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The 'Trump Doctrine' Is Sinking Fast

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/30/trump-doctrine-sinking-fast


“Trump has turned Teddy Roosevelt’s famous slogan on its head: talk loudly but carry a teensy-weensy stick.”

I think many of us will go there with this remark.


You read my mind.

The problem with “Trump doctrine sinking” is that it is taking us down with it.


The architect of this mess is Bibi Netanyahu. He says he got Don Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Bad instructions from him (like attacking Iraq and "Assad must go) etc. ) are par for the course, but these instructions do seem to serve Israel’s interests, so apparently that’s enough for him to continue to hold sway in Washington.


A nuclear free zone in the Middle East? Israel to give up nukes? Zero chances of that.


This is quite interesting. Backfiring bombast from Venezuela to Iran, it seems. But the unilateral sanctions are (thanks to European cowardice) succeeding in inflicting suffering on the Iranian people. The imperial theory that Iranians (or Venezuelans) will blame their own country when USA’s attack is so blatant is getting blown to shreds by Orangeman.


We were on the side the underdog, in Kuwait, but not with Palestine concerning the Israeli occupation (war). We are hypocrites.
If Israel were to be reeled in Iran would lessen it’s military footprint. imho


Keeping focused on the human consequence of a US war with Iran, the predicament of Dariush is a warning to the suffering that will be inflicted on the while world: from a regional dispute, where there are many conflicting local interests, to a global one, with competing interests of the big nuclear powers – nuclear war.


Israel’s interest or Netanyahu’s interests? They are not necessarily the same thing. Bibi is NOT helping Israel’s people or their country. Like Donnie John, he is helping himself at the people’s expense, using his position to further his OWN goals (and to fill his coffers).

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And after Donnie John gives Saudi Arabia our nuclear technology and arms, the whole middle east will be blown to hell. I am just being facetious because i am so goddamned scared and mad.

I think the answer is for Trump to sell nukes to Iran too. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) has worked for us.
At least until someone puts some acid in the water and blows conservative’s minds like in the old cult classic “Wild in the Streets”, and turns them all into pacifists.

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Problem is, the Trump Doctrine has no chapter 2 after: Bend over backwards for Netanyahu and bin Salman. In his defense, at least Trump seems to understand how stupid a land war in Iran would be.

And the key word here is “seems”. And i don’t believe that. He has been spewing his anti-war shit for many years, and yet he also “seems” to love violence. I almost believe that had he NOT spewed against war for so long, we WOULD be at war right now. IMHO

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Trump has a doctrine now?

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We’re not in a war now – we’re even getting out of aAghanistan after nearly two decades – and that’s the point, right?