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The Trump Dictatorship

The Trump Dictatorship

Robert Reich
The only redeeming aspect to Trump’s presidency is he brings us back to basics. And what could be more basic than the difference between democracy and dictatorship?

Democracy is about means, not ends. If we all agreed on the ends (such as whether to build a wall along the Mexican border) there’d be no need for democracy.

But of course we don’t agree, which is why the means by which we resolve our differences are so important. Those means include a Constitution, a system of government based on the rule of law, and an independent judiciary.

Trump is incompetent and will demonstrate that in an ever evolving manner in his attempt to consolidate power. His detachment from reality grows daily. The pendulum shall swing away from authoritarianism back toward democratic principles. If Pence cannot be removed along with Trump, upon him we must pounce to shove his theocratic visions right down his not-so-righteous throat. Between Pence and Pompeo the dominionist time bomb just awaits arming. There is much against which to be vigilant. Waiting for the next election cycle seems like torture to me. I hope that the People can impress upon the GOP that they shall hang with Hair Twitler should they keep carrying his water. I do have faith that Mueller has a solid case in the process of finalization, yet with the likes of Barr in the mix Mueller may have to find alternative pathways to present his findings.


What an absurd article by Dem partisan Reich. Trump is one of the weakest presidents we’ve ever had. His own administration doesn’t even follow his orders.


Trump is a Liar, a Con-man, and a Thief.

He has no redeeming qualities, whatsoever.

For the 30 to 40 percent of the population that he has conned into believing he is their savior, for the damage he has done to our country’s environment, the damage to the system of regulations to protect the citizenry, and for the massive theft he and his ilk have wrought on our treasuries, he deserves nothing but an extended prison term and a forfeiture of assets that cannot be proven to have been made legally.


“What Trump is doing is unconstitutional” I said to a friend yesterday. I really didn’t know if I was right or wrong legally, but I do know that a president is elected to run the government not shut it down to get what he wants which is not what the polls report the people want.

What I said to my friend, Reich has explicated as only a well-read, well-spoken, and well-written person can. Oh, I know there have been shut-downs in the past. I think everyone of them was a failure of those elected by the people to carry-out their constitutional duties. This shut-down is flashing signs of danger. After reading this, I know specifically why.

When people are in the midst of what will later be seen as a historic crisis, few of them realize it. Looking back they say “ah, there it was. How did we miss it. Why didn’t we demand action?” It takes guts to act in real-time. Please congresspersons, stop this dictator wannabe before his unconstitutional shut-down does more damage to this country.


Thinking . . . thinking . . . . . thinking. You know what, you’re right!


You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out!

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I agree. What Reich needs to write about is not the Trump dictatorship; but the American, military, dictatorship because that is the real Frankenstein, monster! Trump is just another presidential, fawning parasite, of the American, military, industrial, congressional, complex. Not unlike all previous presidents that General and President, Eisenhower warned us about.


Robert, once again you go with Russia, Russia, Russia, claiming they are undermining our democracy, even though you have no proof of this, all the while completely ignoring the elephant in the room. If any country is dividing our country, and undermining our democratic values, it’s Israel.
Is trump a horrible President, absolutely, who would deny that (other than Tea party types in the gop), but blaming Russia for our problems when it comes from within and Israel, is scapegoating at it’s finest.


This commentary is very well written. It makes a series of concise arguments addressing what we all are witnessing. There is nothing biased about it except in a biased mind. The issues here transcend Democrat/Republican and Liberal/Conservative - they concern the necessary procedures of a constitutional form of government. In that form of government we can’t always get what we want but we all agree the process is really important to preserving liberty and peace. I wish more people could use facts and logical discourse instead of the posturing that has become normal to our politics. Some readers will see this and immediately take sides like in some kind of sports event. As Donald Trump would say-sad.


Trump must have at least one, but I do not know what it is!

Perhaps Reich has been brought a bit more to basics. Were he to check, while he is there, he might notice the idea of the “unitary executive” brought in quite openly as of the year 2000 and directing politics quite clearly until January of 2017, when Mr. Trump enters and appears unwilling or unable to coordinate with the rest of his administration, for better or for worse.

The “choice would be clear,” as Reich claims, were we given the choice of a democracy-supporting and democratically chosen candidate in opposition to the current plutarchy. Such candidates have existed, of course, but they are still denied full access to electoral process.

It might become clearer were pundits and news outlets to attend to basics of differences between democracy and dictatorship----like what happens when governments and parties fail to hold democratic primaries and elections.


‘The Trump DICKtatorhip’

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I’ll bring the hand cuffs, leg irons, and horse collar.
Nice to the point post PB.

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A cattle prod would be nice too, if’n you have one laying around.

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Hey, hey! No need to drag Cheney into this.

Oh, wait …

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You’re are right on the money. After reflecting a bit, Reich’s piece should be seen for what it is: propaganda (and not very good propaganda) in service of the Deep State and Wall Street.

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I hope you’re mailing your plea to several congresscreeps, especially your state’s delegation.

Thanks for your reply.

A small quibble in what you describe as Reich’s well written commentary. Reich is writing about how important it is to respect the “means” in a democracy, and later in the commentary he points out that based on the Constitution Americans cannot elect a dictator. While doing so Reich reminds us that “Trump received three million fewer votes than his opponent in 2016”. Trump is President (while receiving three million fewer votes than his opponent in 2016) because he was elected by the “means” we use to elect the President. To see this in the best light I will presume that Reich was attempting some ironic humor in mentioning that Clinton had more votes.