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The Trump Doctrine: Up-Yours-Ism!


The Trump Doctrine: Up-Yours-Ism!

Neal Gabler

Another week, another disaster, which is the way it goes in America nowadays. Just before Memorial Day, it was President Trump’s unwillingness to reaffirm America’s commitment to Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which calls for mutual protection among the allies. Last week it was his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, which puts the country in the company of Syria and Nicaragua as the only nonsignatories. The consensus was that the latter decision put ideology above science, and politics above everything.


Bravo, Bravo Mr. Gabler.

Yes. If we do not understand how leaders use rhetoric (the craft of persuasion) against a people, we are effectively blindfolded. And those blindfolded voters elected DT. So sadly, the people who most need to read your message may be the least likely to admit it's obvious truths.

(Similarly, those of us enamored early on by Obama's sparkling rhetoric took too long to see him as a turncoat. However, Obama was at least a sane, and very rational leader, as opposed to deeply deranged narcissistic DT.)


There was a time early in the US's history where the direction that US society should take was being debated. More or less, the debate was between spiritual/religious/community focus vs capitalist focus. Well, we all know which one won out and that's why we really don't have vibrant communities today. People often forget that early US social geography was largely characterized by religious communities. We still have some of those communities, Amish/Mennonite. In the 60s and 70s we had a bunch of hippies try to go back to forming intentional communities, some successful and many not. I personally believe that humans need community for normal psychological health/development. Just being rich with money doesn't make people happy. However, a poor person who is part of a healthy community can feel like they have everything they could ever need- things that money can't buy- which is meaningful human relationships.


Screw you has prevailed in the USA most of the time since FDR. Half of the American people are mindless thugs and the rulers are predatory psychopaths.


More tiresome Trump dumping from Democratic establishment- and Hillary-supporting Gabler.

After the election, he wrote this bit of nonsense:

"America died on Nov. 8, not with a bang and a whimper, but at its own hand via electoral suicide. …We the people chose a man who has shredded our values, our morals, our compassion, our tolerance, our decency, our sense of common purpose, our very identity.… Who knew that tens of millions of white men felt so emasculated by women and challenged by minorities?”

Of course, Trump is a raging dumpster fire. But Trump is a symptom, a manifestation of the problem. People like Gabler, who are relentlessly about bashing Trump but fail to acknowledge the deeper, systemic problems that led us to Trump do us no service. And the corrupt, elitist Democratic establishment he supported are part of the reason we have Trump.

So, CD, please spare us any more of Gabler's whining.


Best post I've read today. I am a White Man and I did vote for a woman on November 8th and it wasn't the Bleached Blond who spent over $1Billion to become a Two-Time loser.

Yes, I agree America died on November 8th Woozy. I cannot understand how 137 Million Voters supported the Duopoly candidates. They supported the 'Empire' that is literally killing our country and the world with 700+ Military Bases burning up so much fossil fuels on a daily basis. Our country and it's people will never be served by the decisions the Duopoly makes.The Duopoly serves primarily the Elites and their business interests here and abroad.

Unless we mass produce and distribute around major elections a bunch of 'Smart Pills' that enable those who continue to vote against their best interests, we might as well say, WTF.

I really had hopes for Humankind until this past November 8th. Now, I'm getting cynical.

Dump The Duopoly!


Mr. Gabler, very astutely describes the proclivities of a great many Americans who, because of our very strange Electoral College, managed to put a very unfit person in the White House. The tendency to think in the ways he describes have always been present among our people, but I think they have increased over the last 3-4 decades. The rise in anti-intellectualism and empathy can be connected directly to the rise of Right-wing media, Fundamentalist religion, and the normalization of a
culture of greed, cruelty and a pervasive hyper-masculinity.

Chris Hedges has also had much to say over the last 15 years, along the same lines.


I, of course meant to say, "...lack of empathy...". I'll have to slow down next time!


I see the washington elite all excited about this Russia stuff(and I am wondering if they,Russia fixed votes,I don't think those in power would want this revealed).Yet I talk with Trump supporters who are digging in-seeing the washington elite go after Trump.
Trump is a response to a corrupt political system-----and showing that Trump is corrupt will not change this anger but only deepen the anger.

And what is beyond explanation is that Bernie Sanders is the only one who seems to get this stuff.Maybe Bernie is drinking clean Vermont water


The USA was founded for and dependent upon the frontier (to be exploited). The nation is deeply psychologically rooted in a frontier mentality. The physical frontiers on earth are long gone, the realistic frontiers in space having been visited, and a host of other frontiers having been conquered via technology (take the internet, for instance). "Innovation" is the battle cry to rally the people into a new frontier mindset. Combined with the "never enough" ethic of capitalism, this frontier mindset condemns the USA to path of perpetual discontentment, like a prisoner reaching desperately through the bars for anything new--ANYTHING. A paucity of appreciation for what the nation has plagues the zeitgeist. Until the frontier mindset is relaxed, madness will reign on this finite planet "run" by a bunch of monkeys.


Wow! I am blown away by this incisive analysis of the basic character of America and how it affects our interactions with.each other and the rest of the world. (Sorry to sound so elitist.) Every American should read this before he/she votes in any election. I would point out one thought that occurred to me when reading the article. A quote from de Tocqueville states that Americans ". . . will not endure aristocracy." The irony is that we have made the ­"1%" our very own aristocracy. Anyway, thanks for writing, Neal Gabler.