if not more, valuable.’ ” The Most Damaging Election Disinformation Campaign Came From Donald Trump, Not Russia https://www.schneier.com/essays/archives/2018/11/the_most_damaging_el.html

Governing bodies in Britain and the European Union were also worried. Candidate Trump was openly challenging monetary policy, regulations, and the power of special interests. He challenged Congress. He challenged the United Nations and the European Union. He questioned everything. https://www.theepochtimes.com/spygate-the-true-story-of-collusion_2684629.html

Not “questioned” everything. Opposed everything. Owing to his nature, he opposed CERTAINTIES others relied on. His type resent certainties because they have none? Or way fewer?

But alas, certain especially neoliberal certainties weren’t any rock to build on. So, the establishment went around its elbow to get to its nose…thereby not revealing these constitute no rock at all.

Very nice James. Thanks for coming out of retirement and sharing.

Please don’t wait so long again.

It’s hard to believe that Trump could be “winning”, but he could be.

Trump might go by one simple precept: To win, you have to go with the money and the power. Do what it wants, give it what it wants no matter what. Justice and equality is for losers. Hasn’t evolution worked that way for millions of years, enabling life to compete for the best genes?

Why then, do the President of the United States and his gang have such bad genes? Healthy wild animals are beautiful. They take what nature provides, no more no less. They don’t take what we all have and give it to wrinkled, greed head bankers to contaminate the human gene pool.

I don’t understand the importance of Rump not being guilty of something that we were told WAS NOT a crime to begin with. I remember countless occasions in which Rump and legal experts stating that “collusion is not a crime.” Surely Mueller’s investigation uncovered many things that he IS guilty of, so why all of the focus on a declaration that he isn’t guilty of a non-criminal offense?

The obstruction charge is what did Nixon in, and it will eventually bear fruit in court against this uncouth oaf.

Somebody tried to hack, but then the charge developed (conjecture) that only Russia had something to gain with DT, and that Trump had kept on despite the odds because he knew the Russians were gonna do this (actually he had little win confidence). Changing vote tabulations is voter fraud. And a candidate who’s “in the loop” when it’s done is commiting a crime. Over time media stressed email bombshells instead of the hacking of precinct software or state software or federal software…because figuring out who tried to hack VR Systems software (election software, let’s call it “esware”) was too hard. Yet at the very beginning this is what was promised…that if it was done by Russia the fact would be unearthed. And it’s important to remember that Trump also claimed finagled vote counting in FL [so doubt on the public’s part was emerging, Schneier’s point in a link I’ll give below]. Suddenly this was a big issue (it’s been a big issue ever since 2000, but it erupted even wilder vis a vis MSM coverage since Trump’s come on the political scene). A big issue on both sides. But tracking down who hacked is too hard, which is why the SC investigation went off into things that were easier. Did they ever tell us point blank CHAOS COULD RESULT IN THE REAL WORLD AS A RESULT OF ANARCHY ON THE NET? No.

Now, I’m pretty certain you will find Bruce Schneier saying someone tried to get into election related computers with VRS software. Bruce Schneier and Juan Cole can only argue NOW with reason that Russia tried out some propaganda (everyone’s given up on vote flipping). Cole says it [attitude propaganda] may have had some effect “on the margins” in a few key states (wrote it one or two days ago).

So that we don’t forget, check out these citations https://duckduckgo.com/?q=election+software+states+not+warned+turf&t=h_&ia=web

“When a Russia-friendly government in Ukraine collapsed due to popular protests, Russia tried to destabilize new, democratic elections by hacking the system THROUGH WHICH THE ELECTION RESULTS WOULD BE ANNOUNCED. The clear intention was to discredit the election results by announcing fake voting numbers that would throw public discussion into disarray.” [emphasis mine] https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/mbyg3x/the-most-damaging-election-disinformation-campaign-came-from-donald-trump-not-russia

Yeah, I know…“democratic elections” though NED was biasing things to the hilt. Still, Farrell and Schneier make an important point about the tact some interest in Russia took.

Boy, you ask the tough ones. Which could lead into lengthy stuff.

Do what it wants, give it what it wants no matter what. Justice and equality is for losers. Hasn’t evolution worked that way for millions of years, enabling life to compete for the best genes?

Yes, this is the determinism of Trump. But “the base” can’t see it’s also the creed of the dominionist crowd. Doublethink, also like Handmaid’s Tale.

Why then, do the President of the United States and his gang have such bad genes?

Nature or nurture? My thinking is that ideologies (in very short time spans) evolve out dangerous behaviors. Self-infatuated types have posed problems we know at least since the old testament. And in these times ideologies/lifestyles role in and role out in matters of decades…that vary in their augmenting of such types. So, one might ask: What is karma doing about vindictiveness in humans?!?! I’ve thought about it, and I have my own answers (they work to a point, as do any ruminations concerning karma…judge not). One of my key beliefs (just recently) is that humans are here to take care of creatures with bad genes…runts (they’re out there in the wild and in the not-wild). That actually they’re here to take care of all the other weaker species…to look out for the general welfare of a collection of individual-species-fates [example: arguably “firestick agriculture”]. And give them hints about the next stage “up” the ladder.

abetting a crime at least

Nature is likely to cull people like Trump and his conservatives. It favors the strength, beauty, intelligence and courage of liberals and progressives like AOC the lioness, not the cowardice, ugliness, subservience and stupidity of Trump the hyena.

Nature removes polluters and destroyers of the habitat it provides for all species.